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Plants vs ponies by Kingbean205772
Plants vs poniesby Arlis Light
(Here's a real story now) one day when a neighbor (aka us) he and his plants ended up in Equestria though a freak accident when a tornado appeared and cause the neighbor...
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, GW2 and BFN: New Heroes, New Teams by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Garden Pump
During the fight between Plants and Zombies, it's an endless fight. Crazy Dave was making an experiment. An experiment on how to make the Plants walk. And it eventually...
Pvz fanfic: Peace (I'm Not Working On It) by Cookies4evry1
Pvz fanfic: Peace (I'm Not Cactus Wakus
Everything is going well at the plant base until a message is sent from zomboss, asking for peace. Months later evryone is going great in surbia, and neighborvile. But s...
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Battle of the Gnomes by Samuel152
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Mr. Samuel
For a long time Plants and Zombies have been at war for Suburbia but then they discover a new enemy, The Gnomes. Both teams decided to work together to defeat The Gnomes...
PVZ: 10/15/2019- The Outrage by SisterDarlink
PVZ: 10/15/2019- The Outrageby 🅢🅘🅢🅣🅔🅡
A few weeks ago, Zomboss didn't just hate Crazy Dave, and that was jealous of his tricks on defeating his zombies. So what he did was forcefully trained his zombies. The...
(Pvz Peashooter x sunflower) by RonRonTheFoxyBoi
(Pvz Peashooter x sunflower)by RonRon
A wise man once said "taco" all you need to know
Turning Over a New Leaf - A New Corruption has Begun by destinye70007
Turning Over a New Leaf - A New Pump
When the war with the Plants and Zombies fighting each other, things doesn't feel right. There was no peace, no friendship, no nothing. The Smash feel like something was...
plants vs grimm by kingbea2
plants vs grimmby Arlis Smith
the world of remnant, a world that has light and darkness fighting it out, the hunters and huntresses as protectors of humanity and the Grimm who seek to snuff out civil...
Human! Plant vs Zombies x reader by Shizuko_Rose_KTK
Human! Plant vs Zombies x readerby Shizuko_Rose_KTK
the title says it all! please request on the most recent chapter, it easier for me to find and make new chapters. :"3
Planter: the Garden Warfare Hero by Noddlesnnoodles
Planter: the Garden Warfare Heroby Noodles’n Noodles
Izuku finally got his quirk! And it's...a strange one to say the least. He can summon plants that have a conscious, and can choose different variants from 7 different pl...
Peas and sunshine (a pvz peashooter X sunflower story) by Sunny-and-cuddly
Peas and sunshine (a pvz Sunny-and-cuddly
So hi, I'm a peashooter, but you can call me Peater. (Pun intended) I once met a sunflower and we have been friends for as long as I remember. We both love to tickle all...
PVZ, GW 2: The Book by _sunsetflare
PVZ, GW 2: The Bookby _sunsetflare
"In the Garden Warfare, we don't all survive. Sometimes we aren't revivable, or we fall and perish for our friends and each other. We don't all make it to the end...
The Forced One (errorcore)  by Gonzalo778
The Forced One (errorcore) by Gonzalo
Error was the forced god of destruction he makes sure that the multiverse doesn't collapse on each other and slowly break it. Though he didn't want the role he still did...
Plants fucking Zombies (PvZ fanfic) by aval_aval
Plants fucking Zombies (PvZ fanfic)by Tall-nut
A sexy spinoff of the popular 2009 popcap game Plants vs. Zombies
PopCap-Topia: Neighborville has Moved! by LandOfPoptopia
PopCap-Topia: Neighborville has Land of PopTopia
((WARNING! Contains strong language, and heavy topics!)) Written by OneFey Profile(DeviantART): Cover Art by OneFey & CrazyPlantMae Ill...
Plants vs Zombies Friendships by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Friendshipsby Pump
This is where plants and zombies meet each other. They made peace and now the world is a better place.
Louds vs zombies by kingbea2
Louds vs zombiesby Arlis Smith
(Original author of the other one transferring it to this account) The apocalypse has begun, the louds and there friends survive but there chance dwindles day by day til...
Adventures in the Warfare (PVZ OCS shenanigans) by dasherflash
Adventures in the Warfare (PVZ dasherflash
Lately, I've been addicted to Plants Vs Zombies. And after reading some fanfics, it motivated me to create this. I'm... not sure how to start it off but hopefully, it'll...
Ask PvZ! by ArcherTippani
Ask PvZ!by ...
Yes, I know I already have an ask book, but why not have another? Crazy Dave wanted me to make one, so... Why not? I'm a huge PvZ fan!!! Also, when I do not get question...