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A Scandalous Job by Pepperlicious
A Scandalous Jobby Katherine
He was the son of America's most prosperous billionaire and heir to his father's company. She was the new intern from California. These two polar opposites were never su...
(Cynthia x Reader): A Journey of Two by MelMen066
(Cynthia x Reader): A Journey of MelMen066
Exactly what it says on the box. you're [Y/N], a 16 year old who moved to Sinnoh from Unova when you were 5, befriending Cynthia from a young age. Your Larvitar also gre...
Paul's Little Sister!  by Tigerlily1125
Paul's Little Sister! by Tigerlily1125
Hello Everyone! This is the story of lily, the light of her brothers cruel world. What'll happen when they meet? How will she react? How will he treat her? Cold like usu...
WHiSPER (Pokémon Fanfic) by -idxris
WHiSPER (Pokémon Fanfic)by - aris. ♡♡
A monkey jumps into his arms, and he realises he's in a game. Lucas can't give verbal orders, and Barry can't focus on the right things sometimes-- but they leave Twinl...
Pokemon Unrivaled by KuroDaGAWD
Pokemon Unrivaledby Kuro
Isaiah Wright is an introverted, nonchalant teenage boy who never puts himself in the spotlight. After training under Alder nearly 5 years, at the late age of 15 he fina...
JJBA X Jotaro's Twin Brother OC by Shorry_
JJBA X Jotaro's Twin Brother OCby 𝓐𝓭𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓷
When Jotaro was born he had a twin brother, Jota. The two look the same with only little difference in their height and eyes.
The Mutant's Azure (Blazblue, TMNT Crossover) by SandraOsborne1
The Mutant's Azure (Blazblue, Densetsu19
Ragna The Bloodedge and his allies have been transported to a different world where they encounter mutant turtles, will Ragna and his friends get home? I don't own any o...
Me and my shadow (pokemon fanfiction) by Janis1116
Me and my shadow (pokemon Janis Bonilla
dawn is a trainer traveling the pokemon region of Sinnoh. but she had a... weird encounter with Giratina. after this her world turned topsy-turvy. "Arceus, what am...
Pokespe Army by Crazycousins202
Pokespe Armyby Crazycousins202
For the past days I've been searching the internet for an army au.....and found exactly none.So i've decided to write one This is my first fanfiction, so it might suck...
Platinum - The Finale by Exoneria
Platinum - The Finaleby TheStoryTeller
WARNING: If you have not read the previous books, Golden, Bronze, Ruby, Diamond and Obsidian, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING SO. Note: These are not in order. The Gembearers...
Pokemon Adventures: One Love by IceQueen2002
Pokemon Adventures: One Loveby Ice
It's been three years after the events in Hoenn and things appear to be peaceful until a new group arises. Once this new organization strikes a little too close to home...
Platinum (Very Slow Updates) by Royo_Wiley
Platinum (Very Slow Updates)by Royo R.W
Once there is Silver it has to be Platinum
Pocket Mirror Oneshots by PEAnUtSAlAd
Pocket Mirror Oneshotsby Cashew Salsa
BTW I ship absolutely everyone with Fleta, so there will be mostly Fleta. I'm 99% sure that I'm the last person in the Pocket Mirror fandom, if it even exists.
Believe it or not (Jotaro X Chubby Reader) by _Shinsos_Kitty_
Believe it or not (Jotaro X _Shinsos_Kitty_
Wazzzuuuuuup wattpad I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS Here's a Jotaro x reader bc I love him. I don't like the fanfics when the reader is helpless, ditsy, girly, and we...
A Champions Love (Red x Reader) by Calm_Espeon
A Champions Love (Red x Reader)by Calm_Espeon
The main description of your past will be in the first chapter. When that takes place, you'll be 5 years old. Hello! It's me again! You might know me from my other stor...
PLATINUM •{ Your choices }• by Jennielovedubu
PLATINUM •{ Your choices }•by Jennielovedubu
"I thought you were just simple yet rude idol. i didn't knew working with you will cost me a lot" "Platinum has the color of silver but it's special than...
Problems on a Galactic Standard (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Remake) by CaiusAmosAthlai
Problems on a Galactic Standard ( Caius Amos Athlai
Hey everyone! This is a backstory that will help give some more detail on some characters in the Second Person stories I have! This one will focus on a duo named Terra a...
Jotaro Reader X RWBY by grimmwxrudo
Jotaro Reader X RWBYby grimmwxrudo
Basic beach RWBY male reader story, Title pending
PokeSpe Truth or Dare by Peanutsfan1
PokeSpe Truth or Dareby Rebecca
Some of you may know my Pokemon Truth or Dare, but this includes the characters from PokeSpe (Pokemon Adventures, the manga, for those who don't know. Join your host, m...