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Only With You by pinkmilkmonster
Only With Youby pinkmilkmonsterwants99roses
A life with Noh by his side, that's how Phun imagine his life would be. A clinic of his own, their very own restobar where Noh and his band could jam, a cozy house by th...
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LoveSick: College Life by xbrelcx
LoveSick: College Lifeby Panda L.C.
After long years have passed, I always curious to what happened to our favorite BL couple: PHUNXNOH!!! Did they end up together even in college or their's love for each...
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2~Wish [MeanPlan] by Bluehearte
2~Wish [MeanPlan]by H£αŕt£
Two returns from London after five years. He is now an actor and singer. He lost contact with his first love. How will he find him in Thailand? He gets a contract to fe...
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Lovesick the Series : The Declaration by user12749585
Lovesick the Series : The
The confusion of Noh, the confession of Phun and the desperation of Earn. Trust those who have been read The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Boys will be able to relate to...
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TRAP by pinkmilkmonster
TRAPby pinkmilkmonsterwants99roses
another phunnoh fanfic..what the heck am i doing??? i should be finishing my other story but i ended up with another one instead.. all pictures/videos are not mine..main...
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Love sick novel. by Seunn_A
Love sick Seun infires you
This isn't my original story. It is originally by indrytimes. Just thought you would like to read it whenever
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An Everlasting Problem (Phun And Noh AU Fan Fiction) by LittleKittyWasabi
An Everlasting Problem (Phun And Wasabi
This is a boy x boy fan fiction. Don't like gay love then move on. This isn't the story for you. There will be cursing in this story. If you don't like profanity please...
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Noh Rocks, Phun Rolls by user12749585
Noh Rocks, Phun Rollsby
What happens to Phun Noh, Om Mick - 10 years from now? All the characters are based on Lovesick the series and I don't claim to have created any of them. Will they stand...
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The Unexpected Mate (A LoveSick the Series Au Fanfiction) by LittleKittyWasabi
The Unexpected Mate (A LoveSick Wasabi
This is a boy x boy fan fiction. Don't like gay love then move on. This isn't the story for you. =============================== It's been fifty years since the war betw...
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Lovesick the Series : by user12749585
Lovesick the Series :by
Ohm and Mick. Mick is married. Ohm is not. Ohm is a celebrity. Mick is not. What happens when Ohm comes across Mick's wife out of the blues? When two people come face t...
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Devuelveme esa carta. by SESHAT-
Devuelveme esa Desa Williams
Una confesión de amor en el lugar equivocado y en el momento menos indicado. Entre los libros con millones de significados unirá a Kong y Arthit a una confusa relación...
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Love Sick - New Horizons by PamWond
Love Sick - New Horizonsby PamWond
This story is set when Phun and Noh are about to leave school for University. Will their love survive the trials and tribulations they will face?
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Cracked BL Fiction by JaeMi1
Cracked BL Fictionby Jae
This is a collection of interconnected BL crack fan fiction between SOTUS, LoveSick, and Puppy Honey. For those that don't know, crack fan fiction is creating a romantic...
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Before you, after me by KNO_2298
Before you, after meby KNO_2298
Captain ketemu Nawat Captain ketemu White herannya Nawat ngga pernah ketemuan White. cerita niatnya horor, dengan tokoh yang bodor tapi ya gitu plotnya rada kendor
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aku cinta kamu by chenmylove21
aku cinta kamuby ChenKim
cinta tidak perduli laki-laki atau perempuan, semua berhak untuk merasakannnya.
take care of me by hands4gunsfan
take care of meby vivian
there is little smut, as i was apparently offending some people who shouldn't even be reading my work. do not report it, just ignore it if you dislike it! credit to @laz...
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The aftermath by Ray_and_Lavinia
The aftermathby Ray and Lavinia
Is this the beginning of the end of the poly crew...
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Love Sick (ျမန္မာဘာသာျပန္) by Yate22
Love Sick (ျမန္မာဘာသာျပန္)by ရိပ္
ဒါေလးက ကို္ယ္လတ္တေလာ အရမ္းၾကိဳက္ေနတ့ဲ ဇာတ္လမ္းေလးမို႔ အမွတ္တရ သိမ္းထားခ်င္လို႔ ဘာသာျပန္လိုက္ပါတယ္။
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Spare by ellyjx
Spareby ellyjx
Over 300 people take part in the spare. 3 teams of different people Family and friends no longer exist...
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