Solangelo Oneshots by Bree_Taylor_Rockin
Solangelo Oneshotsby <3
Just random Solangelo Oneshots, if I have a creative burst then maybe some occasional Percabeth, read what you want! Mature for the ONE smut chapter in here.
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Polygamy? A Percy Jackson Story by Poseidons_other_son
Polygamy? A Percy Jackson Storyby Manny B
One month after Hoo. Annabeth is dead (sorry), Percy is heartbroken until strange girls from another dimension land in Percy's life... literally. This is a romance/adve...
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Demigod Avenger (a PJO/Avenger Crossover) by Dangkat5
Demigod Avenger (a PJO/Avenger Cro...by Allison D.
After enduring Tartarus and then winning his second war, Percy Jackson is the Champion of Olympus. However, he didn't come out of the war his normal self. He came out br...
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✓DON'T LOOK BACK (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by crazedauthors1093
✓DON'T LOOK BACK (A Percy Jackson...by The AU Girl
✓COMPLETED 01/08/17 Annabeth Chase has a problem. All she has been doing her whole life is running, switching from school to school, and trying to find a safe place. H...
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New Beginning (Percy Jackson/Twilight Crossover) by xXx_percabeth_xXx
New Beginning (Percy Jackson/Twili...by Dana Louise 💕
Italy Jackson, twin sister of Percy Jackson, has decided she needs a break from the life of a demigod, so she leaves to go live with Charlie Swan and his daughter, Bella...
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Nico Di Angelo X Reader One-Shots by TheScarletDemigod
Nico Di Angelo X Reader One-Shotsby Sakshi Sharan
Heeeyyyy! I see you are Nico Di Angelo trash. Here are some one-shots for you. These may be cute and fluffy or sad and heart-breaking. Please bear with me and my cringe...
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I Won't Love You by slightlynotbored
I Won't Love Youby Slightlynotbored
Nico di Angelo is a new student at Olympus High. Like most first days, it doesn't go according to plan. Nico wasn't looking forward for the rest of the year, until he bu...
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Rise of the Night (a Percy Jackson Fanfic) by primogenita
Rise of the Night (a Percy Jackson...by Shelby
After being transported to a strange camp on the other side of the country, Lea learns her fate. As it turns out, the stories she heard as a child are all true, the myth...
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Adopted By A Schuyler Sister by HamilCat
Adopted By A Schuyler Sisterby Catherine Learned
What if you've been through an abusive home and the lady who plays Angelica Schuyler comes up and adopted you. Well this is the story of Rose Abigail Stevens' adoption i...
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Perseus : The Titan of Dawn, Dusk, and Eclipses. by The-Sea-God
Perseus : The Titan of Dawn, Dusk...by The_Sea_God
What have I done to recieve this punishment? What have I done to gain the immortal hatred of the Olympians? I am Perseus, and this is my story.
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Where my demons hide ( Nico di Angelo fanfic ) #wattys2017 by xxinallthegalaxysxx
Where my demons hide ( Nico di Ang...by Felicity
Nico Di Angelo can't sleep, he can't eat , he can't even speak - he spends his nights training relentlessly and sneaking away and his mornings locked in his cabin and t...
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Musical Fiction by NicodiAngelo61
Musical Fictionby NicodiAngelo61
This is a book full of one shots based upon songs. It's probably mostly gonna be Percy Jackson Fanfiction so yea I'm open to suggestions. If you would like to recommend...
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The Golden Boy and The Emo Punk by FeyrhysNicercy4ever
The Golden Boy and The Emo Punkby Some rando Percico lover
High school AU because it's so original (not) but there are still kind of gods minus the immortality. Nico, Percy and their friends discovering powers together. A Nicerc...
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Percy Jackson Fanfiction- The Stolls by TheTastyTalesOfJeah
Percy Jackson Fanfiction- The Stol...by Jade and Leah
Percy Jackson Fanfiction. While the 7 are away on a dangerous, life changing quest, things at camp half blood are stirring up. A Tale of Connor Stolls experience in camp...
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Saving Annabeth by seeing_thestrals
Saving Annabethby Leah
Annabeth has been kidnapped. But to make matters worse; it's all Hera's fault. Having lost her power, Hera believes that Annabeth is the key to getting it back. But Perc...
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Percy Son of Hades by TheKhione
Percy Son of Hadesby Khione
Percy as a son of Hades Headcanon
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Is it....true?(Leo Valdez fanfic) by ValdezGrayson
Is it....true?(Leo Valdez fanfic)by ValdezGrayson
Alexander Valdez
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The Lost God (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by VanessaZM
The Lost God (Percy Jackson Fanfic...by Vanessa
Cover by BRR77872, thank you! c: *** Look, I didn't know I was a demigod. In fact, I- like all of you- thought they were just books. Fiction. Not real. I loved the seri...
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