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I Am The Alpha- Crossover by goodygoodi
I Am The Alpha- Crossoverby Jaylene Iris
Summary: Percy Jackson meets Teen Wolf Moving to Beacon Hills for a change of wars and destruction Percy meets his cousin Derek Hale again and Percy gets a new adopted b...
Percabeth: A New Beginning by Lward14
Percabeth: A New Beginningby Lward14
Set after the war against Gaea, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are graduating college and have started their new lives together. As they go through their adulthood jou...
Tratie Oneshots ✔︎ by tacos_at_midnight
Tratie Oneshots ✔︎by ria valdivia
Just some fluff and Tratie one-shots! Please remember...I do not own any of the characters, Rick Riordian, the amazing, talented author does! #1 in Tratie 3|5|21 #2 in...
Fandom Texting by StickyCarpet
Fandom Textingby Sticky
Different fandoms chat with each other. Reacts too! Fandoms: KotLC, TMI, PJ, Divergent, THG, HP Note: None of these characters are mine! They all belong rightfully to th...
Luke Jackson: My Story by Lward14
Luke Jackson: My Storyby Lward14
NOTE: SEQUEL TO PERCABETH: A NEW BEGINNING Teenager Luke Jackson just wants a normal life and never asked for the pressure of living up to the Jackson family name. His s...
Percy Jackson Interviews- Percy Jackson Fanfiction by ewhite9
Percy Jackson Interviews- Percy ℓιzzιє
On this tragically funny Percy Jackson tale, I will be giving interviews to the Percy Jackson crew!!!
Beauty is a Flaw {a solangelo fanfic} by NicosBrokenEyes
Beauty is a Flaw {a solangelo I LUV U BUSTER
Nico Di Angelo is a beauty as dubbed by everyone, and it's true. But even though everyone wants to be like, or with, him he feels lonely. It's not a secret that he's gay...
Jason In Valhalla (ON HOLD) by estelle_blowfish
Jason In Valhalla (ON HOLD)by estelle blowfish
Jason is dead. But his death was heroic and he died holding a weapon. So what would stop Chloe, a young valkyrie who was just passing by, to take him to Valhalla? It has...
• 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖔𝖊𝖘 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖒 𝖙𝖜𝖔 𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖉𝖘 • by Athenian_magic
• 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖔𝖊𝖘 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖒 𝖙𝖜𝖔 𝖜� ⧗ ℓανєη∂єя ⧗
Percy's world and the Avengers' world clash. What could possibly go right? Percy almost gets arrested Annabeth almost dies The Stolls break some windows Steve is an old...
PJO Meets Pinterest by DaughterOfHades_13
PJO Meets Pinterestby NightOwl🌔✨
A collection of memes and pictures from different PJO &HOO Cabins and Canon/Non-Canon Ships! All of these will be gathered from Pinterest or possibly Instagram! Hope yo...
Percabeth Fluff by DaughterOfHades_13
Percabeth Fluffby NightOwl🌔✨
This Fanfic will include a bunch of cute Percabeth Chapters! Suitable for all ages! Constructive Criticism is always welcome on my Fanfics! Thanks Everyone!
Percy Jackson: forever a pet(On Hold) by probcryingrnbc
Percy Jackson: forever a pet(On Flailing Noodleᵗᵐ
Percy Jackson's a dog. Not just any dog, a street dog. He's found by Thalia, Luke and Annabeth when they ran away. Everyone thinks he's just a dog, but will they see how...
Heroes of Olympus kids (Wikis) by Sarahthegefangirl
Heroes of Olympus kids (Wikis)by Sarahthegefangirl
This is a wiki for the character's kids. Jason is alive as well as Silena and Beckendorf. I will be writing fanfic including these character or I might have already star...
Tratie - Travis Stoll and Katie Gardner by FangirlStories7
Tratie - Travis Stoll and Katie 👻
Hi!!!! I hope you enjoy my story!!! It is about two kids from Camp Half Blood, Travis and Katie... If you not part of the fandom, they are from Percy Jackson and the Oly...
Heroes in an Hourglass by heroesoftheolimpus
Heroes in an Hourglassby @the.heroes.of.the.olimpus_
A threat. A history. A future. Some fates cannot be evaded. But when the king of the Titans, decide to throw the last ace up his sleeve to change history and tempt fate...
Cecily Jackson || the one with the dark heart by H0neyBees1608
Cecily Jackson || the one with Sophia
As Cecily grew older, her hair became darker, just as her heart did the more she saw. The person she loves more than anyone is also the person she protects with more tha...
Reyna's Prophecy by Annie302
Reyna's Prophecyby Annie302
The prophecy Aphrodite made about Reyna is still haunting her,especially now as Valentines day approaches and all her friends are making plans for a romantic day. But wi...
Percy Jackson And the Ponies of Olympus by Thompsonlk
Percy Jackson And the Ponies of Liv Thompson
Percy Jackson and his friends get a threat about their dead friend Leo Valdez being in my little pony! They don't know either to believe it or ignore their last chance t...