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Disloyal by feminara
Disloyalby feminara
I knew the moment I saw them that it was over. After years of building a relationship with him, I found them here, carelessly making out in the woods. Just like that, so...
My Savior by Xx_DollFace_xX
My Saviorby Doll Face
Sage had no choice but to break up with her boyfriend Rick after he assaulted her. She gets a job as a waitress and meets Ryder, a gang leader that she went to school wi...
Amazing Ninja But Undercover ( An ANBU story) by luciolle24
Amazing Ninja But Undercover ( Luciolle24
Everyone knows Naruto... you know dead last, a shouting demon brat... What if what you thought you knew was just a lie... Embark in Sigma's captain's troubled life, betw...
Reborn as a Kistune Monster by foxalpha092099
Reborn as a Kistune Monsterby foxalpha09 2099
Anthony gets truck-kuned becuase this is an isekai. He gets the choice of A; Being reborn as a new race. Or B; Creating his own race. He gets lucky and can create a quad...
Diary Entries by TomuraShiggaraki
Diary Entriesby TomuraShiggaraki
This story is about a 10 year old who has.. "issues" I guess you could say. But it isn't all bad for the boy! The cover is not mine, all rights to the greatful...
His Dark Goddess (Gundham Tanaka x Reader) by -Fandom_Hopper-
His Dark Goddess (Gundham Tanaka Alex
You had been best friends with Gundham Tanaka for.. forever. Ever since you were little kids. When you two were in high school, you started to grow to love one another a...
Waiting to be Perfect by kikidafleeky
Waiting to be Perfectby kikidafleeky
After a fight with Emma, Enoch strives to be perfect so no one can ever use those words to hurt him again. Enoch develops an eating disorder after coming across a book...
Birthday Gift by Mollyverse
Birthday Giftby Mollyverse
Malachi decides it would be a MARVELOUS idea to give a box of naughty~ things to Alex, a boy that he miiiight have SMIDGE of an infatuation towards. What happeneds when...
Adrien's vacation  by angelofgrimm
Adrien's vacation by Angel of grimm .
Adrien lives with Marinette for the summer. It's one of those. FLUFF,SPICE PG13ish.
Words left unsaid-(Shuichi x  fem OC!Reader!) Danganronpa:Killing harmony by Totally_Terezi
Words left unsaid-(Shuichi x Lei does fanfiction
While being the unpredictable person you were, tripping upon a murder's wrath was almost life taking! Until you meet the so-called shsl detective, Shuichi Saihara! You...
Say I Love You by StarlightOlivia
Say I Love Youby Starlight_Olivia
World Trigger Fanfic. Osamu x Yuma. After Yuma's father died, he lost all will to live. That is, until he came to Japan and met an annoyingly selfless めがねくん. Also my fir...
BTS What Would You Do [GN] [Essie LaShae] by Essie_LaShae
BTS What Would You Do [GN] [ Essie LaShae
(No sexual stuff; gender neutral) Enjoy. 😊 • DO NOT STEAL/REPOST. Started: 10/30/18 Finished: 11/11/18
Lauren {girlxgirl}  by beebo_yee
Lauren {girlxgirl} by ✨
When 15 year old Lex has to share a room with a girl she barely knows, things get complicated. Welcomed friendship blooms, but suppressed feelings emerge and threaten to...
Mira X Laxus How it's meant to be..? by NaiahNightFawn
Mira X Laxus How it's meant to G.T Paige
Mira hasn't played to large a role in the life of her fellow members for the past few years; leaving her to feel sort of hopeless. One day on the roof she let's her mind...
Till We Meet Again by champsellyse
Till We Meet Againby Ellyse Sentosa
Inspired by the song: Dancing with your Ghost by Sasha Sloan Madison is an orphan who doesn't know love, not until, he came into her life. He then made a promise to her...
Im Not INSANE (N̶u̶t̶j̶o̶b̶!̶Dib AU; Original AU) by Roselly2243
Im Not INSANE (N̶u̶t̶j̶o̶b̶!̶Dib SaturnSenpai
Insanity. This word is so foreign, yet so normal for Dib Membrane. He couldn't possibly be insane, besides, Gaz always believed him... That is until tonight. Zim, the ne...
family friendly Group Chat 🔥 by vintxgebae
family friendly Group Chat 🔥by トカゲ❤
Very Lit, Pg13+ wholesome group. warning: might be a cult You can join us, we'll welcome ya'll with open arms! By joining ya'll need memes thaz all 👽💜
Lilly Ridge Riding Academy: Book I: Try III by CanteringFlame202
Lilly Ridge Riding Academy: Book 𝐍𝐢𝐜𝐢 𝐏𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫
COVER MADE BY THE AMAZING HORSEHEARTED (This got deleted off Wattpad before, but I'm determined to bring it back). Bear is the strange girl at Lemon Creek, known for ri...
Matched by BcuzImBoss
Matchedby nincompoop
A girl named Lilac who's "old enough" to get married does not accept to be arranged with anyone else. She has a deep secret as to why she is obsessed with rabb...
Stage by Yzisia
Stageby DreamVice
A book full of BTS one shots.