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Enemies? (aka the Grandson of ol' Voldy, PJO and HP crossover) by KevinDaGlorb
Enemies? (aka the Grandson of ol'...by KevinDaGlorb
Gaea has been defeated, Leo has returned with Calypso, and everyone is enjoying their time chillin' and... well, chillin' some more! Apart from the odd monster, everythi...
camp half blood meets the justice league by bookwormjohnny2
camp half blood meets the justice...by bookwormjohnny2
percy jackson along side nico, thalia and the rest of the seven were batteling the gorgons when all of a sudden thay along with the gorgon were transported to a differan...
Percy Jackson in MHA by percabethjackson11
Percy Jackson in MHAby percabethjackson11
The summer after the giant war, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase go to the My Hero Academia-verse on a quest ordered by Hecate. What they didn't know, is that the quest...
What is it With Mako and Mermaids? (A PJO / Mako Mermaids Crossover) by I_Write_Things_01
What is it With Mako and Mermaids...by I_Write_Things_01
Book 2 of the I'm a Mermaid Series 10 years ago, Percy and his family spent 6 months in Australia, and now, Percy is going back. After a New Rome college education and a...
Life changing adventure by Percabeth771981
Life changing adventureby Percabeth
It has been a week after her death . He doesn't feel anything . He doesn't know whether he could move on or not . She had died even before he could express his feelings...
Down to the Riptide | PJO/Mako Mermaids  by -ThatDamAuthor-
Down to the Riptide | PJO/Mako Mer...by NovaM
After using his blood-bending powers in a bout of rage in front of the demigods, Percy runs away in shame. Well, more like swims. With the help of Poseidon and some new...
The Shifter (PJO/YJ Crossover) by EndGame23
The Shifter (PJO/YJ Crossover)by Lilith NightShade
AU The best people have the rottest luck that is one fact Percy has never forgotten. Walking into a meeting of villians? Been there done that. Being kidnapped by 'heroes...
Judgment of the Demigods: Demigod Karma by gilberthua2021
Judgment of the Demigods: Demigod...by Azzy
This is a crossover between Percy Jackson and Undertale After a genocide route, Sans is somehow not dead, and Chara has broken the barrier and mysteriously disappeared...
Construct of Belief // Percy Jackson x Harry Potter Crossover by minimalistdreamer
Construct of Belief // Percy Jacks...by Hoarder of Affection
Percy Jackson, Nico di Angelo, and Annabeth Chase are issues another quest. Despite the Oracle being out of commission, Hecate determines that they must travel back in t...
unOrdinary + Nico by peach-rose
unOrdinary + Nicoby Milk Tea
Nico Di Angelo goes to the alternate reality of UnOrdinary. A couple of gods seem to have gotten bored and decided to create another world for their own entertainment...
Ghost King meets Oliver Queen  by 2many_Fandoms
Ghost King meets Oliver Queen by Confuzzled_Patton
Haha bitch u thoughtbi was done didnt you ^^^yeah so this book took a year long hiatus before I decided to update again but on finishing it this time. Nico didnt know wh...
Oh, No. (Magnus Chase x Avengers Story) by Yeah_Im_Sun
Oh, No. (Magnus Chase x Avengers S...by Dead account
So. I see all of these PJOxAvengers crossovers but I have yet to see a Magnus Chase one! So here I am, to fulfill my own desires. Plot/World building in the first chapte...
haunt me ꩜ kotlc + pjo by akusyue
haunt me ꩜ kotlc + pjoby ·˚ ༘ dai
( if i were you i wouldn't ) ..... incomplete ! warning - this sucks. *tsukkishima stares in judgement* if you're into crappy fanfiction or shit like that go ahead and...
To Wash Away a Sin by infinity500
To Wash Away a Sinby infinity
Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Crossover Draco/Persephone Jackson Fem! Percy Summary: Draco and Perci go to the Black Lake in the middle of the night looking for answers but...
Adrift: KotLC and PJO Crossover by 24vguest54
Adrift: KotLC and PJO Crossoverby Kotlc is awesome
Sophie Foster and Percy Jackson have no idea who or where they are. Now they must recover their memories and get back home. Counterpart to The Moonlark's Quest. Disclaim...
The Moonlark's Quest: KotLC & PJO Crossover by 24vguest54
The Moonlark's Quest: KotLC & PJO...by Kotlc is awesome
Sophie Foster and Percy Jackson have no idea who or where they are. Now they must recover their memories and get back home. Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. A...
Wolves and Hunters by Rooney1077
Wolves and Huntersby Rooney
Scott is a new werewolf, going through high school, trying to keep it a secret. Percy has been hunting supernatural creatures since the death of a loved one. Before that...
Two Teams United by frankzhang464
Two Teams Unitedby frankzhang464
This is my first story so I won't be the best when the Greeks the romans the Norse and the Egyptians meet the Avengers while there's a new prophecy out you know there is...
through the mist ➵ camren au [discontinued] by HellNoFeelings
through the mist ➵ camren au [disc...by lynn
Those weren't typical brown eyes; hers had fire in them. Her fiery gaze attracted mesmerizing eyes so pure and green that they held the sea. One feared to drown while th...
In Panem (Percy Jackson x hunger games) by ss10156
In Panem (Percy Jackson x hunger g...by Alyssa
When Percy turns up in District Four without Anabeth, he must learn to survive. For others, he signs up for tesserae. But what will happen if one paper from a big blue...