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The Supernatural Academy  by xn2303x
The Supernatural Academy by <3
When supernatural beings turn 16 they are given the chance to enrol in 'The Supernatural Academy Boarding School'. Here they are able to work on and master their abiliti...
Pessimistic Wizard by SpiralQuill
Pessimistic Wizardby SpiralQuill
Author Note: Welcome, welcome everyone! So, as you all know and can probably guess - this is another Izuku Yagi story. However, this time Izuku will have a similar minds...
Dear Mr. Pessimist {Completed} by ChasingMadness24
Dear Mr. Pessimist {Completed}by Kyra Weiss
"Dear Mr. Pessimist, here are a few reasons to love yourself and the world." When Sydney Hale gets a job at one of the biggest bakeries in her town, she...
||•HIM•||   √√ by murdermeh
||•HIM•|| √√by
"Even if you wanna rape her, Go ahead. But let me watch at least .... I can't deny that she has a nice body " ••A story about two who were not meant to be•• B...
Trapped by ragequiit
Trappedby Hi
Luca Apollo Romano is a 17-year-old pessimistic asshole and student at Crestview High. He doesn't believe in happiness nor hope, well not since his parents died and he w...
Secret Love Story #wattys2017 (COMPLETED) by ginaholiday
Secret Love Story #wattys2017 ( Gina Holiday
Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol were never supposed to 'work' as a couple. There were too many barriers blocking their path but sometimes you have to do the impossible in order...
So It Goes, The Afternoon. by gothchalkboard
So It Goes, The Chara Markov
Joan Carpe, a happy-go-lucky girl with a big imagination and even bigger social anxiety manages to meet her polar opposite by pure coincidence; Nicholas Polanski, a mood...
Adopting Mr. Beggar - (Mister Twister series Book 2) by MedievalTomboy
Adopting Mr. Beggar - (Mister Lady Prim
"Marriage is like a rhythm of a sinking Titanic. You know it will sink; all you have to do is learn to swim and dance to that rhythm." What kind of philosophy...
The Pessimist  by Makebelievegirl
The Pessimist by Elizabeth Wood
Olive Gail is a girl stuck in a never ending cycle of pessimism and stress. After meeting a stranger on a bench it appears he'll change her life forever. He finds that...
Wrong number // why dont we (Slowly Adds) by nfrealfanz73
Wrong number // why dont we ( nfrealfanz73
Unknown- JACK ROBERT AVERY WHEN YOU GET HOME IM GOING TO MURDER YOU!!!! Jordan- Ummm... im not this Jack person that your going to kill but have fun with that. ✡✡✡✡✡ Jor...
My Moon by LunaLoveNightSky
My Moonby Luna Love
Percy Jackson Werewolves Au. Fan request Percy was an werewolf... but he was an omega. What is an omega? Well an omega can be breed, and carry children. Not exactly some...
An orphan, who imply arose happy but was genuinely terribly crippled. His life was passing with his pain when a sudden incident changes his whole life....... This incid...
Muted Desire ✓ by desxchi
Muted Desire ✓by 🧸∂єѕιяєє🧸
[Book 4 of 'Mended Series'] 'I looked it up, ya know,' the brunette began. 'Looked up what?' 'If fire escapes are safe. They say you're supposed to climb them slowly in...
Wanderlust by behind_the_plots
Wanderlustby Plot Player
A collection of typically short poetry in a range of genres that'll grow with time.
He Sees Things by SavedbyWeekes
He Sees Thingsby DallPanda
"I see things... Horrible things. Everytime I look someone in the eye. It's... It's a curse." "And what is it you see?" "Death...." Update...
Find Myself by _Sarah15lee
Find Myselfby Sara
To Amelia, adulthood sucks. Having to work, pay bills and worst of all, relationship.After being the 'perfectly matching' couple, a costly mistake ruins everything. Admi...
Dead Soul by gio_writes
Dead Soulby g i o
memories of grief, for the losses still hurt.
All I Ever Wanted by number1swifty
All I Ever Wantedby Katie
Emma's life was never perfect. She never had the nice house, white picket fence and a beautiful labrador puppy. She never wanted any of that anyway. All she ever wanted...
Sad Qoutes (English) by all_one
Sad Qoutes (English)by Pi Ttam Nunmul
English sad qoutes found on any sns. Full credits to the rightful owners.
Poems about Stars and Missing People by CurlieTales
Poems about Stars and Missing CurlieTales
Poems that I write during class or when it's 3 in the morning and I can't sleep. Most of them I'm too afraid to show people because of what they're about, but I don't kn...