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Short Horror Stories by Tvcrazygirl
Short Horror Storiesby emmy🙈
Read at your own risk.
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Horror Stories by Smiles_Hurt
Horror Storiesby S̯͓̞̯̤̳̟̀M͙͎̤ͪ̈͐͗̍̊̚I̘ͮ̇͗́ͅL͓...
Some creepy stories to send some terror rushing through your veins! ------------ Note: Stories are not mine.
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Suspicions Afloat by BREADBREADLZS
Suspicions Afloatby Stella
Three siblings went oversea to reach their grandparents in Bali. But complications make their ride petrifying.
Creepy Stories To Tell In The Dark! by BtwItzDally
Creepy Stories To Tell In The Dark!by Twenty One Pilots Is Life
Welcome to the frightening world of Scary Stories, a collection of the most alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events of all time! These Stories ar...
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Horror Stories by SixthAngel
Horror Storiesby Enya Young
A series of terrifying short stories guaranteed to give you nightmares for weeks... True stories... False stories... Suspenseful stories... Murder stories... Ghost stori...
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LOCKED  αωαу by NorEEn_BEE
LOCKED αωαуby Nono_B
*This is a Horror anecdote* Mania Shlock goes to visit her best friend and an unexpected petrifying,hair-raising,scary adventure unfolds. She's locked in her friend's bi...
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kidnapped by Trinity_Kayne
kidnappedby Trinity ❤️
a local teenager, clarissa walking back from her boyfriends at night finds herself kidnapped and taken hostage. She gets raped, insulted, & abused with her friend Emily.
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short scary stories by sarah-awesome
short scary storiesby sarah-awesome
these are short scary stories ( none of these are mine) but if u really want to get scared try reading them in complete darkness with the door locked😂😂😂 and ill updat...
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Daddy's Little Girl by KaydeKibbles
Daddy's Little Girlby Kaydé
(I wanted to enter this short story in a national literature competition thing, but the teacher told me it was too dark, therefore I decided to put it on here. Please n...
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The Beast by Englishwizard40
The Beastby Englishwizard40
A short story about a person in the Savannah who encounters the deadly and elegant beast of anybody's nightmares...
Me VS Spider in my kitchen... by TheSpiderWriter
Me VS Spider in my C.K
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What Comes Back by Blitzee12
What Comes Backby Blitzee12
All I wanted was to be home, and finally, I am. But it is different than how I imagined it to be. I actually didn't even think about what it would be like when I got ho...
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Reasonably priced horror by HipHipAuntie
Reasonably priced horrorby Primm
This is a horror compilation, of stories ive written. Alot of them are based on other stories or games, but if it seems like they are TOO heavily based on them please le...
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Don't look by horrordude22
Don't lookby horrordude22
This terrifying story will send chills down your spine for sure. After reading this spooky story, you'll be guaranteed to have nightmares for weeks. Just be warned that...
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The patient. by kennythemonster
The Kenny
The title pretty much says it all.
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Under The Floorboards | A Horror Story  by HorrorForeverAlways
Under The Floorboards | A Horror HorrorGirl
I hope you'll enjoy the story!
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Short horror stories  by Coolio1011
Short horror stories by Eshaalx
Some horror stories that are officially real ... :) :) :)
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The Scarecrow by hxydnn
The Scarecrowby hxydnn
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