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60's Texts by cherrytree123456
60's Textsby •|Jae|•
Ever wondered what would happen if your favourite 60's bands got their own chatrooms? Disclaimer: I don't own the bands, (I wish I did) and I did think of the idea afte...
The monkees ☞ imagines, preferences & more!  by monkeesluts
The monkees ☞ imagines, monkees trash
All sorts of imagines for 4 dudes Smut/ fluff/ etc all included!! send in request!! 😊
ZODIAC ˚ ᵐᵒⁿᵏᵉᵉˢ by thorkelson
ZODIAC ˚ ᵐᵒⁿᵏᵉᵉˢby tablecloth queen
❝SHE MAKES ME LAUGH. SHE MAKES ME SMILE, and i could hang out with her all day and night. she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, and i would like to be with her ...
Imagine the Monkees by musicnbookscat
Imagine the Monkeesby Caitlyn Edwards
A collection of Monkees imagines, Monkee preferences, and 'What if the Monkees.' To request, private message is preffered. Requirements for Imagine: Monkee(s)... Y/N...
Adopted by the Monkees by jhorses
Adopted by the Monkeesby Jennifer
A girl named Jennifer has her world turned upside down when her parents are killed by a drunk driver. The Monkees want to adopt a teenage girl. Jennifer needs people t...
Life With the Monkees by Styxfanforever
Life With the Monkeesby Styxfanforever
Jedda is a teenage girl living in the year 2014 and is transformed back in time to the 1960's by an unknown cause. She ends up meeting the Monkees and falling in love wi...
The Monkees Imagines and Preferences! by alexanderxbetsey
The Monkees Imagines and alexanderxbetsey
Fun Monkees imagines! Probably and emphasis on Mike because he's my favorite, but overall just silly fun prompts. #2 in Monkees.
Monkees meet the Beatles by MonkeeMania
Monkees meet the Beatlesby Alexis Marie Dyer
What would happen if while the Beatles were on tour to America, they meet the monkees, and become friends? But soon after, an earthquake strikes and each monkee is left...
So Goes Love by Emily_Nesmith
So Goes Loveby Emily
Emily takes a shot at going to an audition for the best friend of the Monkees. What happens when the result of the audition change her and three other girls lives.
The Monkees: preferences and imagines  by whovixan
The Monkees: preferences and G
The title pretty much???? *Excuse my sucky cover(s)* Thanks :)
monkee one shots by lovelybelladonna
monkee one shotsby arianna
one-shots about the monkees! requests always open unless stated otherwise :))
Monkees zodiac things by Petertorkaf
Monkees zodiac thingsby Ugly Dylan
Just zodiac things and the Monkees
Classic Rock Zodiac by NewtA5TheGlue
Classic Rock Zodiacby NewtA5TheGlue
Just a bunch of music related zodiacs. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell comment any you have!
Shattered Peace by Lackluster-Me
Shattered Peaceby Lackluster-Me
When Mike is in an accident, the others are left to pick up the pieces. I do not own the Monkees or any of their songs.
💛 The Monkees 💛 by inteardropcity
💛 The Monkees 💛by Paul McCartney’s ass
Full of preferences, zodiacs, imagines, smut, memes, music, episodes, and photos/gifs! Enjoy these silly stories :) It's all x reader. Any requests are welcome!
A Cross Between Two Worlds // The Beatles & The Monkees Fanfiction by sofiaa720
A Cross Between Two Worlds // Sofia Armadillo
When The Beatles meet The Monkees, they instantly become friends. When The Beatles' fame continues to increase dramatically over The Monkees', The Monkees grow extremely...
Monkees Group Chat by beefynoodlesalad
Monkees Group Chatby Jill
Peter added Mike, Micky, and Davy. The title's pretty explanatory. Hope y'all like this little group chat. Peace ✌ n Love ❤. ...
Monkee One Shots  by Indigo13647
Monkee One Shots by IndigoSkies
Just short stories about the Monkees I feel like writing! I will also take suggestions! Enjoy!
Cuddly Toy by mushysoul
Cuddly Toyby Catherine
Mike has been a little mopey lately, because he misses his little boy while working with the Monkees. So he finds someone to fill the void.... and Davy just may be the o...
Petite Michel by Lackluster-Me
Petite Michelby Lackluster-Me
After an argument, Micky wishes that Mike be "brought down to size". His wish comes true...a little too literally... (Cover drawn by me and edited by Lisa Boo...