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Ben Sana İnanmıştım | Yarı Texting by malmisin_kardelen
Ben Sana İnanmıştım | Yarı Textingby Berfo derler
Duman Gençalp: Senden başkasını sevemem ki ben... Amor Serisi³
Wait, WHAT! (Lapidot human au) by Liv1012122222
Wait, WHAT! (Lapidot human au)by liv101212
This is a story about how lapis and peridot fall in love in college (so original I know) but there are a few MAJOR bumps in the road. Also I have no idea what is going t...
Dışlanmışlar Okulu by Berfinmiss637
Dışlanmışlar Okuluby Berfinmissxqw
Başka galaksiler düşünün; İçinde başka evrenler,uzaylar ve gezegenler olduğu... Ve ayrıca bir sistemde hayal edin; Bu sistemde 10+ fazla gezegen var olduğu ve bunlardan...
Her Smile- A Lapidot Human Au Fanfic by SmolPotatBaBee
Her Smile- A Lapidot Human Au Potat
TO BE REWRITTEN/POSSIBLY COMPLETED Peridot had one thing that made so many fond of her , her genuine, bright smile and her dorky laugh. She could make anyone's day even...
Friday Night Funkin' Girlfriend Scenarios by Nkbbfnhpfrcjad
Friday Night Funkin' Girlfriend Cobbutksbspotraoobat
I was bored, so I decided to do this just for a bit of fun. I also saw similar books to this one, so I thought I'd make one of my own. Hope you enjoy.
Our Fresh Start - AU Lapidot Story  by OKSADIE
Our Fresh Start - AU Lapidot Story by OKSANA
This is a sequel to "My Only Love", Lapidot story. it's been a long time. And by a long time, I mean a few months pass by in a blink of an eye. In this book w...
Lapidot pics and comics by Pure_Trash_
Lapidot pics and comicsby Rodent
Should I continue this tho is the real question?
The Truth About My Baby Girl (ON HOLD) by Myeyesareclosed_
The Truth About My Baby Girl (ON Myeyesareclosed_
Leela Lomax had another baby when she was 23, find out what happened to that baby and what she will do to make things right again. Suck at summaries.
~DAİSY~ by ravzasudedymc
~DAİSY~by Sudedymc📌
Elerimi aldı,kalbime sardı ve gerçek dünyanın ışıkları sonsuza dek karardı,Mina büyüdükçe asıl ait olduğu dünyaya daha çok yakınlaştı. Ve her daima onun elinden tutan do...
Blood Lust | Lapidot by Lemon_Rock
Blood Lust | Lapidotby lemon
Lapis Lazuli gets a new roommate after her old one runs off crying. How unfair is this? Not to mention the newbie's a short, blonde weirdo with an abnormal amount of blo...
Aqeela si Manusia Ajaib by Jess_akm
Aqeela si Manusia Ajaibby shin_jinna
Aqeela adalah seorang manusia ajaib.Karna apa?Karna dia bisa terbang dan menghilang
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The Soul Of Queen Belle by ChikaTaesoo
The Soul Of Queen Belleby ChikaTaesoo
Manusia adalah makhluk fana yang tidak abadi penuh dengan keserakahan, kebencian dan pengkhianatan. Tapi tidak dengan Belle, gadis berparas dewi itu berhasil menarik per...
Random fluff oneshots by DuskWarrior
Random fluff oneshotsby Dusk Moon
Warning: will involve fluff and tickling. Again, just short oneshots that have no significance whatsoever. Any requests for pairings or whatever? They will be put here...
Defying Sea by Sugar_Honey_Lemon
Defying Seaby 🌸IM CREATIVE BOI🌸
An adventure between a group of pirates, led by the restless Rogue Con who yearns for exploration. He leads his crew, his only family to discover new things and moving o...
Forbidden Attractions [Lapidot Au] by rainbowitchhh
Forbidden Attractions [Lapidot Au]by rainbowitchh
Lately, the newspapers and TV programs were filled with stories of mysterious disappearances, or bodies being found with strange lacerations and yet, no blood. They didn...
Meeting her match (hollyoaks fanfic) by Carolineeexx
Meeting her match (hollyoaks Caroline
Briana is the youngest daughter to Sam and danny, she loved her parents with all her heart and when they died it tore her apart. She learnt her little sister, was actual...
☾lapidot oneshots☽ by lapisssed
☾lapidot oneshots☽by lapisse.d
☾currently tryin to find cover art artist☽ since yall think this shit canon then here you go lol
Birthday Princess - Fire Emblem One Shot by _Tigris_
Birthday Princess - Fire Emblem ItsAKat
Today Elise was turning 17 years old, her one and only birthday wish? To get a cat.