Demigod Avenger (a PJO/Avenger Crossover) by Dangkat5
Demigod Avenger (a PJO/Avenger Cro...by Allison D.
After enduring Tartarus and then winning his second war, Percy Jackson is the Champion of Olympus. However, he didn't come out of the war his normal self. He came out br...
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Solangelo Oneshots by Bree_Taylor_Rockin
Solangelo Oneshotsby <3
Just random Solangelo Oneshots, if I have a creative burst then maybe some occasional Percabeth, read what you want! Mature for the ONE smut chapter in here.
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Solangelo one shots  by solangelotrash60
Solangelo one shots by Solangelotrash60
Nico di Angelo and will solace some fluff some smut but mostly fluff (right now) 😏
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New Beginning (Percy Jackson/Twilight Crossover) by xXx_percabeth_xXx
New Beginning (Percy Jackson/Twili...by Dana Louise 💕
Italy Jackson, twin sister of Percy Jackson, has decided she needs a break from the life of a demigod, so she leaves to go live with Charlie Swan and his daughter, Bella...
  • twilight
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Atramentous: A Solangelo AU by IWrteFicNotTragedies
Atramentous: A Solangelo AUby Ashes
After that I only wore black. Black like the charred remains of everything I had once loved, black like the smoke billowing into the sky as my tears cut tracks through...
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Standing Beside Your Love by Pey119
Standing Beside Your Loveby Peyton
Sequel to Standing Up With Love. Piper and Jason move into a house full of ghosts. (Solangelo, Percabeth, Jasper)
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  • leovaldez
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FALL || percy jackson by aethens
FALL || percy jacksonby ` mae `
In which we all fall, and only some rise, as either heroes, villains or fools. _____________________________________________ percy jackson au + crossover mature content:...
  • cursed
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  • ptsd
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Demi-Gods and Wizards Don't Mix  by Guadess
Demi-Gods and Wizards Don't Mix by Guadess
[ON HOOOLD] After the war with Gaea, everyone assumed peace would finally enter their demigod lives. Nico was no exception, until, of course, he has the horrible luck of...
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Polygamy? A Percy Jackson Story by Poseidons_other_son
Polygamy? A Percy Jackson Storyby Manny B
One month after Hoo. Annabeth is dead (sorry), Percy is heartbroken until strange girls from another dimension land in Percy's life... literally. This is a romance/adve...
  • adventure
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Percy Jackson Fanfiction- The Stolls by TheTastyTalesOfJeah
Percy Jackson Fanfiction- The Stol...by Jade and Leah
Percy Jackson Fanfiction. While the 7 are away on a dangerous, life changing quest, things at camp half blood are stirring up. A Tale of Connor Stolls experience in camp...
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Meet Percabeth One Shots by bookfanawesomeness
Meet Percabeth One Shotsby bookfanawesomeness
Well, there's not much to say, just a bunch of percabeth one shots but they're mostly at school. The normal liking percy or annabeth then getting rejected, that stuff. A...
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The Glass Slipper (Percabeth AU) by AllTheFeelsLoveMe
The Glass Slipper (Percabeth AU)by ~Feels~
Ah, the beauty that is Percabeth. We all love them very much. They are a great ship. But what if they are suddenly transported into the fairytale world? The characters i...
  • percabeth
  • fantasy
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I Won't Love You by slightlynotbored
I Won't Love Youby Slightlynotbored
Nico di Angelo is a new student at Olympus High. Like most first days, it doesn't go according to plan. Nico wasn't looking forward for the rest of the year, until he bu...
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Broken Minds, Desolated Hearts - A Percy Jackson AU by Miss_Crippsy
Broken Minds, Desolated Hearts - A...by I am a Potato
|| Percy Goes Insane AU || Two-Shot || Insanity is curious. It thrives on the hope of a being. It smashes out reality and replaces it with nightmares, visions and the fe...
  • jackson
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Parkour Percy by SpringStar186
Parkour Percyby Maayan Stern
What happens when Percy Jackson receives a free parkour course for his birthday? Join Percy, Jason, and Nico in this athletic adventure as they learn how to evade monste...
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Translucent (Solangelo AU) by thewildyowth
Translucent (Solangelo AU)by daleeuh
Thousands of years into the future, things start changing progressively. But just because things change, doesn't mean it's for the better. At 18, everyone is obligated...
  • percyjackson
  • futuristic
  • willico
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Forbidden Love: Memory Lane (Leo Valdez love story) by Druskibabe
Forbidden Love: Memory Lane (Leo V...by Druskibabe
"What am I suppose to do he doesn't remember" "I guess you'll have to take a trip down memory lane"
  • hoo
  • leovaldez
  • love
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solangelo headcannons and oneshots by leMortalMango
solangelo headcannons and oneshotsby M&M
hi so this is just a series of one shots and head cannons I'm writing for solangelo. Hope you enjoy!
  • wilco
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  • nicodiangelo
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Percabeth  one shots by lesbomixer
Percabeth one shotsby lesbomixer
So this will just be some Percabeth one shots, maybe with some of the other demigods. It will probably be fluff, rather than intense. Characters are owned by Rick Riorda...
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Infinitus | Prodigiosum Sequel by crossroadstyxx-
Infinitus | Prodigiosum Sequelby author-kun
[Book #2 of the Circe Saga] [THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO 'PRODIGIOSUM' BY THE SAME AUTHOR. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT.] - Eight demigods. One trial. It's no...
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