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Jis Din Tum by DatDereArt
Jis Din Tumby Artista
Arnav left his fiancé on his wedding day to finalise a business deal. However on the way back he comes in front of Khushi's car. He is unconscious and Khushi takes him t...
Papercuts by KodasEscriments
Papercutsby Koda A. Tesa
an odd and uncanny love story from the views of a suicidal woman and a fallen angel. After unfortunate events, these two meet. Are they the key to each other's happin...
Throes of an upcoming writer by RyugaKuroyami62
Throes of an upcoming writerby RyugaKuroyami62
This is exactly what it sounds like. Anybody who wants to help me can, and that would be great. Please comment and tell me what you think I should do!
Playing God by ErnestoAcevedo
Playing Godby Ernesto Acevedo
Sometimes people go to far on the search of perfection or into the man itself, the truth of experimentation comes to public light in this book.
Playing God (Helford #2) by RileyTegan
Playing God (Helford #2)by Riley Tegan
*This is a sequel to Toy Soldiers* It didn't surprise me when I got caught by a third party while I was on the run. They tied me up and put a hood over my head; I lost m...
Extra: Read All About It by RileyTegan
Extra: Read All About Itby Riley Tegan
Contains extra content such as back stories and exclusive added scenes about characters from series that have already been concluded, such as: Relying On Ben and Jerry (...
Angel Veins by Xx2StarsCollidexX
Angel Veinsby Rachel & Sheriann
Every night Lucas dreams of the same things. And every morning Lucas forgets those same dreams. But this time when Lucas wakes up he remembers everything, and it is whe...
Lazarus Project by JudahPraise
Lazarus Projectby JudahPraise
A year a young scientist David Alton Accidentally gets into a car accident and his fiancee Sarah is killed. after that day he learns about a so called death cure. Elat...
The Horrors of Mount Denali by TheBestestEstes
The Horrors of Mount Denaliby TheBestestEstes
Deep within the caverns of one of the tallest mountains in the world there lies a secret lab funded by government entities creating horrors of all kinds to defeat the co...
A Light of Hope by xjnguyen5x
A Light of Hopeby xjnguyen5x
Collab with PlayingGod! After his town became infected by zombies, he went off to find a cure to turn his sister back to human. However, after seeing that his town isn't...
P L A Y I N G   G O D by aeolian_chaos
P L A Y I N G G O Dby Chaotic Fuckery At Its Finest
Short stories of heartbreak because I want to make myself suffer, y'know?
of Monsters and Madness by TheBestestEstes
of Monsters and Madnessby TheBestestEstes
my newest exploration into writing about a young adult schizophrenic and his battle against his nightmares that come to life due to government experimentation on his min...
Playing God {Supernatural} by pudding-and-pie
Playing God {Supernatural}by pudding-and-pie
Playing God a Supernatural Fanfiction. Set during season 5. Victoria Goodwin known as Vicky by anyone who doesn't want to get shot is one of the best Hunters alive and t...