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I LOVE YOU perth Talay by stewartkookie
I LOVE YOU perth Talayby zee<3
it is about an actor Perth and Talay. They both were selected to be in a BL series called my engineer which the other 6 friends of Talay . But Perth was a new guy . They...
The Seed by weatherman_08
The Seedby weatherman
~A RamKing Fanfiction~ The story starts after their scene on the campsite where the supposedly first kiss happened between Ram and King. What if the kiss didn't happen...
I love you  by perthlaylovebot
I love you by RamKing uwuing
The one time when Pete, Ming and Ram had to face their angry boyfriends, i.e., an angry polar bear, a kitty with claws and a puppy who's ready to bite. . Characters cros...
Love Has A Color (COMPLETED) by letmewritethewords
Love Has A Color (COMPLETED)by Lís
A soulmate-themed RamKing short story. Completed. 💕 Date Published: 7/1/20 Date Completed: 8/13/20
Venus Flytrap ✅ by JinniesStories
Venus Flytrap ✅by JinniesStories
They say soulmates can hear each other's thoughts in their head. Whatever the other person is thinking, his soulmate will be able to understand everything without the ot...
A Loud Silence by lilgrandmama
A Loud Silenceby ICE
Ram can only stand frozen when a handsome stranger runs to him and hug him. "Save me! Save me!" The handsome stranger shouted. By the frantic looks of the stra...
RAMKING uwu by perthlaylovebot
RAMKING uwuby RamKing uwuing
#1 The three times King tries to gain Ram's attention and one time he didn't have to. #2 The three times Ram gave King a plant and the one time he received one. #3 The t...
Mine Series by ang3l_n_d3vil
Mine Seriesby Angel
They both ruled their respective mafia in their countries. The time has come for them to spread their wings and reign supreme with their families by their side.
GAP BETWEEN US by keuliseutinnn_Eris
GAP BETWEEN USby keuliseutinnn_Eris
Finally! English Translation is here!! This novel focused only to my babies #RamKing from My Engineer The Series. Credits: To The RIGHTFUL OWNER
How Can I Get Your Love? (RamKing of My Engineer The Series BL Fanfiction) by narrymukeaf
How Can I Get Your Love? ( Lays
It was said that distance would become killers of everything, especially 'love'. If one was separated from another for too long a time, and the feelings of this two plac...
King Of Engineering  by lilgrandmama
King Of Engineering by ICE
"Hey cool boy! Be my boyfriend." Ram just gives his senior a blank look. "If you don't respond then it's a yes." Ram again just gives his signature...
Take 1-Kiss Scene by AiNing21
Take 1-Kiss Sceneby RamKing Enthu
Perth and Talay's first on screen kiss together and how they feel about it. The actors' perspective as they play out their respective roles and may be end up figuring ou...
BxB OneShots (FanFictions) by ErisKaeli
BxB OneShots (FanFictions)by Eris
Words Aren't Needed by Book-maniac1201
Words Aren't Neededby Book-maniac
RamKing Fanfiction A guy of few words and a guy who can brighten up anyone's day. Can Ram deal with all the new emotions he is feeling? Can King help him out or is he th...
Tickles at the Treehouse [RamKing][One-shot][ENG and PT-BR] by naru_oliveira
Tickles at the Treehouse [RamKing] Naru
King was visiting his treehouse after a long time and ends up finding a boy hiding there. What can happen when two completely different children meet during the summer? ...
Pedals by dreamerstay
Pedalsby Lala
My Engineer- Thai BL - Ram- King ff Ram is a college freshman who tends to keep to himself and his close friends. King is a rowdy upperclassmen who has a deep love for...
 i LOVE perthlay by _zeeie
i LOVE perthlayby _zeeie
its about twp actors Perth & Talay. They both were selected to be in a BL series called my engineer which the other 6 friends of Talay . But Perth was a new guy . They m...
Mighty King  by cafelune
Mighty King by yehet ohorat
King, a second-year engineering student who has a deep secret that no one knows. His aim is to avenge his parents from the Hunters that killed them but he doesn't know t...
One Month by perthlaylovebot
One Monthby RamKing uwuing
A stupid deal breaks an innocent person and that's all I've to say about this. . 🐶🌱 . Cover by : ross 🥺❤ Prompt : mimi
🔞 MY DESTINY IS YOU 🔞 (Perth x Talay) by YunlyLilu
🔞 MY DESTINY IS YOU 🔞 (Perth x Park Yun Lu
Talay seorang Anak CEO yang dibenci dan dipinggirkan. Suatu hari, keluarga Screaigh membuat majlis Blind Date besar-besaran. Keluarga Talay terkejut mendengar berita ter...