Creepy Facts by AngelFarkas
Creepy Factsby AngelFarkas
Just some things that you would possibly like to know. I don't own any of these.
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Dark Places ◦ Frerard by ps_spxlls
Dark Places ◦ Frerardby ✧ɛɱཞყŋ✧
"You know boys like me, we can be found in the darkest of places." ↺ occasional updates: [WARNINGS: strong language, violence, death, may be added to] ↻ gleam...
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Beyond by SG_801
Beyondby SG81
Our physical world is inhabited by us, human beings and yet there were occurrences when we feel and sometimes see spirits or elementals around us. It takes an open mind...
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Photographic Memories by Blurry_face2003
Photographic Memoriesby Nain
Highest rank- #130 in random An accumulation of random photographs that i keep taking whenever i feel like. *All of these pictures are taken by me. Please take my permis...
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Second Wind by Andrewagreen
Second Windby Andrew Green
Highest rank #12 in Poetry Second Wind is an eclectic collection of mostly light hearted poems but often has a serious message and takes the occasional side swipe at pol...
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[DISCONTINUED?] Palaye Royale (Preferences) by i_stan_awsten
[DISCONTINUED?] Palaye Royale ( Dollar Store Awsten Knight
The title says it all... THIS HAS NOT BEEN DISCONTINUED SORRY EVERYONE I SHOULD'VE NEVER ENDED THIS I'VE MISSED THIS TOO MUCH okay so, you know that one ex-boyfriend/gir...
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ɓσσƘ σƒ αεςϯհεϯίɕς by SammyK7145
ɓσσƘ σƒ αεςϯհεϯίɕςby ❌❌Stitch_Me_Please❌❌
I'll take requests for characters, shows/movies, time periods, months, etc. but I only have 2 rules: 1) please ask before you take/use an aesthetic for these are all ori...
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Names!!!!!!!!!!! What's in a NAME!? by LOSTINTHEDEEPDARK
Names!!!!!!!!!!! What's in a NAME!?by Lindsey
I love NAMES! OMG! IT's ridicuous trying to find a new charachter's name! Soooo Let's name them off! Girls? Boys? Bad guys? Bad girls? Whatever... let's name them. Welco...
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🌙 "Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness" 🌟 by ScarlettAngel95
🌙 "Stars Can't Shine Without Alondra
Anything related with my OC's
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I Know Places - Ziam AU by zapsterpiece
I Know Places - Ziam AUby r
Once Zayn and Liam were husbands. They used to be travellers and visited many places around the world. Unfortunately, they were separated from an airplane accident and f...
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Random Thoughts by TaterTot1006
Random Thoughtsby #LeJindary
What am I doing here?
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☁Dreaming☁ by DandyKay
☁Dreaming☁by DandyKay
Want to read about what others Dream about? Well you're actually at the right story. Come read about my weird dreams,, and what occurs in them. Honestly this is more li...
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All The Bright Places (Alternate Ending) by Dollhouse_Princess
All The Bright Places (Alternate Dollhouse_Princess
*All The Bright Places is a work of fiction written by Jennifer Niven, and I do not take credit for any work prior to the line "I swim with my eyes open, until the...
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Harvelama by audreynoan72
Harvelamaby audreynoan72
A young demon just trying to find her place.
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Somewhere by Queen-Valentine
Somewhereby Queen-Valentine
"And I travelled around the world, in hopes to find myself, and perhaps even a place where I belong." Samantha Irvine, upon the end of summer, makes the drasti...
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Battle of the Kingdoms(BOOK 1) (THE UNTOLD STORIES) by CaTonMask
Battle of the Kingdoms(BOOK 1) ( Attitude 🔯
AUTHOR:Nabuo ko po itong Story na to galing sa aking Isipan at Ultra imahenasyon,Lahat po ng mga lugar,pangalan,Tauhan,Kakayahan at iba pa ay pwedeng na kuha ko ng Hind...
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Adventure Trip by tripnstay
Adventure Tripby TripnStay
Best Adventures and exciting places to visit, find out a most amazing place to travel on Tripnstay. Tripnstay helps to make your trip plan.
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dreamscape by revengeavenue
dreamscapeby old soul
places i've been, places i've not, and places only i know (2015 - 2016)
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drawings for pain_killer666 by iamarandomZALGO
drawings for pain_killer666by iamarandomZALGO
Some drawings for a friend
  • places
Illegible by krissays
Illegibleby Kris | hiatus
❝ i just see blood, crimson & a word i don't remember writing ❞ ⎯ kris fylan ...
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