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A Compilation of Philippine Short Stories Written by Different Filipino Authors by jovieonni
A Compilation of Philippine Kim Jiyun
Disclaimer: I don't own any stories posted on this book. This book contains the different English short stories written by the different prominent Filipino authors. This...
Melancholy | A collection of names and poetry by bellacoronel91
Melancholy | A collection of Bella
[Featured in Wattpad Poetry Reading List: Heart Stains (Heartbreak)] Real Names. Real People. Poems about love, sadness and happiness. These are original poems. Please...
The Man from 1889[ON HOLD] by thnashly
The Man from 1889[ON HOLD]by A.V. Liu
Maria Isabelle Rodriguez. Rich, famous, smart. Also known as Ms. Perfect. But behind the amazing aura lies all the sadness and pain. Lumaking ulila sa ina kasama ang kan...
After All These Years by ashliiibWP
After All These Yearsby sopi
#1 Trixie Andreanna Colin thinks that love shouldn't have to hurt. It's supposed to make you grow, be better, at peace and free. The love she's carried around for years...
Outside Looking In: A collection of short stories by kathnappy
Outside Looking In: A collection Kath P.E.
This is an anthology of short stories that I wrote. I update this collection as soon as there's something new to share. *** 1. Do You Remember? - She was scared then...
Sunset by Paz Latorena by pixiedara
Sunset by Paz Latorenaby Daraxxi
When a man loves a woman but would not—could not—marry her.......
My Grandmother's First Love  by Khurght
My Grandmother's First Love by H E L L K U R T
[A Taennie Fanfintion] Ang pagmamahal na kamatayan ang naidulot, handa ka bang ipaglaban ito? Thus Celine Ramos ready to change the story of past for her lola? Let me br...
Letters by CethIsle
Lettersby Ceth Isle
Not all Literature students, literary enthusiasts, and/or creative writers know the art of writing creatively. WELL, I PRAY FOR THEIR "ARTISTIC" SOUL. As we cl...
(Would You Read A Leaf From My) GALAXY by taoirse
(Would You Read A Leaf From My) Trisha Lopez
there's an endless words and an endless days
Rosa Blanca by Labigwa
Rosa Blancaby Labigwa
A captured bourgeois ilustrado joins a rebellion staged by the masses against Spain in the late 1800s, meeting nostalgic characters from Rizal's El Filibuserismo.
May Day Eve by Nick Joaquin by pixiedara
May Day Eve by Nick Joaquinby Daraxxi
"Fate is defined in the dictionary as an inevitable and often adverse outcome, condition, or end. The story is set under the assumption that Badoy and Agueda both b...
Days Of Future's Past by PandaEatingPeanut
Days Of Future's Pastby PandaEatingPeanut
Primo lived his life believing himself to be an Ordinary healer until the day he accidentally discovered that his "Ordinary" healing ability, is in fact, the l...
Short Stories and Poems Anthology by nicholemaude20
Short Stories and Poems Anthologyby Nichole Maude
The stories to be posted are not mine. These are from significant writers with great contributions in literature from then and now. It consists Philippine, Aforo-Asian...
TINGOG! by MisterDeMoral
TINGOG!by K.Y. de Moral
TINGOG is a bisaya language which means VOICE. I made this to create a compilation of my poems not just to express my thoughts but also to inspire others especially tho...
Serial Love And Some Killer Thoughts by bellacoronel91
Serial Love And Some Killer Bella
A short collection of dark thoughts. Beware. Serial Heart Breakers: Victimology √ Modus Operandi √ Signature √ They'll flatter you, lure you and take whatever they want...
You Already: Poetry Sampler by dearpaolo
You Already: Poetry Samplerby Paolo Manalo
Sampler of poems by Paolo Manalo from the collections E is for Epal (2018), Happily Ever Ek-ek (2019), and Jolography Retconned (2020).
Philippine Mythology by KirPluma
Philippine Mythologyby AestheticChaos
Hindi lahat ng nalalaman natin ay totoo, minsan ay kalahati lang ito nang buong kwento. - - - - - - - Mga obrang likha ng imahinasyon. - - - - - - - Edited photo from...
THE STRANGER and the LOST Daniel Peale
Time is irrelevant when it comes to love.
Ang Tugon ; The Response by InevitableThoughts_
Ang Tugon ; The Responseby Philippine Literature Appreci...
Literature is probably one of the most incredible things we've all learned from school. Some may say find it boring, touche, amazing, you name it. Hey, Filipinos. Are y...