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Kinktober 2021 by SelfIndulgentFanfic
Kinktober 2021by SelfIndulgentFanfic
31 smutty one-shots leading up to Halloween! Follow the prompts for each day, and finish the collection on the last day of the month >:3 Daily prompts by @kinktober20...
Hand of God (Peterick Fanfic) by IKeepTellingMyself
Hand of God (Peterick Fanfic)by A Little Less Sixteen Candles...
Lead vocalist of Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump, struggles with depression, anorexia and severe anxiety/trust issues. With Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz by his side, he j...
Punk Trick by iamfobsessed
Punk Trickby Kayla |-/
[COMPLETED] -Short Story- Patrick goes Punk. Tattoos, piercings, a new hair color, everything.
smut one shots (kellic, frerard + more) by looklyla
smut one shots (kellic, frerard looklyla
the title says it all warnings will be at the start of each chapter just like the ships, the wordcount, who tops/bottoms, and a lil' summary
One HELL of a good time (Peterick) by angeleyes-demonsoul
One HELL of a good time (Peterick)by Skittles
Patrick is a demon in hell, assigned to bring a little hell on Earth. Pete is on Earth, but with his life, he may as well be in hell maybe a demon is all he needs for hi...
Peterick Oneshots by hannibalsagent
Peterick Oneshotsby ꕤ Will ꕤ
Oneshots about Peterick, mostly fluff but could include smut or angst. I'll be putting the types of each chapter in the start of it. I may ship and write about Peterick...
Everything Ive Ever Needed///a peterick fic (COMPLETED) by forevaalakeeffectkid
Everything Ive Ever Needed///a forevaalakeeffectkid
Trigger warning/abuse Pete gets bullied. Patrick lives with his abusive uncle. Pete and patrick have always been the lonely type, they've never had anyone. When they mee...
Colliding Worlds by trashytreasure
Colliding Worldsby Lonely Little Anna
COMPLETED /// Patrick Stump, a shy, anxious, and panicky boy. Basically a punching bag for the jocks at school. Pete Wentz, a popular boy with a sad side on full displa...
Peterick oneshots: book 1. by forevaalakeeffectkid
Peterick oneshots: book forevaalakeeffectkid
A collection of Peterick oneshots. Mostly sad. trigger warnings in each oneshots description.
Filthy  by liveonthemurderscene
Filthy by Ramona 💫
A petetrick smut oneshot book filled with smutty oneshots 😏✌️
The new kid ||peterick|| by PeteWThePanda
The new kid ||peterick||by Pete the panda 🐼
Patrick is gay with homophobic parents. With his best friend Melanie who puts him to all of his friends. Pete is bi, with an excepting mom. He comes to a new school and...
Prince of a Failing Empire by Taylor_WritesFanfics
Prince of a Failing Empireby Taylor_WritesFanfics
King Peter Lewis III was crowned at 16, and he's fed up with his dad's old assistant. He sneaks into town to find himself a new one, and stumbles upon a cute baker boy n...
Mr. Babydoll and the journals of his inner blizzard [peterick] by Allerleirauu
Mr. Babydoll and the journals of Runaway_Fantasizer
Pete is just a simple guy trapped in his own mind and constantly threatened by his own insecurities. Caged by the ordinary boredom of being a barista in a small town in...
Alone Together... (peterick) by trythisonetoo
Alone Together... (peterick)by andy :)
just a new lovely homosexual couple on their road to a bright future. after a hard time on tour everything falls into place (this is my first fic its probably really bad...
One Shots and Shit by boycottinglove
One Shots and Shitby Oof
whoops me n my fren made these but she can't write so here I am. Also, sorry. Most of these fics are sad
hostage (peterick) by falllingurie
hostage (peterick)by Call me lotus ;)
Patrick Stump is a hostage, drugged up and snagged from a bar. The handsome man who had been flirting with him and buying him drinks, and, ultimately, had thrown Patrick...
Chicago is For Lovers (Peterick) by syaznurinz
Chicago is For Lovers (Peterick)by S. James
Patrick Stump move to his dream city to start new life with his friend Brendon Urie. But went the unexpected happen would Patrick be strong enough to fight for his life...
Who is he?  by HoldMeTightSunshine
Who is he? by Trashy_but.artistic
Previously titled The Several Best days. Pete, Joe, and Andy are in a high school garage band and they are having trouble finding a singer up until Pete runs into and ad...