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Social Media - KJ Apa + Riverdale cast by Jessie76castle
Social Media - KJ Apa + Jessie
✨When you text the wrong number about chicken nuggets you would get some weird attention right? but if you happen to text Kj Apa, well you'll have to find out.✨ #1 in Ap...
"it's just a crush; nothing more, nothing less." in which two similar yet different worlds collide. [CAMILA MENDES • SOCIAL MEDIA] [ONGOING]
Freaky Fusion (oneshots) by ZayyDup
Freaky Fusion (oneshots)by 4everchonibaby
For all us freaky fucks who just want some Madnessa action😏😏 There is alot of warnings!!!!!!!!! If you don't like kinky or rough stuff, don't even try reading this.
CHILLY EDITS - cheryl blossom & billy hargrove by soberdanger
CHILLY EDITS - cheryl blossom & graphics account
This book will be about Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale) and Billy Hargrove (Stranger Things s2). (chilly) HATE WILL BE BLOCKED i will give credits to the people, don't worry ...
riverdale cast groupchat  by paige2006x
riverdale cast groupchat by paige amber <3
a groupchat between the riverdale cast as well as some instagram posts! -sprousehart -charmila -drama
Neighbours | Aidan Gallagher  by fivexx5
Neighbours | Aidan Gallagher by Deleine
!!!DISCONTINUED!!! When she gets into her dream school, UCLA, Narcissa moves to LA and moves in next door to her celebrity crush. Aidan Gallagher. | If you don't like s...
Madnessa; How it all happened by bluerainbowgamer
Madnessa; How it all happenedby bluerainbowgamer
~•♡Unfinished but Ended♡•~ A story on how two best friends fell in love. Through the best show out there! Also this won't be anywhere near 100% accurate. I respect both...
"This shit right here is for life" by Choniislife2528
"This shit right here is for life"by Sydtk.517🤍💞
DISCLAIMER🗣‼️ I do not own the cover or the idea of this book so please don't come for me! Anyways... This book is based off The Chi and Pimp but only Toni is the "...
Bughead and Sprousehart  by 17idavies
Bughead and Sprousehart by Izzy17
A bunch of oneshots about riverdale and my favourite couple ever.
M•O•M•M•Y ( adopted by Lili Reinhart) by Gagas_Italian_Pussy
M•O•M•M•Y ( adopted by Lili YOUR MOMS A HOE
In witch Lili Reinhart adopts a 8 month old, how will she react when she has to face to problems of raising this one baby
scrub,           madelaine petsch by ILUJAEMIN
scrub, madelaine petschby ski
' you can do so much better than him! " ' like who? ' ' like me " PETSCH
Amore || D. SALVATORE  by -salvawhores
Amore || D. SALVATORE by Khaleesi
"But, Damon. Are you okay?" "I'm not sure if I can answer that right now" Sort of leaning towards Stefan x OC in the beginning bu...
Te amo mas que a nadie by LoveMadsPetschAG
Te amo mas que a nadieby AG
Que era el amor, jamas lo había conocido. Pero ella me hizo conocerlo e intentar jamas perderlo.
Sprousehart/ Bughead One Shots by an-04-02
Sprousehart/ Bughead One Shotsby an-04-02
Hola, esto será una compilación de historias cortas sobre Riverdale, pero sobre todo sobre Betty y Jughead o sobre Lili y Cole. No sé cuando las iré subiendo, supongo qu...
Riverdale Fanfics/Imagines by kingkeywriting
Riverdale Fanfics/Imaginesby Maya
I'm a huge Riverdale fan, so this will be my place to sort of just write short one chapter imagines and fics. Feel free to comment/message me for requests on new charact...
Miss Mads ▸ MEET THE ADMINS {OPEN} by restingpetschface
Miss Mads ▸ MEET THE ADMINS {OPEN}by ⇲ the sass master
{OPEN} a book where you, the readers, can meet us, the admins. © restingpetschface
one -shots by jkmena
one -shotsby jkmena
parte de la terapia era escribir
He is here || Kol Mikaelson by cookie-doughie
He is here || Kol Mikaelsonby cookie-doughie
- Est-ce que tu as peur de moi ? J'ai déjà longuement réfléchi à cette pensée. Et pendant très longtemps, j'ai pensée que c'était le cas. Mais, je ne saurais dire pourqu...
🧜🏻‍♀️ || Little Mermaid by -madelame-
🧜🏻‍♀️ || Little Mermaidby AJ. ♡
The best content you will ever read but only if you're drunk, or high, or blind.