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Castle of Hell - I'm a Celeb 2020  by voidgrandex
Castle of Hell - I'm a Celeb 2020 by ❤️
The celebrities are unable to jet off to Australia this year, but that doesn't mean they're off the hook. Moved to a haunted castle in North Wales, I'm A Celebrity has...
Perri Kiely imagines  by diversity_g
Perri Kiely imagines by diversity_x
Just cute and fun imagines of perri 😍😍 Open to any requests/ suggestions Enjoy x
Perri&I by chantayyy_kiely
Perri&Iby Channyyy_Kiely
When Kady goes to a workshop with diversity she never expected that she'd end up being in a relationship, with the one person she's dreamed about...
Best friends (perri kiely) by abbiekiely0710
Best friends (perri kiely)by Rocky
she was adopted at 13. She also has a problem getting close to people especially her eldest adopted brother but perri gets her to open up to him
I'm A Celebrity 2019!  by voidgrandex
I'm A Celebrity 2019! by ❤️
The little sister of Ashley and Jordan Banjo, Maia enters the Australian Jungle 3 years after her brother. She's danced and acted her way all around the world, but will...
Friends To Lovers - George Weasely by caitlyn_dv
Friends To Lovers - George Weaselyby CaitlynPinder
In which you go from best friends to lovers. When fake dating took a turn George and y/n really did fall in love after letting small feeling bubble in the back round for...
Your laugh- Perri Kiely by self-music
Your laugh- Perri Kielyby self-music
When Alice bumps into Perri Kiely after first meeting him at limitless the reboot their lives will be changed for the better. Completed- sequel is out now!
Perri and Him-the fifth book to series 'Perri and Me' about Perri Kiely by Amberlkiely
Perri and Him-the fifth book to Amber
Amber and Perri have finally accepted the reality and beauty of the situation. Unfortunately, things change. And so do people.
The Protectors by HollyBowden4
The Protectorsby Holly Bowden
So this is based on Diversity's Genesis Tour. With the Destroyer stronger than ever Diversity must use their powers to protect not only themselves but the land in which...
On the Other side by HollyBowden4
On the Other sideby Holly Bowden
(Get ready for another Aladdin story, because the new film comes out next week and I'm excited) After a flip goes badly wrong at one of their Genesis tour shows Perri is...
True love or no love (Perri kiely fanfic) by erinandalex
True love or no love (Perri AlexDV
***COMPLETED*** When Jessica goes to one of her favourite dance groups workshop's she didn't realise that it was going to change her life... Is this True love or no love...
A Dance Full Of Love ~ Perri Kiely / Diversity fanfiction ~ by strippingwilk
A Dance Full Of Love ~ Perri teona
Alice Evans, A 17 year old dancer from Essex is in the dance group 'Addiction' with her 5 inseparable best friends. When the girls get an opportunity to perform at Move...
Lucky With Time~ Perri Kiely by dreamingdiversity
Lucky With Time~ Perri Kielyby Http. Kiely
I turned around slowly and saw Perri towering over me, our faces inched apart I could feel his breath on my cheek...
Destiny. ~ Perri Kiely. by megankiely
Destiny. ~ Perri Megan
Sophia is 17 and in her first year of sixth form. She's a singer- all she does is sing. When some special people come to talk to her school about bullying, she never ex...
Perri Kiely one-shots by crew_six
Perri Kiely one-shotsby crew_six
Just a bunch of one shots... no pairings... lots of fluff and brotherly love.
I'm Not That Girl by Sparklesoflife12
I'm Not That Girlby Sparklesoflife12
Since me and my boyfriend Perri have been dating things have been amazing apart from one thing which is well around a couple of years ago Perri was in an abusive relatio...
Ashley Banjo's Sister by ShelbyCompanyLmtd
Ashley Banjo's Sisterby ShelbyCompanyLmtd
When Jamie one day finds out her real family is the Banjo family,what will she do....
Diversity ~ perri kiely  by obxgal
Diversity ~ perri kiely by obxgal
When Ashley and Jordan banjo have a younger sister Emily banjo who always seems to be getting into some sort of trouble, starts to fall for her a certain someone she's k...
As The Eyes Entwined -Perri Kiely LoveStory by UndiscoveredK
As The Eyes Entwined -Perri kezzbuzzz
as the eyes entwined is a bomb book open it like now .
First Encounter (A Perri Kiely story) by Myangelus8
First Encounter (A Perri Kiely Myangelus8
Ever wondered how Perri Kiely and Laura met...?