All that matters; Guentzel  by matsvhummels
All that matters; Guentzel by ki
After drunk texting her all that mattered to him was to get to know her and get his apology through her. [texting/social media/real life]
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NHL imagines by Mkdough
NHL imaginesby MindYourMarners
I'm on a request break. I will continue to write for what has been requested, and then I will open them up again. This is for mainly the NHL, but if I get a description...
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  • williamnylander
  • lakings
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      NHL Imagines by akempe
NHL Imaginesby m
NHL Imagines on your favorite players. highest ranking: #36 in random UNDERGOING MASSIVE EDITING
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Home { S. Crosby } by hipchecksandhomeruns
Home { S. Crosby }by .
sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together. M. Holden + S. Crosby
  • pittsburghpenguins
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  • wattys2017
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NHL Imagines by boyiloveyousomuch
NHL Imaginesby Jessica
NHL Imagines
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  • tomwilson
  • patrickkane
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Goalie // Sidney Crosby by alittlebitbias
Goalie // Sidney Crosbyby ♛
Emerson Rousseau was going to be the second woman to play in the NHL since the 90's. After her four required years in the NCAA's.. it's time for her to be brought up wit...
  • hockey
  • alittlebitbias
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NHL Imagines by gallysegsgeno
NHL Imaginesby Jill
Just a little book of imagines I've written from ideas that I've had. Feel free to comment any requests or send them to me privately if you'd like.
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  • austonmatthews
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NHL Imagines by universitygirl1
NHL Imaginesby Sam
This is a book that I update when I have time (I'm a really busy person so sorry in advance). I do my favorite players if there are no requests and because I'm from the...
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I made this because everyone was doing teenage face claims and kid face claims so I decided to do a hockey player one! «REQUESTS OPEN» DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF TH...
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With the "Enemy" //S. Crosby by PGH_Bucs_Pens
With the "Enemy" //S. Crosbyby Madi
One hockey game will change the life Jackie Giroux. One game will introduce her the person many compare her to. One game will change everything.
  • evgenimalkin
  • bostonblades
  • philadelphiaflyers
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offsetting minors | s. crosby by dreamsofparadise
offsetting minors | s. crosbyby dreamsofparadise
Dr. Elliot Greyson is new to Pittsburgh and is just trying to get through her first year as a surgical resident unscathed. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh royalty, has always...
  • wattys2017
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little artist  ⇢  s. crosby by pensxstan
little artist ⇢ s. crosbyby sim >:)
he was her peace she was his little artist • sidney crosby x oc • • pittsburgh penguins • • 2015 - 2016 • copyright pensxstan © 2018
  • pittsburgh
  • stanleycup
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Life and Love of Madison and Kris by TangersGirl58
Life and Love of Madison and Krisby Carrie Ellis
Continuation of Life and Love of Madison and Kris
  • nhl
  • pittsburghpenguins
  • justinschultz
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Toddler Brings A Love Connection by TangersGirl58
Toddler Brings A Love Connectionby Carrie Ellis
Continuation of Baby Brings A love connection
  • krisletang
  • genomalkin
  • icehockey
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My new dad {s. crosby} CURRENTLY EDITING by flatstanley16
My new dad {s. crosby} CURRENTLY E...by Taylor
After one failed marriage, Taylor's mom decides to get remarried, her new husband just so happens to be Sidney Crosby, changing Taylor's life in just one evening. But af...
  • evgenimalkin
  • crosby
  • hockey
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Love At First Sight: The Story is Nadia and Sid Part 2 by TangersGirl58
Love At First Sight: The Story is...by Carrie Ellis
Continuing of Nadia and Sid love at first sight
  • pittsburghpenguins
  • nhl
  • krisletang
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The Other Letang by Pens7187
The Other Letangby Pens7187
Elise Letang is the twin sister of Penguins defenseman Kris Letang. After her mother died things changed she was forced to take care of her siblings. Her father is Mario...
  • letang
  • hockey
  • krisletang
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Baby Brings A Love Connection by TangersGirl58
Baby Brings A Love Connectionby Carrie Ellis
Justin Schultz forms a bond with fellow Penguins Defensemen Kris Letang's 8 month daughter... he is looking for love, what happens when he realizes she attracts the...
  • krisletang
  • sidneycrosby
  • pittsburghpenguins
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Light the Lamp {c. hagelin} by flatstanley16
Light the Lamp {c. hagelin}by Taylor
Emalie loves the game of hockey, but has never played. She loves the Pittsburgh Penguins, more specifically Carl Hagelin. But once her brother's hockey team has a once i...
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