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"You rotten devil.." by Asherickyboi
"You rotten devil.."by Asherickyboi
A Phillip Lombard and William Blore fluff oneshot. Based off of the book 'And Then There Were None'. ‼️There IS smut, alcohol use, smoking, and murder‼️ so there's your...
Continue On ~ "And Then There Were None" Fanfiction ~ Ongoing by 0_Kitten_0
Continue On ~ "And Then There Kitten
What if Vera hadn't shot Philip? What if the gun jammed and they were stuck on soldier island, alone, waiting for rescue. What would've happened between the two?
And Then There Were None Alternate Ending by sunflower-eye
And Then There Were None oat ✧˖*
An alternate ending to Agatha Christie's literary masterpiece, And Then There Were None. Please read her novel (either in full or up to chapter 15) before reading this...
Aidan Turner Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Aidan Turner Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This is where all my Aidan Turner stories are going to be. I'm giving each actor their own folder to make it easier for you guys to read.
Adventures never end... by youngdemigod
Adventures never youngdemigod
This is the next book after 'And Then There Were None' 3 people left the Indian Island.Alive and safe,kind of... Indian Islands is in their past,but it will haunt them...
Aidan Turner Imagines by sherlock_aidanturner
Aidan Turner Imaginesby ♡mrs. Turner♡
Imagines about the amazing actor Aidan Turner and his characters♡ if you have any requests, you can always tell them and I'll try to write something good about it:)
Eleven Little Soldier Boys by sherlock_aidanturner
Eleven Little Soldier Boysby ♡mrs. Turner♡
BBC And Then There Were None fanfiction an inventation to come to Soldier Island, seeing your old boyfriend again, having a well paid job... everything seemed so perfec...