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The Playboy's Girl. || P.JM ✔. by Lee_hana_
The Playboy's Girl. || P.JM ✔.by hugs_for_drugs.
❝Huh' your daughter calls me daddy too.❞ ---Park Jimin scoffs with a proud smirk. 《COMPLETED》. ©️®️ Started:- 21/March/2019. Ended:- 15/October/2019. ©️®️ . . . Cover...
Cruel Intentions | Reggie Mantle by arios2004
Cruel Intentions | Reggie Mantleby Angie
In which Reggie Mantle begins to pursue Jacqueline Hall, Riverdale High's good girl, in hopes of earning some points for the football's playbook. Somehow, only to find h...
Hot Boys in a Haunted House ✓ by BabyInACorner
Hot Boys in a Haunted House ✓by Natalie
When a road trip goes wrong, Georgia finds herself trapped inside Maythorne Manor with four hot boys and a supernatural secret. She knows they're dangerous but will tha...
Her Heartless Billionaire  by catoo123xx
Her Heartless Billionaire by catoo123xx
Meet Alison Smith. Intelligent, innocent and warm-hearted girl. Who had to runaway from her own home. ( which wouldn't be the right word to use. "HELL", "...
Lacy Black Bra by ParacetamolShots
Lacy Black Braby Raphelle
Zachary Lachlan knows his life is shit, but he doesn't want to dwell on that. He knows that when Life takes your lemons, you can't make lemonade anymore. So he lives hi...
უნდა გიყვარდე! (დასრულებული) by user85005970
უნდა გიყვარდე! (დასრულებული)by JEON ANNIE
მოკლედ არ წაიკითხოთ... მაგარი დებილობაა და სავარაუდოდ შეიძლება წავშალო... იმიტოდავასრულე რო ზედმეტი მომეჩვენა... ისტორია მოგვითხრობს გოგონას სახელად ლიკასა და ჯონქუქზე...
Just Another Number by gabs10110
Just Another Numberby Gabrielle Crowe
When player, Ryan Tyler meets the clever Sam Reyes, he's sure he can make her his next target...too bad she knows all too well about heartbreak and knows to keep him awa...
How To Publish Your Ebook On Google Play Via SCP by snowdrop_cp
How To Publish Your Ebook On Snowdrop Creative Partner
Di sini ditulis cara-cara untuk menerbitkan novel kamu di Google Play.
The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey by GladysVanessa
The Guy Who Gave Up His Jerseyby Gladys
For three years, Juliana has seen how her brother and his friends play the game. A game that every girl at Roosevelt High knows about. She has seen how her brother chang...
The Bad Boy PlayBook by bookwormruletheworld
The Bad Boy PlayBookby Maggie
Mia Carpenter was a ordinary girl. No one in Monroe high knew who she was. Everyone but her two best friends and her boyfriend. Who in fact lives in a different state as...
The Alpha Playboy by nOjAsoNheSmyfRieND
The Alpha Playboyby nOjAsoNheSmyfRieND
This is a boy name Han Jisung that fell in love with the Alpha's Playboy and this is how it turned out.
Have you met ted? by Barney__Stinson
Have you met ted?by Barney__Stinson
Hi. Have you met Ted? he is my lonley lonesome friend looking for someone to love. now before you look at me and think damn hes cute and sexy witch I am thanks for notic...
Gotham Girls+Wonder Woman Ask Box by OvercaffinatedMoose
Gotham Girls+Wonder Woman Ask Boxby Cassandra Cain
Please leave your questions for Helena Bertinelli (Huntress), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Barbara Gordon (Oracle), Dinah Laurel Lance (Black Canary), Diana Prince (Wonder Wo...
Our Love Story by AgentAra
Our Love Storyby smnrblnl
Love, loved, will be loved. Ano ba ang pinagkaiba niyang tatlo? Tatlong salita na ang kahulugan ay iisa: ang pagmamahal. Tatlong salita na nagbigaykahulugan sa buhay kon...