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Mail Order Brides and The Doctor (A Western Romance Book)(COMPLETED) by lealaurensbooks
Mail Order Brides and The Doctor ( lealaurensbooks
Being a mail order bride is hard... dealing with the new in-laws is harder! Irene Bailey misses Missouri more than she could have imagined. The cousin she's living with...
A Preacher and His Wife by fromthedeskrcabbott
A Preacher and His Wifeby R. C. Abbott
"And so the day before I was to leave for the new world I married Mr. Ryan's daughter Grace, even though I knew she did not much want to marry me." A Frontier...
Mail Order Bride and The Mix-up (A Western Romance Book)(COMPLETED) by ashleywalt
Mail Order Bride and The Mix-up ( ashleywalt
Sometimes being a mail order bride means uncovering secrets you'd rather leave hidden... Belle Reid ran away from her old life only to find her new one lacking. Her abus...
Mail Order Bride: A Banker's Wife (#1, Brides of Montana Historical Romance) by lealaurensbooks
Mail Order Bride: A Banker's lealaurensbooks
Lying for love is never easy, but sometimes it's necessary. The Ackermans are about to lose their farm... They have no hope. No money. Nothing left to lose except each o...
Mail Order Brides of Band of Sister Outlaws (A Western Romance Book) by fayesonja
Mail Order Brides of Band of fayesonja
Three inspirational stories of women who risked everything for love and traveled thousands of miles to the western frontier. Part 1: The Widow Bride & Her Baby Torn betw...
Falling in Love with our Memories by Sugarracer07
Falling in Love with our Memoriesby Rachel Racer07 ❤️
What happens when you fall in love with your best friend but he doesn't love you back? For Cynthia, losing her father and being betrayed by her mother was already painf...
The Twisted String of Fate (The Abandoned Empress) by TheIncompetentWriter
The Twisted String of Fate (The Writer The Incompetent
Aristia confronts Vita to cut the red string of fate that tangles between two fated lovers, making her the other woman. *I do not own The Abandoned Empress (Comic: iNA ;...
Little House on the Wasteland by LauraIngallsWei
Little House on the Wastelandby Laura Ingalls-Wei
Once, there was a little girl named Laura who lived in an abandoned cabin deep in the big woods of what was once Wisconsin. Laura was born many years after the Great Bu...
The Outlaw's Daughter ( On Hold) by foxc55
The Outlaw's Daughter ( On Hold)by Courtney
A story of a sheriff and his journey to justice. fighting heartbreak and anger, Wayne Martin crosses paths with a mysterious woman. can he learn to love again, or will t...
Daisy Chains by Stewart352
Daisy Chainsby Stewart352
It's the end of the 19th century. In Southern Ohio, farmers have taken hold of the land, and many have forgotten who it was they had to take it from. For one young girl...
Mail Order Bride: The Gunslinging Bride (#1, Western Reach Western Romance) by ashleywalt
Mail Order Bride: The ashleywalt
Sometimes the best gunslingers are angels... Estelle Eaton's been married before. She learned long ago that she shouldn't trust men ... Especially as a mail order bride...
Western: Revenge at Snake Bend (#1, Texas Frontier Riders Historical Romance) by powellbooks
Western: Revenge at Snake Bend ( powellbooks
He thought the war was over... it was just getting started. Confederate war hero Clayton Wallace earned a taste for justice on the battlefield. But... his taste for reve...
The Pioneers by WrittenOnOurHearts
The Pioneersby Elizabeth B.C.
Balance is key; discovery lies in mistakes; and pebble covered pavement . . . well, that just leads to broken bones. Amaryllis is trying to find a loophole in each of th...
Kid Nation (Highlights)  by 1elvis_mac
Kid Nation (Highlights) by Elvis
If you have watched the one and only season of Kid Nation this book is written to give you the highlights of each episodes. If you have not yet watch it feel free to rea...
A Story In The Wild West by ChrisChrzan
A Story In The Wild Westby Christian Chrzan
Whenever James Phillips' town is ransacked by a group of bandits, he embarks upon an epic journey of vengance. Along the way, he meets various people, some of whom save...
Mother's Angel, and other short stories by CatchingNuance
Mother's Angel, and other short Bekah Ferguson
A collection of short stories. Various genres. Paranormal, Speculative, Fantasy, Historical, Coming-of-Age. Read one or read em' all. ;) Special Interests: The Jaguar is...
Retribution  by cbarry6624
Retribution by cbarry6624
A short story about a lady being bullied out of her land but standing up to her tormentors.
Eliza: The Wagon Trail by crackedbeauty
Eliza: The Wagon Trailby Alayna Bella
In the days when the buffalo roamed free, Indians had sacred territory, and manifest destiny was a religion, Eliza and her family push westward along with millions of ot...