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Ruby Squad(Crystal Gems x Ruby!Reader x Homeworld Gems) by PeacefulTyranny
Ruby Squad(Crystal Gems x Ruby! Call me Bug
Cover by @thelegit9761 on quotev. Long ass title. Your a Ruby, with your Gem on your cheek, making it able to crack easily. Your also the youngest Ruby in your squad, th...
My True Love - A Lapidot Story (Complete) by OKSADIE
My True Love - A Lapidot Story ( OKSANA
It has been a couple of months after the gems had rescued lapis from jasper under the water. lapis now lives in the barn with peridot where they are making progress in b...
Future Vision by iam_twigo
Future Visionby Twigo
You were watching Steven Universe until you suddenly pass out. Waking up, you are in Steven's bedroom. Read to see what happens next. I do not own Steven Universe or any...
The shadow assassin (steven universe reader-insert) by blaccdiamond44
The shadow assassin (steven blaccdiamond44
You moved to a place called "beach city". You wanted to have a normal and a quiet life. Your house that you just recently bought is just waiting for you. You...
Peridot x Human!Reader by OtakuOnTheRun
Peridot x Human!Readerby Otaku
When you continue your day as usual, you receive an unexpected guest that arrives in your home. ( This may become a Peridot X Human!Reader romance) I tried to keep the...
Red Diamond... by WolfieRubyy
Red I write abt ocs
Red Diamond... She was made in a ruby kindergarten on homeworld. Many thought she came out defective. she kept her gems shape secret from other gems and went along like...
Discolored - Steven Universe Insert/ Reader x Lapis by BigPapaMan
Discolored - Steven Universe Anon Kai
Onyx, the messenger and retriever of information as well as a negotiator for all the Diamonds. was tasked to fly with Jasper, Peridot, and Lapis to stomp out the rest of...
lapidot pics & comics by teamlapidot
lapidot pics & comicsby teamlapidot
I don't own any of these.
Hybrids (steven universe x reader) by _m3ko_
Hybrids (steven universe x reader)by ✨miko✨
💗COMPLETED💗 y/n is Connie's sibling. But unlike Connie, y/n is a gem human hybrid, just like Steven Universe. What does fate have in story for the two hybrids? ((i tri...
Lapis x Peridot by JavaKatt
Lapis x Peridotby J
Lapis and Peridot FLUFF... (Peri x Lapis is my OTP and I had to write this... this is the best book I've written so far, even if it's not that good XD) The cover art is...
The Way To Heaven by SomeAnimeFan4444
The Way To Heavenby
In Lion's Mane, lies two gems, one you already know about, but the other??? #1 The world Oct 5 2021 #1 Crystal gems Oct 22 2021 #1 Peridot Oct 28 2021 #1 Blue Diamond No...
Crossing Lines // Lapidot Fanfiction by Small_Raging_Turtles
Crossing Lines // Lapidot Tadd the Turtle
If Peridot and Lapis are going to enjoy their stay on Earth, they're going to have to learn how to get along. But how can they when Lapis refuses to even look at Peridot...
It's Becoming Crystal Clear (Jasper x Reader) by Geologian
It's Becoming Crystal Clear ( Geologian
"It is the enemy who can truly teach us to practice the virtues of compassion and tolerance." -Dalai Lama A confusing turn of events surrounding a seeming inte...
Lapidot: beach city high by ChowTheServant
Lapidot: beach city highby ChowTheServant
This is a story of two girls that fall in love there names are peridot and lapis lazuli P.s this is also the first lapidot fanfic I ever wrote so this might be bad also...
Steven Universe X Reader One Shots by AdJoAnDe
Steven Universe X Reader One Shotsby AdJoAnDe
There's a whole range of what might happen in any of these stories, so I hope you can enjoy the characters, scenarios and relationships! Same concept as practically all...
(Requests Are Closed!) Steven Universe Character X Reader Oneshots by OfficialBlueDiamond
(Requests Are Closed!) Steven OfficialBlueDiamond
It's self explanatory.. Like I said, requests are closed!! (No Lemons!!!) IS NOW OWNED BY @ImACrystalClod!!!!!
Steven Universe Characters X Reader Oneshots by talle2014
Steven Universe Characters X Talle
Hi Dear Reader! We've been expecting your arrival for quite some time! Well, Garnet has at the least. (She has future vision!!!) Pearl's been REALLY busy preparing awes...
𝑇ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑘 𝑌𝑜𝑢 | Steven Quartz Cutiepie Demayo Diamond Universe ✔︎ by SQuartz_Universe
𝑇ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑘 𝑌𝑜𝑢 | Steven Quartz author is 🥔
You are one of a kind. Well, at least that's what your father said. Not in a good way tho. Ever since you were born to Earth, all of the blames was reserved for you and...
Someone Like Me by Sonlove17
Someone Like Meby Sonlove17
(STEVEN X MALE READER) Y/n moves to Beach city hoping to find a place to belong, and then he meet Steven universe his life might change for the better.
Out Of This World (Yandere Steven x Reader)(Gender Neutral) [COMPLETE] by SuckMySchmeat
Out Of This World (Yandere SuckMySchmeat
(Y/N) (L/N) was on a normal boating trip when they were sucked into a world they've never known where they make friends with a kind boy named Steven. However, as time go...