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The Fault in Our Stars: Quotes by Gus_waters17
The Fault in Our Stars: Quotesby Augustus Waters :)
Here's what to expect from this book: 1) Favorite quotes on The Fault in our Stars 2) Having the feels with each quote 3) Seeing once again how perfect Gus is :) 4) Wish...
An Imperial Affliction by pinesol23
An Imperial Afflictionby Anony Mouse
This is the story of Anna (Ans). Her struggle with cancer, her struggle with boys, and most of all the struggle of Family and Friends. Go with Anna as she discovers wha...
A Letter To Van Houten by BelleorLeslie
A Letter To Van Houtenby Lili~
A letter to Peter Van Houten, regarding the question he asks Hazel (Have you ever stopped and thought of why these questions mean so much to you?) <though it isn't a...
An Imperial Affliction Sequel by Augustus Waters by CarleyHemmings
An Imperial Affliction Sequel by Chloe&Carley
Based on the popular story by John Green. I have decided to create a sequel of The Fault in Our Stars of how Hazel comes to pass and what she does to deal with Augustus'...
Secret behind the writing of TFIOS : John Green's inspiration [COMPLETED] by Tanyaeverdeen123
Secret behind the writing of Tanya Everdeen
"The fault in our stars" is an amazing book written by John Green, which inspires millions of teens around the world. Many of you must be wondering: 1. How was...
An Imperial Affliction by taylor_2002_rose
An Imperial Afflictionby taylor_2002_rose
If you have read The Fault In Our Stars by the one and only amazing John Green, then you will know what an Imperial Affliction is. This is our own version of what we wou...
An Imperial Affliction by JellyJello76
An Imperial Afflictionby JellyJello76
I, Anna, was just a normal 12 year old girl, well aside from the fact I have cancer. I guess I can't say I'm normal, my mother is a one-eye crazy tulip lady in love with...
The Fault In Our Stars by SaltedCashews23
The Fault In Our Starsby Neverlander.
This is a short sequel to The Fault In Our Stars.
An Imperial Affliction by kookies_2
An Imperial Afflictionby Kookies 2
An Imperial Affliction is a story about a young girl who is in remission of leukemia. This story idea was not ours, but it was inspired by the fictitious author Peter V...
An Imperial Affliction by scarredwrists
An Imperial Afflictionby scarredwrists
Anna. The daughter of a woman who looks for hope in the beauty of tulips, any and every tulip. But Annas case is not going to receive some miracle. No, shes going to die...
The Fault in our Stars: A Sequel by sangsterxgangster
The Fault in our Stars: A Sequelby tmr obsessed
DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE FINISHED TFIOS A sequel to TFIOS: Hazel finally attends support group once more while still grieving over Augustus Waters. There she meets a...
Amsterdamian Exile by defibrillate
Amsterdamian Exileby l.g.m.
What if I'm someone I don't want around? [HS] Peter Van Houten has been called many things in his life of an imperial affliction. Husband. Drunk. Father. Liar. Writer. F...
An Imperial Affliction by ohio123
An Imperial Afflictionby ohio123
Don't judge if it's not how you pictured. Sorry. This is how I pictured it. Don't be a dumb hater and if you think I'm awful, thanks a lot. Like Augustus Waters once sai...
The Fault in Our Stars 2 by TobiDog
The Fault in Our Stars 2by TobiDog
After Augustus had died, Hazel didn't know what to do. She was quiet all the time, and then Peter showed up and gave her something. She was still quiet, and didn't open...
The Fault In Our Sequel by Moncherra
The Fault In Our Sequelby Kitty
This takes place months after Gus' letter & (death) . Hazel's condition is getting worse but she never stop thinking about Gus. Peter Van Houten has been sending letters...
Let The Rain Talk by thefaultinourfandoms
Let The Rain Talkby Bbygirl
• "If John Green's novel can state that his character smoked to die, and here I do refer to Alaska Young, why can't i? And to anyone who'll be contradicting me, no...
The Fault in Our Stars Plot Twists by kate_tayler
The Fault in Our Stars Plot Twistsby Kate
A collection of other people's (credited) plot twists and some of my own having to do with the book and movie The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.