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Ultimate Spider Harem by Griffin9000Stories
Ultimate Spider Haremby Griffin9000Stories
Peter snaps instead of Tony and is sent into a new universe. The universe he was sent to had just lost their Spider-Man, the web-of-life took the MCU Peter and brought h...
Peter Parker and His Amazing Harem by Arcanethescribe95
Peter Parker and His Amazing Haremby Arcanus the scribe
Peter Parker had never had the best of luck in terms of his love life. So what would happen when some of the women he dated decided to share him?
Deku's marvelous adventure ( Slow Updates ) by EJJones406
Deku's marvelous adventure ( EJ Jones
After a fight with shigraki our green hair hero gets sent to the earth 616 I own nothing all music and pictures and characters belong to their respective companies
Spiderman Reaction  by ahmadnazem
Spiderman Reaction by Am0104
After showing the marvel beings peter's life, they still mock him, having enough, the author thinks it is time for punishment.