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The Perfect Life. by Nisaaaa1511
The Perfect NISA K
Anisa Kumar is known as the girl who can do anything, she just 'perfect'. But rather from the outside, theres more to it than what is shown. From strangers to friends to...
  • expectations
  • experience
  • young
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_Black perfection_ by queenfrancine630
_Black perfection_by queenfrancine630
This is not your typical bullying story... A girl who is always bullied for skin tone and appearance, a girl who's wish was only to be happy, a girl who just wished she...
  • black
  • perfection
  • blackpeople
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My Strange Teenage Life by JackySlayer69
My Strange Teenage Lifeby Black Lotus
A dangerous tale about a teenage girl and her life 😜😈🙈💀. Follow us as we delve through the myseteries of one very special girl. 😝😝😝 This story took me 5️⃣0️⃣years...
  • masterpiece
  • badboy
  • waifu
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My Ex-ex by RENLSIE
My Ex-exby Renee-mira et blueskaie
What happens when what you've put away becomes your desire and all you've ever wanted?? As a little girl, I believed in ponies and unicorns; in castles and in fairies;...
  • romance
  • renee-mira
  • nigerian
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The Princess of All by Kyrarose06
The Princess of Allby Kyra Rose
hey guys, this story I mixed up B-Project with Utapri
  • dark
  • b-project
  • gemini
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The Overachievers  by ivxnte
The Overachievers by van ♡
The Jock who wants to get a full ride playing a sport. The Cheerleader who wants nothing more but to be wanted. The Valedictorian who wants nothing more than to be on to...
  • thriller
  • highschool
  • perfection
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My Little Perfection by EloyMartos
My Little Perfectionby Eloy Martos
My face of the story
  • little
  • perfection
Perfectly Imperfect  by htx_lover
Perfectly Imperfect by
Once you start ,you can never go back
  • selfissues
  • meals
  • perfection
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Breaking the Block by JayneMKelly
Breaking the Blockby Jayne Kelly
A brief commentary on writers block.
  • comments
  • space
  • block
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~ Perfection ~ Garrance FF ~ by Aphmoox
~ Perfection ~ Garrance FF ~by *insert name here*
~ Laurance is a museum curator with a need for perfection. No one's ever been able to get close to could they? They're never as perfect as the portraits, the s...
  • aphmau
  • perfection
  • garrance
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Fear by Thefates2004
Fearby Norns Fates
Complete it
  • immortality
  • self
  • painting
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Hush When the Oceans Sing Their Screams | A Titanic Short Story by BagelBro226
Hush When the Oceans Sing Their Toni~Rae Charles
"Would you care to tell us what happened in full?" When Evangeline Pepitone stepped foot onto the Titanic with her young daughter Mabel, she never expected an...
  • racsism
  • ocean
  • romance
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Perfection on all my irl and online friends by itz_thatkid
Perfection on all my irl and Kadynce Lynn Ricketts
so imma do this book just for the fun of it. The title tells you everything about this book basically.
  • friendship
  • love
  • perfection
Elysian by SGFictions
Elysianby -Ellie & Sora-
"Бага хурандаа!!! Бид амьд биет оллоо. 25 гэрлийн жилийн зайд байна. Гэвч хөгжлийн дохиолол биднээс хэд дахин бага юм." "Ямар гариг болохыг судал!!!"...
  • human
  • jimin
  • elysian
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Eleanor Atwood Academy by ardenaxx
Eleanor Atwood Academyby ardenaxx
Perfection- the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects
  • flaws
  • teenfiction
  • fiction
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The hole in the fence by Emfluf
The hole in the fenceby Rose
a conspicuous hole in the fence, that's all he thought it was, till he looked through it...
  • fence
  • reality
  • perfection
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Alternative Endings📕📗📘📙 by demetriascherry
Alternative Endings📕📗📘📙by Demi’s Mug
So I have given some of my imagines a different ending or storyline and that's what this is. I'm putting old imagines with different endings in here. This book is not by...
  • imagines
  • celebrity
  • lovato
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Miss. Imperfect by bluegrayclouds
Miss. Imperfectby bluegrayclouds
Seventeen years old Coco Ivans has it all. She has the perfect parents, sister, money, grades; everything you could ask for. But is that all that is needed to live a per...
  • perfection
  • weird
  • teens
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