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Peppermint  by Shelece94
Peppermint by Lece-Alexia
Quotes & Poems from the journal of an girl trapped in a women who needs to heal. "This is for anyone who has been left with a bad taste in their mouth from life...
  • emotions
  • girlpower
  • girl
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Night Owl by XenaRose
Night Owlby Xena Rose
"talk to me, not about me. at night the world is mine, do you ever get to say that the world is yours?" ... in which a girl follows a starlit path to moonlit m...
  • poetry
  • young
  • student
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Shadow by kelseesharp
Shadowby kelseesharp
Nalika was born in the late 1700s, she has been disrespected her whole life. She was expected to follow in the shadow of a man and be an obedient wife. On her 16th birth...
  • sacrifice
  • action
  • heartbreak
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My possessive police by simahstragom1
My possessive policeby Simamkele Stragom
Ambitious Boston is a police man who lived in a quite town..He never had a serious relationship after the mother of his child died,while giving birth..After that horribl...
  • hate
  • losthope
  • love
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Persevere  by THEscandalous_Angel
Persevere by THEscandalous_Angel
Growing up in a family where the men ruled was never easy when your 13 and emotional. I was teased and looked down upon. But once I turned 18 everything changed when I g...
  • girlpower
  • meanfamily
  • perseverance
The River's Tale by CenterofFiction
The River's Taleby l a u r e n
The town of Grenwold has never been exciting. It's an old, rainy, and gloomy town with the largest lack of entertainment ever seen by America...but it has a knack for se...
  • mystery
  • perseverance
  • sadness
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The Legend Of Determis by rajdanerd
The Legend Of Determisby RAJ PATEL
Read on your own risk!
  • greek
  • shortstory
  • bribe
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Spoken Poetry & Poem by meannieellie
Spoken Poetry & Poemby meannieellie
Random Spoken Poetry & Poem Self love, Dreams, Hope, Interest etc.
  • lifelessons
  • perseverance
  • poetry
Tales of Heart and Mind by Caffeine_Dreams
Tales of Heart and Mindby Christina Key
The king is under a spell, trapped in darkness in his own castle. He can't seem to find and keep hold of light. The dragon queen, waiting beyond the castle walls, is ful...
  • poems
  • sad
  • magic
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Pushing the limits of success by EllieChick1
Pushing the limits of successby Ellie Chick
Owen has always been a man with huge successes but the the only problem is bone cancer in his right foot. Owens dream has always been to go to Hawaii. But he's never re...
  • determination
  • dreams
  • perseverance
Human Spirit by Eve_Estelle
Human Spiritby Eve Estelle
Of triumph and tribulation, this is our story. We are all at once astoundingly imperfect creations, beautiful and chaotic, creating and weaving and carving out our path...
  • 2014
  • rhyme
  • freestyle
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Driven by MarcBlockGo
Drivenby MarcBlockDaRebel
Can't stop won't stop rocking til the wheels fall off even when the wheels fall of keep going
  • dc
  • washington
  • perseverance
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