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Riddling Into The Unknown by StarryCats
Riddling Into The Unknownby Octoling
(EDITED) Book 1 *Based off Jonochrome's (Jonbro) flash game series, Riddle School* 6 years after the death of Diz, the gang finally attend Riddle High School, for real...
Riddle school ask and dare by the-yaoi-shipper
Riddle school ask and dareby Jay
Ships: philey (Phil x smiley), phack (phred x zack) and 5chy (5 x richy) Characters: Phil, smiley, phred, zack, 5, richy, diz, quiz, viz, and b Art cover: ?
Riddle School Truth Or Dare by deadheadx33
Riddle School Truth Or Dareby Nefarious Dead
this is my first truth or dare so I'll try my best! Arts not mine
Riddle School: The Retelling by NightOfNetter
Riddle School: The Retellingby NightOfNetter
Riddle School is a simple point-and-click puzzle game, and is super short and fun to play. But, what if the game was more in-depth? More realistic? With more thought out...
Riddle School: Can't Stop Falling In Love With You [[Finished]] by Woodengirlygamergirl
Riddle School: Can't Stop [insert Mii Channel]
a small rp I made as a group chat except it's a book First written on April 3, 2017
Ask and Dare Riddleswap and Riddlefell! by drjaslaine
Ask and Dare Riddleswap and Elaine
yup,you can ask Riddleswap and Riddlefell here so don't be shy,Ask and Dare right away, warning:swear words because of Riddlefell
Riddle School Randomness by DontLewdYourLoli6969
Riddle School Randomnessby ImAFangirlWriter
RS Headcannons: Sexuality- Phil: Straight Smiley: Pan Phred: Pan Zack: Bi - More headcannons -Smiley has a lot of confidence in herself, but gets hurt by mean words. Got...
[ON HOLD] Vizion Division by Woodengirlygamergirl
[ON HOLD] Vizion Divisionby [insert Mii Channel]
Riddle Elementary School becomes subject to another drawing trend. Just one day after partaking in the trend, Smiley Sundae discovers something off about it. She now ded...
Riddle School AU's X Reader(Requests Are Open) by drjaslaine
Riddle School AU's X Reader( Elaine
This is my collection of Riddle school AU's x reader,you can ask questions about them,request,you can even try to draw them and sent to me and don't worry I will give yo...
Forgotten Riddle by ErrorHD
Forgotten Riddleby VirtualErrors
After Phil loses his memories, what could get worse?
Riddle School! New Vizion? by LotsOfLaughsLOL1
Riddle School! New Vizion?by Cora
(I couldn't come up with a better name) Phil,Phred,Zack, and Smiley are still in elementary because of the time stoping machine. But they seem to have some "GUESTS...
Riddle Transfer 3 by LotsOfLaughsLOL1
Riddle Transfer 3by Cora
Sooo I just got inspired and none of this is real. It's just a random book I was inspired by! AND SHOUTOUTS ARE ALOUD IN THIS STORY SO I CAN GIVE ANYONE A SHOUTOUT IF TH...
Riddle School Ask and Dare(Remake) by drjaslaine
Riddle School Ask and Dare(Remake)by Elaine
yeah,its another Riddle school Ask and Dare,I still love Riddle school so lets go! Also no innapropriate(R.I.P Spelling) Ask or Dare plz ._.
Drunk Rs Ask And Dare by Matteioii
Drunk Rs Ask And Dareby ??!
This is for 18 plus only once smiley and phil were in the same bedroom zack and phred is the other side of the room smiley and phil was drunk what do u think will happen...
Riddle School ♥️💚💙Ask or dare💚🖤🧡💛 by LotsOfLaughsLOL1
Riddle School ♥️💚💙Ask or dare💚� Cora
This book is about Phil,Phred,Zack,Smiley,Viz,Quiz, and Diz and what you do in it is ask or dare the characters in the book
Her World Goes On by SkysLove4Life
Her World Goes Onby Schuyler
Ha I found this old story that I wrote awhile back. If you like Bruno Mars and people that write stories that have the same character in it you'll love this! Enjoy!