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Potato-Chan's Lifeu! by PotatoTheChip
Potato-Chan's Lifeu!by lord farquaad
All about me: PotatoTheChip! In here, you'll find a list of my interests, phobias, pets, art, and more! Happy reading!
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ᴘʜσʙιᴀs by xFeelingLonelyx
ᴘʜσʙιᴀsby ᴀᴅᴅɪsᴏɴ
In this book I'll be listing several phobias and their meanings, I won't be able to list every single one, but I'll try! I hope this book helps people. Thank you so much...
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Phobias by K1545killmenow
Phobiasby Who Am I
Just a book with a bunch of different phobia definitions.
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PHOBIAS by VirgusWright
PHOBIASby Hamusteru
I've seen those crimes. And I wrote it on a piece of crumpled paper. With my unsharpened pencil, I drew how mysterious events turned into impossible miracles. Those noth...
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Phobias by RichardrubyeReturns
Phobiasby Chicken Nugget
The title says it all... Phobias. Alphabetically order. Why Am I Doing This? Because I Have A Lot Of Issues.
Mental diseases and psychological disease  by TheBakaplace
Mental diseases and 馬鹿
Mental disorders, Phobias and more
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My fears/phobias by UndertaleLover7420
My fears/phobiasby Love The Moon and Beyond
I was inspired by OuterChick! Anyways, the title expalins everything
•Thanatophobia• by user94531432
•Thanatophobia•by Yolines Gonzalez
Thanatophobia is different from necrophobia, which is a general fear of dead or dying things, or things associated with death. In this article, we take a close look at t...
My Fears, Traumas, Phobias and Issues by itsalltherage
My Fears, Traumas, Phobias and R.S.Muzzy
Now in a single "compact" book!!
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My Phobia's. by EllieSlateWoods
My Phobia' XxJaneYT_OfficialxX
Yup.. My Phobia's.. Enjoy Listening to my fears..
Stay Here Tonight by intentraging9609
Stay Here Tonightby uwu_cinnabun
Two teen gays (one pan girl and one lesbian girl) and their struggles with depression, anxiety, and a relatively homophobic school. Each part is a separate 'one-shot' bu...
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Phobias And Fears  by TheAmeteurWitch
Phobias And Fears by TheAmeteurWitch
Decided to create a book that lists and explains different phobias. Their causes and what to do to recover from said phobia since I've always had a fascination in psycho...
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A Collection of Words by Goddess_Of_Roses_
A Collection of Wordsby ♡ Weirdo ♡
Looking for an aesthetic-sounding word? Looking for some names for phobias? Then this is the place! This is a collection of words/phobias and their definitions/origins.
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• the things i am • by blackburnings
• the things i am •by K▲NDE
in which you can learn about me, and maybe, relate (or even fangirl with me) XD
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