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Bride of Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls BillDip Fanfic) by Camp_Gravity
Bride of Bill Cipher (Gravity Fall...by Bell <3
Not long ago, an evil dream demon, of the name Bill Cipher, attempted to rule all of reality and existence. A first attempt to stop him was with the Cipher wheel, but it...
Back To BillDip by ParanoidDanni
Back To BillDipby ☁︎Deppie☁︎
Dipper and Mabel left at the end of the summer for their hometown, Piedmont. The end of the summer means Back To School. When the bullies start picking on Dipper, a my...
I'm Only Yours (Gravity Falls BillDip Fanfic) by Camp_Gravity
I'm Only Yours (Gravity Falls Bill...by Bell <3
His whole life, Dipper has found no purpose in himself. All he ever is is the ground that everyone else is stepping on while he tries his best to please them. After a t...
Boy Crazy (Gravity Falls BillDip fanfic) by Camp_Gravity
Boy Crazy (Gravity Falls BillDip f...by Bell <3
Dipper's fine. He's fine. He's fiiiiiineeeee. (He's not fine) He thinks that his summer at Gravity Falls had paranormal creatures, a nine year old trying to steal his si...
Trapped in the Falls (Gravity Falls AU) by Camp_Gravity
Trapped in the Falls (Gravity Fall...by Bell <3
Ford explained that the reason there are so many weird things in Gravity Falls is because it's one big weirdness magnet. He also suggested the thought that that was the...
Rise- Norta United by AnastasiaCalore
Rise- Norta Unitedby TheGayWritergirl
This is the sequel that no one asked for but what I wanted to make of Rise-Silver as the Moon. Crown Princess Kamberly Elara Coriane Calore & Prince Caleb Varick Thomas...
Gravity Falls Life With Macie Pines by xHowToLoveADragonx
Gravity Falls Life With Macie Pinesby xHowToLoveADragonx
Cover made by my friend PacificDraws! Join Macie as she starts her new life with her twin siblings! After the events of Gravity Falls, Macie returns home with Dipper and...
No Escape (Gravity Falls Fanfic) by Camp_Gravity
No Escape (Gravity Falls Fanfic)by Bell <3
Starting off at the night of the episode "Sock Opera", Dipper has a strange dream with the dream demon, Bill Cipher, warning him that strange things are going...
The Life of Bell Cipher (Creative Journal) by Camp_Gravity
The Life of Bell Cipher (Creative...by Bell <3
Welcome to my creative journal! Here I'll be answering questions about myself and my OC, go behind the scenes of my stories, publish one shots that don't fit with my oth...
(orphaned work) The Pine Twins Back At School in Piedmont by TurkeyInNovember
(orphaned work) The Pine Twins Bac...by Turkey
Gravity Falls fanfic where I just write down scenarios/headcanons I come up for the pine twins if they were back at school. Just so I don't forget them XD. Please supply...
{HIATUS} Guess Who's Back by JanaHani33
{HIATUS} Guess Who's Backby JH
Mabel and Dipper have always felt welcome in Gravity Falls, in contrast to Piedmont, where they were shunned on a daily basis. Read as the twins adjust to returning home...
Stories with Friends by Chipchocolate
Stories with Friendsby ChipChocolate
This is a collection of stories I wrote with prompts some of my friends gave me! Hope you like 'em!
Mark Cowherd - Piedmont by markcowherdpiedmont
Mark Cowherd - Piedmontby Mark Cowherd - Piedmont
Former Teacher, Piedmont High School | Bachelor of Arts in History, California State University
Sofía by valentinaibanez14
Sofíaby Valentina Ibañez
Dos años es un tiempo muy largo Pueden pasar tantos sucesos que son incontables En dos años se rompen promesas Y se olvidan decisiones En dos años se gana mucho Pero se...
The Bitter Taste Of Vinegar  by ContessaGrigia
The Bitter Taste Of Vinegar by ContessaGrigia
Moving to California to fulfill my dream, building an empire of our own, buying a winery with a huge backstory. We then sell everything we have worked so hard for, to ke...
Pines in Piedmont  by themajesticmermaid
Pines in Piedmont by flow
A continuation of gravity falls; if we were to have a season three... Life for the twins back in Piedmont, Cali and how the two deal with the longing to get back to Grav...
City Life ( A Gravity Falls Story) by Littlepanda680
City Life ( A Gravity Falls Story)by Chloe the hedgehog
The twins think the school year is gonna be boring but The city life they know will change. Credit goes to Alex Hirsch for Gravity falls.
The Siren's Call (Gravity Falls BillDip Fanfic) by Camp_Gravity
The Siren's Call (Gravity Falls Bi...by Bell <3
Have you ever heard of the deep, blue Gravity Seas? It's not on any maps, and most people have never heard of it. Some people think it's a myth. But if you're curious, d...