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Riddling Into The Unknown by StarryCats
Riddling Into The Unknownby Octoling
(EDITED) Book 1 *Based off Jonochrome's (Jonbro) flash game series, Riddle School* 6 years after the death of Diz, the gang finally attend Riddle High School, for real...
Riddle Memories (ON HOLD) by xDenKDenx
Riddle Memories (ON HOLD)by Egg with a wig
In this story, you get to know the backstory of a few familiar people, that we know about. No, not Phil, or Smiley, or even Zack or Phred. Contains Swearing, gore...
The Riddle School Collection by supershadicdude
The Riddle School Collectionby SuperShadicDude
This is the entire Riddle School series as well as a new chapter for Riddle Transfer 3
An Unforgettable Smile ||Complete~|| by jjaybirdo
An Unforgettable Smile || Jay(gay)
This book will no longer be continued. However, feel free to read this book whenever you please. Not my problem XD ___ OmG tHiS sHiP iS mY lIfE.. AhhhHHHhhhHh Annyywaayy...
Riddle School: The Retelling by NightOfNetter
Riddle School: The Retellingby NightOfNetter
Riddle School is a simple point-and-click puzzle game, and is super short and fun to play. But, what if the game was more in-depth? More realistic? With more thought out...
Strikeback by OddlesOfNoodles
Strikebackby Meika Hime
(Book 5) It's been several years since the last encounter with Vizion. Everyone was leading normal lives. The kids now attend Riddle University in pursuit of lifelong ca...
Riddle School X Reader Oneshots by Daringkind10
Riddle School X Reader Oneshotsby daring chan!
Request wich x reader one shot u would like then I'll write it
Riddle School Randomness by DontLewdYourLoli6969
Riddle School Randomnessby ImAFangirlWriter
RS Headcannons: Sexuality- Phil: Straight Smiley: Pan Phred: Pan Zack: Bi - More headcannons -Smiley has a lot of confidence in herself, but gets hurt by mean words. Got...
[ON HOLD] Vizion Division by Woodengirlygamergirl
[ON HOLD] Vizion Divisionby [insert Mii Channel]
Riddle Elementary School becomes subject to another drawing trend. Just one day after partaking in the trend, Smiley Sundae discovers something off about it. She now ded...
Doodles & Stuff by whatevfangirler
Doodles & Stuffby a muffinhead
I Love drawing\(≥∀≤)/ (Thumbnail art isn't mine but everything in this book is)
riddle school ask and dare by loveflower144
riddle school ask and dareby Sally Drowned
hey everyone, I finally spoke to the peeps in rs
Riddle School 4 Bios by supershadicdude
Riddle School 4 Biosby SuperShadicDude
Wondered what happened to all the Riddle School characters after Phil's death. Well this book says it all
Riddle Transfer 2 by Nathan9870
Riddle Transfer 2by Nathan9870
Well this is actually not riddle transfer 2, Its just a made up riddle transfer 2. The main character is Phil Eggtree. Please read and like the story.
YT videos/other things 2 by sam_eggtree
YT videos/other things 2by Sam Eggtree
made on: 3/29/20 idk what im.doing pissed off phil is the cover lol
Riddle School: Transfered by pinkninja0014
Riddle School: Transferedby PinkNinjaMusic
This is the sequel to Riddle School: The Next Generation. If you haven't read the previous book, I suggest you do. ____________________________________ Faith Sundae, Gab...
Redemption (REWORK) by OddlesOfNoodles
Redemption (REWORK)by Meika Hime
(Book 4) The RS gang has escaped, Vizion has left. This means things are worked out, right? Wrong. Wiz and Viz are now in jail, Fiz was reassigned to Diz, and the kids h...
My Anime Creations by Undertale_Shipper_
My Anime Creationsby Undertale_Shipper_
Hey! This is a random book of my anime creations... um... so yeah! Please ask me BEFORE using my avatars, not AFTER. Thank you!
Riddle Schools Au and Stories by drjaslaine
Riddle Schools Au and Storiesby Elaine
Alright,I know that this Fandom is like dead but y'know what!? f**k it,I'm going to write ideas for my aus here and Maybe write some stories and oneshots,