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My brother's best friend  by darknightsensations
My brother's best friend by 💥💫🔥✔
Maya is a playgirl. She just sleeps with guys for entertainment. She has a brother, Vinod. She meets his best friend, and yeah. She is turned on by him. Will it just be...
Playgirl's heart  by inyourarea12
Playgirl's heart by Doritido
fashion designer Jennie has been romantically involved with three ladies for years. What happens when they all find out.
Nerd turn Playgirl {J.J.K FF }  by Cookied_Cookied
Nerd turn Playgirl {J.J.K FF } by Cookied_Cookied
{Not everything have nice endings} Y/N is fake nerd - she is really rich - but noone knows until one day she is so fed up with all the bullying that she change back to h...
Pretending by KlarisaDeVill
Pretendingby Klarisa De Vill
The popular kids, every school has them. The head jock and head cheerleader are well known for the torture upon the less popular ones, but not in this school. Rebecca S...
May The Best Player Win || BTS V Kim Taehyung by bangjajams
May The Best Player Win || BTS V jera
❝He is the #1 playboy. She is the #1 playgirl. But who is the #1 player?❞ Let the games begin, and may the best player win. In the game of love, the first one to fall lo...
Our Thug Life💸❤️ by mavishkaa
Our Thug Life💸❤️by Mavishkaa❤️
Historia ime e dyte. Kjo histori flet per 2 shoqe te ngushta qe nga femijeria qe vendosin te jetojne se bashku ne nje apartament. Jane ne fakultet por kane mendje te cme...
HOT AND COLD by chinri81
WARNING : SPG/R-18/MATURE CONTENT Playgirls Series 3 -Denise Ancheta Isiah Williams & Denise Ancheta
Alarick by chitossss
Alarickby chitossss
Alarick Adnan Rajendra,ketua organisasi prmauka disekolahnya juga merupakan ketua Hunters, tapi banyak yang tidak percaya bahwa cowok itu adalah seorang ketua geng yang...
𝐇𝐞 𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓭  ➣ 𝑷𝑱𝑴 ✓  by AZulaikaOn
𝐇𝐞 𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓭 ➣ 𝑷𝑱𝑴 ✓ by 𝑨𝒁
[]2019 Once a playgirl always a playgirl. Or so he thought. ❝ No matter what happen.. You are still the reason I changed.. ❞ Copyright © 2019 by AZulaikaOn
I DIDN'T MEAN TO //JENLISA FF by _Myshipissinking_
I DIDN'T MEAN TO //JENLISA FFby _Myshipissinking_
Jentop⚠️🔞⚠️ Jennie G!P
The Battle Of The Head and Heart (ON GOING) by hxtrs_chxcck
The Battle Of The Head and Heart ( Jxnnyz
[TAG-LISH NOVEL] September 13,2021 at 12:17 A.M Havryl has always been optimistic, passionate and fun-loving, though if you asked her friends, they'd say she's a playgir...
Playgirl Next Door [{J.K} x {L.S}] by Li_Li_M_56
Playgirl Next Door [{J.K} x {L.S}]by Lili_M
" You like what you see? Do you want it, well in one condition today is the first and last time you fuck me.. you know I am a PLAYGIRL not girlfriend material "...
His Priority (BWBM) by carisakk
His Priority (BWBM)by 𝑌𝑎𝑟𝑎 ✨
Having a playboy husband wasn't easy. That's why it came to nobody's surprise when little ol' Mikelle demanded a divorce. Having to navigate her life in the big New Yor...
Toy |gxg| (Y/n dom) by bakugosangerissues23
Toy |gxg| (Y/n dom)by bakugosangerissues23
Suddenly someone pulled you by your bun you had. You cursed and looked at the hand with soft pink fake nails. You took the hand and twisted it and looked at the owner of...
Cupid's Broken Arrows by Vamprixussa
Cupid's Broken Arrowsby Dat_Happy_Girl
|FEATURED| Honestly, Cupid has been using arrows implanted with ; Laughter bombs, A pinch of jealousy, A big spoon of confusion, A jealousy-filled mixture that could b...
The Innocent Playgirl by RHNA24
The Innocent Playgirlby Rhiena Manunulat
High Class Series #5 ~You are just a mission so what I was showing to you is full of.. lies~ She was known as an innocent in many ways. She was known as an heiress of on...
Remember the Rules by RanielleTJ
Remember the Rulesby Renny
Skye and Kat's daughters are all grown up, or well some still have a little growing up to do. Nia business savvy like her mom Skye, Dora the artistic one like Kat and l...
Not interested..... yet by miaxdevil
Not interested..... yetby hey devils <3
Katsumi is a girl with blond spiky hair and red scarlet eyes she has the biggest curves, she is the biggest play girl, the whole school is in love with her, she mostly t...
Playboy and Playgirl (JeonJungkook) by AlyssaAnneObienda
Playboy and Playgirl (JeonJungkook)by Kim TaeTaeeeeee
Ainee is the popular student in their school and she is also known as a 'PLAY GIRL' many boys fall for her but she just play with them but even Ainee plays with them the...