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JAYDEN by Anonym_Cat
JAYDENby Sarah
Aaron : "Jayden est le meilleur ami qu'on puisse avoir." Enzo : "Jayden est tellement unique ! Quand il n'est pas là, c'est tout de suite visible." L...
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a day off // ferris bueller x reader by losers_clxb_
a day off // ferris bueller x baka 💢
"Ya know, life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." "Spoken like a true artist, Ferris."
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Altering My Future | Sherman Peabody x Reader by thatCutesyPie2
Altering My Future | Sherman thatCutesyPie2
You are (Y/n) Peterson, Penny's twin sister. Unlike Penny, you are very shy and quiet. You are the black sheep of the family, the outcast at school, and the odd one out...
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Mr Peabody and Sherman 2 by campiac
Mr Peabody and Sherman 2by Campiac
After three years of a big accident with the WABAC (a time machine invented by Peabody) Peabody and Sherman are even closer to be a family than before. The things change...
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One Night Stand by dogpower77
One Night Standby dogpower77
Bri Peterson wins front row tickets and backstage passes to a Justin Bieber concert, but when she bumps into him backstage, and he asks her out to the after party, thing...
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You Know I'll Be Your Life (1D) by bballplaya26
You Know I'll Be Your Life (1D)by Catie
Jamie Peterson has an extremely rare form of stomach cancer. After being ditched by her friends, the Make-a-Wish Foundation asks her wish. She wants to meet One Directio...
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Spid-her by Lolitamello
Spid-herby pastelyellomello
Peter Parker meets Isla Herson a new spidergirl. MARVEL
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Cpl. John Miller & Pfc. Peterson's Darkest Encounter  by Cpl_John_Miller
Cpl. John Miller & Pfc. Peterson' Cpl. John Miller
after the second world war ended, Miller & Peterson are finally done fighting from the Enemy Axis powers. then, A month later, they received a Radio call from HQ & gave...
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He's my HOT Mafia husband by QueenKaiminPark
He's my HOT Mafia husbandby QueenKaiminPark
He's PERFECT.. But... He's MAFIA..
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Emma & Malcom Peabody (Mr Peabody and Sherman fanfic) by campiac
Emma & Malcom Peabody (Mr Campiac
My new Mr. Peabody and Sherman fanfic. Since they were born, Emma and Malcom were so similar to their parents that everyone thought they'll be as them. But with time, t...
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Fallen Raine {Completed} by xXForever_LoveXx
Fallen Raine {Completed}by holly :)
Raine Miller was your average seventeen-year-old girl, living a normal life. Until that fateful Saturday when her and nine others get trapped in a shopping mall. As i...
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Sherman x Reader by Hypnogirl23
Sherman x Readerby katelynn
you are Penny's twin,but you are the complete opposite. you befriend Sherman and gain a crush on him. what happens when the three of you travel back in time?
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The Player & The Tomboy by BiiteMee
The Player & The Tomboyby BiiteMee
Meet Aiden King, he’s got it all, money, the car, the girls, the popularity, the body and a bright future. He’s also the world’s biggest player. Meet Katarina Pierc...
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The Time Of My Life |T.h by Freya648
The Time Of My Life |T.hby Freya648
The Time of My Life's. Tom Holland. Meet Verona. A complicated girl in a simple time. And when I mean complicated I don't mean emotional baggage. No. I mean being able...
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Elisanora by sixbhn
Elisanoraby FOLLOW @supern0vas
Being the twin sister of Kol Mikaelson has always been a fun adventure but, Elisanora's most fun adventure comes in the form of Nova Peterson.
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PhilXBubbles Random One Shots by janicephillover69
PhilXBubbles Random One Shotsby Kylie Dee
Some cute Phil Phillips and Bubbles oneshots full of fluff that mostly take place between events of the Happytime Murders movie or before
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Lost (Re-Writing) by alycat107
Lost (Re-Writing)by Ela Carson
//Any age can read this!!! There's not just a huge age limit. I'm 19 and still writing this for heavens sake! When a girl feels lost and alone. She suffers through depre...
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12 Rules for Life (PDF) by Jordan B  Peterson by bacinuki34471
12 Rules for Life (PDF) by bacinuki34471
Read 12 Rules for Life PDF ebook Listen to 12 Rules for Life Jordan B Peterson audiobook Read Online 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos book in EPUB Find out 12 Ru...
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Peter Parker and Tony stark OneShots || Irondad Spiderson by im_lonely_basic
Peter Parker and Tony stark im_lonely_basic
Irondad and Spiderson Oneshots :) Most will be different than others. Please enjoy :) I do not own any of the characters All rights go to Marvel Some stony chapters. I...
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12 Rules for Life (PDF) by Jordan B  Peterson by gexuzaje90232
12 Rules for Life (PDF) by gexuzaje90232
Read 12 Rules for Life PDF ebook Listen to 12 Rules for Life Jordan B Peterson audiobook Read Online 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos book in EPUB Find out 12 Ru...
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