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Blue (Jercy) by starryid
Blue (Jercy)by starry eyed
(High school AU) Percy: The boy you see in class with messy hair and torn jeans. The "bad boy" who constantly gets detention from Mr.D. Some say he's troubled...
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Alone in Parenthood {Jercy} by LostIllusion06
Alone in Parenthood {Jercy}by LostIllusion06
Percy and Jason have been together for 4 years. Together because their ex-girlfriends got together. They are a couple that Aphrodite and even Hera adore. Hera blesses th...
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PERCY JACKSON~Jercy~Thunder Fear by EvaySess
PERCY JACKSON~Jercy~Thunder Fearby EvaySess
Jason and Piper broke up a month ago while Percy and Annabeth broke up 4 weeks ago. And Mr.D decided to make it thunder really heavily for the nrxt 4 months or even more...
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Jercy A-Z by WarriorWolf7
Jercy A-Zby WarriorWolf7
**I own none of the characters involved (unless stated) all rights go to Rick Riordian the fabulous author** A series of one shots for Percy Jackson and Jason Grace. Ea...
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Assassin's of Apollo by FamousBunny22
Assassin's of Apolloby AAliyah Mya
Apollo is heartbroken after being cheated on by his girlfriend, Scarlett, that he'd been dating for eight months. Aphrodite finds out his secret and tells Zues. Zues tri...
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Kiss and Kill (Jercy AU) by allstarauthor
Kiss and Kill (Jercy AU)by allstarauthor
This is a Jercy fanfic that takes place in a post apocalyptic setting in New York. Jason Grace is surviving on his own until he stumbles across a group with a community...
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Shoot Me (in the shoulder, cupid already shot my ass) -Percy Jackson Fanfiction- by HP_and_PJ_nerd19568
Shoot Me (in the shoulder, cupid **** Gayyyy ****
Shoot Me -Percy Jackson Fanfiction- Instagram Prompt: Take me to laser tag, kiss me and then run away Jason and Percy have been dating for awhile now, and Jason decides...
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Percy Jackson SMUT/NSFW  by your_local_lover_boy
Percy Jackson SMUT/NSFW by your_local_lover_boy
Percy x Jason Nico x Will Ummm...... Most have kinks soooo if you don't like that then good bye
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This Ship Has Sailed- Percy Jackson one-shot ships by Ryan_McShizzle
This Ship Has Sailed- Percy Ryan_McShizzle
In title
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Claps of Fear by pfffftttloser
Claps of Fearby yabitchgivesoutsmut
Percy Jackson, a young boy that has many issues. After being pulled in every direction he finally decided to run away from home and live on his own, while for the first...
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Jercy Smut (REWRITTEN) by iwritemagicandstuff
Jercy Smut (REWRITTEN)by iwritemagicandstuff
So I originally wrote this back in 2015 but now I'm back to make it better than before. Percy and Jason get themselves into a complicated situation that will lead them...
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25 Days of Jercy by JercyFics16
25 Days of Jercyby Alex
MERRY CHRISTMAS 2014 My present to all my Jercy readers. Happy Holidays and Merry Reading. Jercy One-Shots up til Christmas Day. Jason and Percy have their first Christm...
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Shadow Jackson, Percy Jackson's Twin Brother by TheStrangerIAm
Shadow Jackson, Percy Jackson's TheStrangerIAm
What if the stories were all wrong and they missed out two specific people? Percy has a twin brother but he was kidnapped for two years then when Percy was twelve he cam...
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To many Tales in one Book... by CheesyCreeperChess
To many Tales in one CheesyCreeperChess
NicoxWill PeryxJason(or Annabeth) My ocs together Whatever and whoever you like put together! In just one Book.
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InHuman~Jercy ff by GracieMGG
InHuman~Jercy ffby Caprittarius
CHB-A camp for strange and unusual children Some were abandoned Some ran away Some were chosen All are being used
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Jercy Fluff by imgayandsad
Jercy Fluffby Kamden
Some nice ol' Jercy fluff, maybe some random one shots if I feel like it. Enjoy. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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Percy Jackson Smut/NSFW story's  by Maxxiethecat
Percy Jackson Smut/NSFW story's by Maxxiethecat
Ships 1.Percy x Jason 2. Nico x Will 3. Nico x Percy 4. Jason x Leo 5. Nico x Will (again) 6. Leo x Percy 7. Leo x Nico (maybe de...
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Til Death⌇Jercy  by onepeterpotter
Til Death⌇Jercy by breanna ❦
*COMING SOON* Percy Jackson accidentally does a ritual and bonds himself with Jason Grace. Now stuck with each other, they are forced to be closer than what they were be...
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