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Angel of Death (A FNAF Story) by Angel_Afton1987
Angel of Death (A FNAF Story)by Angel_Afton
Angel Danielle Collins grew up in an abusive home, ripped from her comfortable orphanage at 17 in Hurricane, Utah. She lived for years through hell, being beaten and scr...
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Seduce Me the Otome: One-Shots by The_Weirdo_Kid
Seduce Me the Otome: One-Shotsby Cat
Includes: Stories with the Brothers, stories with Malix, stories with Eris, stories with Diana, stories with Suzu, stories with Naomi, and some anime trope ones. Warning...
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More Than This by BrittishKindaGirl
More Than Thisby BrittishKindaGirl
Andy Pruitt was your average bad girl. An orphan, trouble with the cops, street fights, drag races, sells drugs, ect. But what happens when her partner in crime Gets...
Sunnyside by eternalingdying
Sunnysideby eternalingdying
Carmen has been on her own with her 5 year old sister Marley her whole life. But what happens when it all changes, and she meets a boy who is caring, understanding, and...
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Somebody To You ↣ afi by 4secondsofstupid
Somebody To You ↣ afiby hannah r.
so kiss me where I lie down, my hands pressed to your cheek a long way from the playground i have loved you since we were 18
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Mistaken by Directioner112411
Mistakenby Directioner112411
Maycen, a young nurse practitioner, is pulled in by Harry's wrath.
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Inhuman love by emmiebug14
Inhuman loveby Emily Osborne
Kyle is a normal 16 year old boy,he goes to party's, gets drunk, sleeps with girls at least twice a week and gets into fights. But the one thing that separates him from...
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New Beginnings (Cameron Dallas Fanfiction) by caitlinmcauleyyy
New Beginnings (Cameron Dallas caitlinmcauleyyy
Jordan is 18 years old and she just moved to California. She was bullied all through out middle and high school. But she finds out that the Cameron Dallas is living righ...
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Mystic rain by BLUECOSMIC
Mystic rainby BLUECOSMIC
"A strong electricity flows from two electrodes and if you put your hand in between, you will get hurt" ...
She's Mine by Pseudonym_Princess
She's Mineby Pseudonym_Princess
Daniel Williams is a C.E.O of a business management company. one day he meets the woman who would snap his world in 5's and fix it with 3 pieces of tape and a glue stick.
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I Fell In Love With My Best Friend|•| Zach Clayton and Baby Ariel by thattumblremo
I Fell In Love With My Best American Low Life
What happens when Ariel Falla's head over heels for Zach? Will he like her to?
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My bad boy by alexadkk
My bad boyby alexadkk
Riley Greene just got new neighbors. Average lady, 5 year old little girl and a smoking bad boy. James Bond just moved to Lindsdale. New town, new school, same bad ass r...
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Lead Me Back (ON HOLD) by pineappleshorts
Lead Me Back (ON HOLD)by pineappleshorts
Embark on the journey of Everly and Grayson through their hardship of pain, sacrifice, and love. Love is all about risk.
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Modern Day Hunger Games by Natalogic31
Modern Day Hunger Gamesby Natalogic31
The Hunger Games are being held. Every year one female and male tribute 12 to 18 years old are chosen to go to an arena and fight to the death. We have this tradition be...
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Boys Don't Cry by ColonelMustard69
Boys Don't Cryby ColonelMustard69
Strong language, violence and contents some people might find upsetting.
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The bad boy living in my backyard( slow updates) by megs_hanna
The bad boy living in my backyard( megs_hanna
Tess Rodgers, the frame around picture perfect. Perfect grades, perfect parents, perfect personality.... But friday may 13, her life becomes anything but normal when on...
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best so called friends by booksrfrantastic
best so called friendsby booksrfrantastic
This is a story of two girls that our the bestest of friend intill someone walks between there line will that be the end of the friendship? this story is rated pg-13 be...
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