Pioneers Stories

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Prairie Days by mamabear1972
Prairie Daysby mamabear1972
An early 1800's story of a pioneer family.
Kid Nation: Season 2 by Monsters_Inc_Boo
Kid Nation: Season 2by Judi Takahiro
I found this reality TV show called Kid Nation and was thinking 'What if I was in there?' So that is what this is about.
Change by love_life1D
Changeby love_life1D
Molly grew up on a small farm with her brother, barley making enough to support themselves. Living in the west in the 1800's was hard. Yet when someone falls in love wit...
Burn The Ships Challenge • for KING & COUNTRY ✓ by MalefM
Burn The Ships Challenge • for 𝕕𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞𝕖𝕣
From Instagram. I forgot who made it so I can't give credit. Sorry.... Completed April 2019
A Pioneer Tail by Junebug_2408
A Pioneer Tailby Emily Taylor
Just a short story I wrote for my English 2 class. Just a few changes have been made. (FOR EXAMPLE: the hero rat's name was changed from James Smith to John Ward because...
How Become Pioneers Field of Business & Emerge as Entrepreneur Business Women by askyourgirls
How Become Pioneers Field of AskYourGirls
Making it big in the world of business is something that you need to consider for yourself irrespective of your gender but it is even more important if you are a woman...
Accidental Pioneers (The Band Perry Fan Fiction) by TFKrueger
Accidental Pioneers (The Band Tom
When a sudden severe thunderstorm causes a freak electronic discharge, Kimberly, Reid and Neil become pioneers in a way they could have never imagined.
The inspiring book that will motivate a new generation of Female Entrepreneurs! by DFMcKeever
The inspiring book that will Denise McKeever
An extract from Part One 'White Ball Thinking' an extraordinary adventure set in the year 2061 full of technology, innovation and creativity that reveals the six secret...