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reddit x tumblr by a_very_bad_writer
reddit x tumblrby a_very_bad_writer
Tumblr gets hired into the company, and reddit is not happy about it 'Tis one of my first fanfictions, enjoy if you want. Just expect it to be fairly predictable tho mov...
More Than One by moxxie_box
More Than Oneby moxxie
The worlds superpower, America, was thought to be just like the other nations; without any states. However, there's more than just him who's taking care of and represent...
Change h.s by AylaDelevingne
Change h.sby AylaDelevingne
Sometimes we all need change. It can be good or bad, in this case it's bad.
Companion by DarkEnchantressRuhi
Companionby Ruhi Singh
In which Harry embarks on his final journey. IWSC Season 2 Drabble 1.
E D G Y 2.0 {smbq+} by -ifunny-
E D G Y 2.0 {smbq+}by ↳ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ↲
wanna know what this is? then just read it oml
Hello, I'm back by SophiaSkaff
Hello, I'm backby • 🖤Pipsqueak🖤 •
This is a description of depression that was personified by my friend Wayne and its FRICKIN AMAZING ENJOYYY
A Day (Theusday) by Blackjack394
A Day (Theusday)by L
Ever wonder how the days of week would act as people? Ever wonder about the days relations to each other. Their friendships? Relationships? Their world?
Shield. by AaLia1100
#10 aaliya.aslam
Suffocation of those at war
UEFA Champions League: The movie by -mysticalchelsea
UEFA Champions League: The movieby Porto ★
❝ The battle of football greatness 32 teams from around Europe compete in a tournament to decide who is the best in Europe. You might recognize them on TV if they follow...
Scarecrow  by burketoli07
Scarecrow by Olivia Burket
A personified fall season with a scarecrow
lari's poetry by larisrkive
lari's poetryby lariene.
**I DO OWN THE COVER PHOTO** Just simple, non-rhyming poetry that I like to write. Enjoy.
United We Stand (Development Stage) by AIisBestBananu
United We Stand (Development Stage)by AI Is Ba
A young, well-bred American living in Washington D.C invites people from all over the country to a renovated building. Each of these people have a unique personality tha...
Everfell by therealvidem
Everfellby videm
Everfell is a series in the style of a TV cartoon. It follows the story and adventures of seasons as actual beings and caretakers for their corresponding months. This s...
Season Of Summer by GreesmaRath
Season Of Summerby Greesma Rath
This is not just a story, it is a story through a poem. It is a personified piece of writing. Do enjoy.
Tell Me A Story... by sp8403
Tell Me A sp8403
Tell me the story of how the sun loved the moon so much, he died every night just to let her breathe. A long, long time ago the sun and moon use to stand side by side. B...
Ballads Of Astray by _Atishi_
Ballads Of Astrayby AsH
Lost souls often find tranquility in Unknown Travellers, And they often learn that love is just a warning sign of pain. They meet broken hearts and breaking hearts, But...
Poems by Gerflooficorn
Poemsby Gerflooficorn
Just some poems I wrote and felt like sharing *Credit to the original owners for the artwork!*