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Delicate {Gilbert Blythe} by elizabethbatiste
Delicate {Gilbert Blythe}by | liz |
~ He's sitting on his porch steps when I reach his house. Snow dots his hair as he fiddles with the hat in his hands. I can tell he's been crying just by the way hi...
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Precious (A Johnlock Fanfiction) by sanityisnotmyforte
Precious (A Johnlock Fanfiction)by °~A.M.~°
The stage is set, the curtain rises. We are ready to begin. ~ The lights. The music. The people. The money. The rush. John craved everything, all the time. That was be...
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Shadrach by melichor
Shadrachby melichor
1987: teenaged stoner Marcia Hazan finds herself trapped in a mystery larger than life when she takes it upon herself to solve the mystery of her neighbor's disappearanc...
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The Knights Of Birmingham  by La_deesse_du_soleil
The Knights Of Birmingham by E.K. Johansson
~ Mamie Burke has a secret, and Thomas Shelby wants to know it. ~ Mamie Burke is new to Birmingham. Originally from Cork, Ireland, she fled to Birmingham from what she e...
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The Life of Amelia Barnette. by BeanieBoyd
The Life of Amelia The Bean Myster
In England, 1880, Amelia Barnette is a 17-year-old girl who has a tough relationship with her Mother and rarely sees her father. She is unexpectedly given news of an arr...
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An Accidental Edge  by JordynBH
An Accidental Edge by Jordyn Brown
The only daughter (and youngest child) of Lord and Lady Whittaker, twenty year old Gloriana reveled in her third season amongst high society London. With a marriage prop...
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Beelzebub - Sequel to Shadrach by melichor
Beelzebub - Sequel to Shadrachby melichor
1988: temperatures are rising, insects are falling from the sky, and a morbid murder is causing moral panic. It is up to a hardened Marcia and her friends to find out wh...
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Colorblind (A Johnlock Fanfiction) by queen_mycroft
Colorblind (A Johnlock Fanfiction)by ana banana
He is lavish. Masterful. Intellectual, inexplicable, overt. Sexual. Sherlock Holmes defines extravagance. He isn't exactly the best thing for John's tireless, bland sta...
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It All Started At Dunkirk by Arvernii
It All Started At Dunkirkby Dominic
~* If you didn't see the movie Dunkirk, you can still enjoy this story as I'll explain everything as I go. If you haven't seen the movie, and you want to, then don't re...
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My Prince by countessofroche
My Princeby countessofroche
Anastasia was sold to the Swedish royal family as a gift. She is both witty and clever but lacks the sophistication of palace politics often landing her in trouble. When...
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UNCHARTED- Original by -ellemurphy
UNCHARTED- Originalby Elle
Historical Fiction 一 ❝Nothing in this world worth having comes easy❞ 一Diana Gaertner, a southern belle from South Carolina, was destined lead a life of adventure. Follow...
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Lady of the sea (ON HIATUS) by BeanieBoyd
Lady of the sea (ON HIATUS)by The Bean Myster
A young girl damned to a life time of slavery is thrown towards an unexpected fate. Stowing away on the wrong ship, this red head with a firey temper travels back into h...
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Amberley Hall (A Harry Styles Short) by LoveVincitOmnia
Amberley Hall (A Harry Styles LoveVincitOmnia
He is more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. Emily Brontë 1846 -*- All Rights Reserved to LoveVincitOmnia 2016. Please don't c...
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Narragansett by robdamonpundt
Narragansettby robdamonpundt
A highly intense war between New England drug gangs, a white supremacist, and radical civil rights activist in 1962
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Letters Unsent by CS-brunette
Letters Unsentby ♡pǝssǝɟuoɔ♡
Rebecca M. Sinclaire. Female. Born in Long Island, New York, 1951. Connie G. Bailey. Female. Born in Lynchburg, Tennessee, 1949. Rebecca loves Connie Connie loves Mateo ...
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Sunlight by ScrivenerAC
Sunlightby Axel Cushing
Marlin just wanted a place to sleep, safe from the Alaskan cold. He found more than he bargained for.
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The Calling by AveryMargucean
The Callingby AveryMargucean
A kingdom betrayed, a girl afraid, and an enemy who will stop at nothing to see her fall. Evie has been sheltered her whole life, never truly knowing pain or sacrifice...
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That Which Binds Us by Hinkle8416
That Which Binds Usby Shelby D. Hinkle
Now this is a story of 2 star crossed lovers who would have never known one another if Rose-Lynne have gone to Ireland if she had never accepted an internship from her U...
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Unraveled by Nebula_Xy
Unraveledby Nebula_Xy
Being formerly betrothed to the Princess of kubim the prince leaves her for Alihaw a beautiful but simple village girl.In order to avert the consequences of such an acti...
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