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Ask or Dare Aizawa and Deku  by Wolfy_wierdo_15
Ask or Dare Aizawa and Deku by LoveMe😂💞
The tittle says it all not the owner of the cover or my hero academia Shit I suck at this crap! Smutt Age is different in this so don't complain Izuku is 18 and Aizawa i...
  • askordare
  • permission
  • aizawa
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
  • swing
  • loss
  • lies
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The School for the Gifted (Book One and Two) by ChristinaRobles
The School for the Gifted (Book ChristinaRobles
Giselle isn't your average teenage girl. Besides the fact that she's hot headed and argumentative she also can control fire. When she's captured and taken to a special s...
  • love
  • powers
  • friends
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ေဝရင္း ဝမ္က်ိ ရဲ့ နံနက္ခင္း by Arryouis
ေဝရင္း ဝမ္က်ိ ရဲ့ နံနက္ခင္းby Arryouis
တေန႕ေဝရင္းအိပ္ရာက ဝမ္က်ိအရင္ေစာျပီး ႏုိးလာတဲ့အခါ ဝမ္က်ိသူအိပ္ေနတယ္အထင္ ေဝရင္းကုိ တိတ္တိတ္ေလး ဘာေတြလုပ္ေနမလဲ....။ အကုိရွီခ်န္ကေကာ ဘယ္လုိေနရာကေနဝင္ပါမလဲ။ ဖတ္ၾကည့္ၾကည့္ပါလ...
  • dao
  • by
  • grandmaster
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Love Again- Blake Richardson ft Trent Alexander-Arnold  by TAA_66
Love Again- Blake Richardson ft Ellz❤️
"Tell me have I lost my mind again? I get the feeling you might feel the same Tell me you can feel that love, feel that love again" "Nothing is going to g...
  • england
  • blakerichardson
  • georgesmith
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Permission by xAllThisBadBlood
Permissionby xAllThisBadBlood
Wir blieben stehen. Die Präsenz seiner Hand auf meinem unteren Rücken war mir deutlich bewusst, trotzdem umarmte ich ihn ebenfalls auf diese Weise und lächelte in die Ka...
  • medien
  • liebe
  • permission
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Bound by Ramblings1
Boundby Ramblings1
In the subcontinent, marital rape is a common occurrence. But seldom people talk about it. And even lesser acknowledge its existence. Farry and Ahmad have been married...
  • drama
  • marriage
  • bound
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Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward friendship story) by bumblebee_5n4p3
Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward Bianca
'Trust me' takes place at the end of New Moon, and is compatible with the world Stephenie Meyer created except that vampire venom does not kill a wolf. So when Jacob get...
  • kiss
  • talk
  • hug
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Son of a murderer 2 The quest for a better life (Female FNAF x Male reader) by CantDecideUser007
Son of a murderer 2 The quest CantDecideUser007
The first son of a murderer was created by @kingcarlos2334 so all the credit goes to him. It's summer and (Y/N) is looking forward to a long break spent with his friends...
  • quest
  • permission
  • love
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Dream Catcher [A Set It Off FanFic] by KatyNicole143
Dream Catcher [A Set It Off FanFic]by K∆t¥™
Although Gabriella wasn't always allowed to do what others normally did, she was allowed this one thing. She to go out to her first concert, she never thought she'd see...
  • graduation-party
  • concert
  • song
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Black  (re-writing entirely ) by SashaSpirit
Black (re-writing entirely )by Sashababes
RE WRITING ENTIRELY FROM A DIFFERENT STAND POINT You hear the story about kids falling in love of all kinds but what happens, when there ashamed.
  • scared
  • permission
  • american
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Another Wrong Turn? by bellaPiiink
Another Wrong Turn?by Lovella
Victoria Strauss’ life is perfect. She has her adventurous friends, her pain-in-the-butt brother and of course, her loving boyfriend. But when she learns that her boyfri...
  • girlfriend
  • key
  • heart
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Akame Ga Kill Oneshots by QuickDaysOfZero
Akame Ga Kill Oneshotsby Hisoka kun~♥
Taking Requests Hell even background characters just screenshot em for me we can even give them names, such as that dog guy Esdeath had, and smashed his skull, you know...
  • kill
  • lubbock
  • dare
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My little Pony OC Names by Xx-uchiha-love-xX
My little Pony OC Namesby Angel Dye
This book is for people who have no idea what to name their my little pony. i have put them into different catagories: Pegasus, unicorn, earth pony and alicorn. Say if y...
  • help
  • little
  • copywright
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Anything by serraflurry
Anythingby serraflurry
💙💙💙💙💙 -fakta -auta -pickup line -lawak -dakwah -lirik lagu
  • lawak
  • jenaka
  • whatever
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My OC's. by JSaria77
My OC' /|_-*A Noble Warrior*-_|\
There are my OC's that I've created ON MY OWN. They just popped up in my head and I started to create them. Please don't steal them, as I've said, I made them on my own...
  • ocs
  • permission
  • dontsteal
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New Hope Club Imagines by xmasgeorgie
New Hope Club Imaginesby Georgieee
Imagines of our favourite british boys! Requests are open just let me know ...with who you want it ... if you already have a story in mind or if i can make one up
  • nhc
  • newhopeclub
  • friendofafriend
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Can i? // yoonmin by beeminii
Can i? // yoonminby It’s just me
"Can I borrow a pencil?" Slowly turned into a "Can I give you my number?" Which ended with "Can i kiss you?"
  • bulimia
  • gay
  • boyxboy
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BECOMING HIS WIFE - When Love Blooms In Unexpected Situations (Discontinued ×) by rubycreation_
BECOMING HIS WIFE - When Love Swatantra
  • actor
  • romance
  • sharanya
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