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LITTLE GREEN MEN by wcooper5
As nineteen-year-old Alex Dash cares for his six-year-old twin siblings, Henry and Annabelle, he is forced to navigate a post-cataclysmic world full of hostile entities...
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The Life of A Scrub by FoxShroomlock
The Life of A Scrubby Fox Shroomlock
The great Guardian Deity of the forest has been reborn! With that comes the sentient Plantlife that it watches over. Rexxu, The average Scrub, is simply living his best...
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TOUCH MY PLANTS, I DARE YOU! by plantsexual
- "I'm a firm believer that plants are better than people."
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Plant Life by Hiddenpoet_11
Plant Lifeby Charles L. Stallings
A simple poem of mine that I wrote for the main purpose of enjoyment, which is why I ended it so loosely. Not meant to be taken too seriously as in "I support plant...
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Organism. by chriswinship1986
#5 Chris Winship
A million years into the future, mankind is scattered, yet not broken. We have spread through multiple solar systems on multiple planets, conquered worlds, making new ho...
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Witch And Wizard by DixieRoseMonroe
Witch And Wizardby Witch
Maina was an average girl until she figures out shes one of the four witches in the world. 1.Fire 2.Ice/Water 3.Weather 4.Earth/PlantLife Know She Will Have To Find The...
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The Evolution of The Silenced by Shylo-X-Origination
The Evolution of The Silencedby Shylo X Origination
Does it ever seem like the wind is whispering to you, as it flows through all that is? Those who have learnt some of the true ways of the world may know the truth on tha...
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Luna and the Wolf King by zinniafinch
Luna and the Wolf Kingby Zinnia Finch
A dryad death; a rotting forest; a green witch in hiding; a reckless prince; a king gone mad; rumours of black magic and werewolves. Luna has been in hiding for a year...
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plant life; by pumpkincarvings
plant life;by tristi
At the age of 13, all children must participate in a multi-step progress tracker that will take the lives of many. Only about 3 kids in every division make it out alive...
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The Healer by thegalaxynearhome
The Healerby Vanna Elixabeth
When you're doomed to live with a disease, or every bone in your body aches, one man can come to your aid. The Healer, a magician, is looking to fill the void that's...
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Stand and Watch by jaroonperson
Stand and Watchby Melody Anderson
In the ruins of the paradise that Earth once was, a small settlement lives on meager resources. This is my home. We should be grateful for our lives, thankful to the Sky...
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Sprouted by _natuhlee
Sproutedby Natalie Rogers
A woman in her late 20's struggles with internal and external conflicts regarding relationships with her boyfriend, mother, and herself all while a plant starts growing...
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Helpful Uses of Herbs by WildSpirit345
Helpful Uses of Herbsby ↟ Ralphina ↟
These are some ways you can use herbs for your every day life activities and health ^_^ If you have any additions or corrections, feel free to add them! ( Caution : Not...
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I've Found You... by iNSaNeDUCKEH16
I've Found Shayne and Duckeh
This is just some amateur short story. I'll post a better description if I feel like more people would actually care what it's about X3 For now, a girl has found an aban...
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Plant Life by MyNameIsNotTooLong
Plant Lifeby MyNameIsNotTooLong
I got down on my hands and knees, the grass poking me and the leaves sticking to my hands and pants. As I crawled through, it felt as though I was entering a forbidden c...
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My Succulents by Sunshine-and-Joy
My Succulentsby 💛
My adorable plants
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