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gucci by oceanicdaniel
gucciby oceanicdaniel
> phan dan: big dick energy philly: what philly: what the fuck is big dick energy philly: what are you a fortune teller or some shit where a local and a member of s...
In Your Dreams // phan by GypsyRover
In Your Dreams // phanby käməˈkäzē
Dan Howell never wanted dreams. Because dreams meant he met his soulmate, and meeting his soulmate meant dooming them to a terrible life of memories about his anxiety-ri...
Incompetent (phan) by -phantasizing-
Incompetent (phan)by ⋆ rachel ⋆
I breathed out, letting the air fan over his earlobe. Then I seductively whispered, "Don't be a hypocrite. You already have enough bad qualities. Prick." {or t...
Entanglement  by lattelester
Entanglement by vas (inactive)
in which a demon named dan accidentally falls in love with an angel named phil. {phan au} highest ranking- #27 in danisnotonfire
Illusive (phan) by -phantasizing-
Illusive (phan)by ⋆ rachel ⋆
"And let's say I fall in love with you, what's in it for you?" "Good karma." "For breaking my heart?" "For proving you have one."...
Special Boy // phan by GypsyRover
Special Boy // phanby käməˈkäzē
In a world where everyone has a special ability, a "power", young Dan Howell is alone in having nothing to show for it. He now constantly, obsessively searches...
Interview || Phan AU (COMPLETED) by tinyplanetnerd
Interview || Phan AU (COMPLETED)by Abbie
The high school basketball was not my first choice. Trying out for the team wasn't something I wanted to do. Making the team wasn't what I thought would happen. Getting...
Fix Me |Phan AU| by blushinghobi
Fix Me |Phan AU|by blushinghobi
©blushinghobi Dan Howell (20) has been hurt and abandoned for his whole life. Left lonely,he had absolutely nobody to talk to. He had a shitty apartment and a crappy job...
lemon boy🍋  by dxtrxit
lemon boy🍋 by dxtrxit
"lemon boy and i, we're gonna live forever" in which dan, a boy who wears skirts and ironically calls boys daddy, is determined to date one of the schools stra...
Almost broken(bullied) , A phanfiction by awkward-fox
Almost broken(bullied) , A Oli
All Dan wants to do is to break the little almost broken boy. Snap him into a million tiny pieces and crush his heart with his fist but at the same time all Dan wants to...
scarred • phan soulmate au by ventients
scarred • phan soulmate auby atlas
an au where if your soulmate gets hurt, you get hurt. "mind if i sit here?" "not really" "hi, i'm phil lester" "dan howell" 1st b...
The Badger And The Snake; Phan/Harry Potter AU by danisnotonfir3
The Badger And The Snake; Phan/ loren
Dan Howell is a curious Muggleborn who doesn't know the first thing about magic. On the train ride to Hogwarts, he meets a raven-haired, blue-eyed boy who soon becomes h...
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bad idea🧯 by dxtrxit
bad idea🧯by dxtrxit
the schools punk, phil lester, is determined to make the religious boy, dan howell, his {texting fic} finished :))
neko // phan au by snazzylester
neko // phan auby ella
!¡ THIS IS NOT A HYBRID BOOK !¡ //in which phil loses his cat and dan helps him find it// (almost entirely gross fluff with like, two, v slight mentions of abuse. please...
pretty boy // phan by snazzylester
pretty boy // phanby ella
photographer!phil and model!dan (also featuring best friend!dodie )
aviation! ↳ phan ✓ by dannyfire15
aviation! ↳ phan ✓by 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞 ツ
in which phil lester has a long flight and has to sit next to a boy named dan howell.
The Wolf of The Woods by phancakeshowell
The Wolf of The Woodsby Anna
Dan is an orphan, his parents disowned him after finding out he was a werewolf. He now lives alone in the forest trying to hide his deepest secret while getting bullied...
Colors {Phan} by MaddiexRose
Colors {Phan}by spamano trash
AU: Everyone is born seeing black and white. You start to see colors when you first kiss your soulmate. Dan and Phil get completely wasted at a club and wake up seeing c...
ferris wheel // phan au by snazzylester
ferris wheel // phan auby ella
"would it be weird if i said i was thinking about you?" "no, it'd be quite fitting, since i was thinking about you too" ♡⚣♡ in which two strangers si...
Phan Oneshots by EmilyClowder
Phan Oneshotsby Emily Clowder
A collection of phan oneshots I've written. Feel free to comment any ideas that you want me to write about (The art from the cover is by maddox-rider on tumblr)