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Love or Revenge (Eng Ver)[Completed] by phyusin1773
Love or Revenge (Eng Ver)[ Coral
I hate you Saint!You don't deserve with happinessI just married you to take Revenge and there is nothing else.Let me show you what is the hell... -Perth- I Love you Per...
Choux Cream Cake by Zellaraya
Choux Cream Cakeby Zellaraya
Barista x Baker AU Perth, a young barista cafe owner, unkowingly hires Saint, the baker of his favourite dessert, to work at his cafe. To Plan's dismay, they have unrema...
Bunny [NSFW 18+] by Zellaraya
Bunny [NSFW 18+]by Zellaraya
●ABO Omegaverse BDSM ● Saint is an insecure omega taking a harmful suppressant, Perth offers an alternative- finding an alpha dom to bond with to minimise his scent. Sa...
To Find Love in a Place Called Trat by Zellaraya
To Find Love in a Place Called Tratby Zellaraya
Saint misses Perth, so Mae Nuk makes Perth come over and spend three weeks in Trat. Love ensues. A story set after the ending of LBC, where Perth and Saint come to terms...
My Alpha [PerthSaint Fanfic] by KittyMefwa
My Alpha [PerthSaint Fanfic]by 雏菊彩虹
They were both alphas. So why do they feel like they were bound together? Warning: Improper/'Not nice' language used, read at your own risk and this is a BL Fanfic, if y...
Shards of a shattered heart by R051n95
Shards of a shattered heartby R051n95
Another angsty fanfiction of PerthSaint.
Imagine PerthSaint [Fanfic]  by JSaintsation
Imagine PerthSaint [Fanfic] by JC
My short stories attempt featuring PerthSaint and the LBC gang. Different story every part.
HIM and My WHYS [ PerthSaint ] Unedited by Proven-Prive
HIM and My WHYS [ PerthSaint ] Privè
( Status: Complete ) [ Unedited ] Will love be ever enough for two soulmates to be together?
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Irony of Love (PerthSaint) [END] by ireneadler816
Irony of Love (PerthSaint) [END]by ireneadler816
Hati-hati dalam mengambil keputusan hal itu hanya akan menyebabkan 2 hal menyempurnakan kebahagiaan atau... meleburkan kebahagiaan
First and Last  by qillimanjaro
First and Last by Kiri AQB
Characters :- Plan Rathavit & Mean Phiravich Gun Napat & Mark Siwat -------------------- Other Characters : Perth & Saint Title & Earth Best Vittawin & Kris Karisa...
One of many [PerthSaint Fanfic] by KittyMefwa
One of many [PerthSaint Fanfic]by 雏菊彩虹
Where Saint is just another person in the crowd of fans. Cover image belongs to Lost Apostle Jewelry, characters and song do not belong to me either. S/E: 10 Sep 2020...
Family's by skyblue2627
Family'sby Uncle_thet
မိသားစုတစ်ခုဖြစ်ဖို့ မင်းနဲ့ငါအချစ် ယံုကြည်မူကြိုးစားတည်ဆောက်ခဲ့ရတယ်
Failed under love with you  by sirikit203
Failed under love with you by Sirikit
PerthSaint Kiss by peachloveI
PerthSaint Kissby Peachlove
Perth Kisses Saint on the stage right after their performance. Saint was completely blown away because of this sudden action from Perth.
Mun Kong Pen Kwahm Ruk [PerthSaint One Shot Ficlet] by Zellaraya
Mun Kong Pen Kwahm Ruk [ Zellaraya
The Trigons in SWU University, widespread across the campus and across genders, were relentless. They managed to invite the face of Economics, Saint, to perform at the n...
PerthSaint-The unconditional Love by peachloveI
PerthSaint-The unconditional Loveby Peachlove
Perth and Saint met while doing the series Love By Chance, became close so much that they didn't realise when they fell in love with each other..
Take me into Your World by CalyxSNGB
Take me into Your Worldby Calyx
Perth is an 18 years old introvert. He hates the crowd, he love his space. He was happy with his life surrounded by people he trust that respected his space. That is un...