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The Greatest Show (Percy Jackson AU) by Sonu2314
The Greatest Show (Percy Jackson Ganesh Chilukuri
Percy Jackson is Goode High School's swim jock with a complicated past unknown to most of the people around him. Everyone, especially the girls, loves Percy as he's attr...
Colors [Percabeth] by hcllasad
Colors [Percabeth]by alexa
Annabeth Chase- the mystery girl. She's annoyingly smart, surprisingly tough, and in a gang? She's known her whole life to keep her head down and avoid getting caught. N...
Percabeth One-Shots by hsk2601
Percabeth One-Shotsby Kingsley
Basically what the title says. Just some fluff with Percy and Annabeth. Edit: This work was originally published in 2016 and I have been continuing it since then, and I...
The Life of Percabeth by percabethwisher
The Life of Percabethby Hannah!!!!
This is basically the story of what happens to percabeth after the war with Gaea. Proposal, Fluff, College, Wedding, Percababies, and quests. I do not own Percy Jackson...
In Summer by wisegirlthings
In Summerby wisegirlthings
Annabeth Chase lives on a small island in the Greek Cyclades. Percy Jackson visits with his family every summer. This is a story about how their friendship is born, blos...
Mortals Meet Percabeth by avstardust
Mortals Meet Percabethby av💜✨
Your cliche stories in which mostly mortals meet our favorite ship, Percabeth. All art present on the cover is not mine. Please feel free to leave feedback! #8 ranked i...
Demigods meet Mortals [mist and no mist] by Athena6158
Demigods meet Mortals [mist and Velvet Rose
A bunch of one shots about mortals meeting Percabeth and others. Please keep the comments PG or I'll have to delete them.
Percabeth One Shots *WARNING HAS VERY CUTE CONTENT* by eeowee
Percabeth One Shots *WARNING HAS eeowee
Just some Percabeth one shots. Some of them may or may not contain smut so skip over them if you're not interested. ENJOY!!
False God ━ Percabeth AU by annabethslovespercy
False God ━ Percabeth AUby 𝒍𝒖𝒄𝒊𝒏𝒅𝒂
❝ We were crazy to think- crazy to think that this could work out. ❞ 𝙎𝙮𝙣𝙤𝙥𝙨𝙞𝙨: Annabeth Chase doesn't get why all the girls in her school are fawning over the ca...
Percabeth: Demigods & High School  1 (REVISING) A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by thatfilipinawriter
Percabeth: Demigods & High Patty
Annabeth and Percy starts another year in an unexpected situation, they are going to high school! Which means high school drama and a lot of parties especially when the...
Elysian ↠ Percabeth Oneshots by crxzy_ari
Elysian ↠ Percabeth Oneshotsby 𝘣𝘳𝘶𝘩.
elysian ((adj.)) beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect. Just Percabeth :) AUs, just fluff, tearjerkers, crazy crap etc,. included! Nothing matur...
Mortals meet Percabeth by Sharda_02
Mortals meet Percabethby Shardapathak
Just a bunch of one shorts in which mortals,demigods,and others meet percabeth. I know the idea is really over used but i liked the concept so i wanted to try wrighting...
Mortals Meet Percabeth! by anothermikaelson
Mortals Meet Percabeth!by elyanna carstairs
totally cliche, but i just wanted to do it. other couples in here too, but mostly percabeth. some miniseries included in here too, such as zoe jackson pt. 1-4.
My other half (PERCABETH) by FangirlHere1234
My other half (PERCABETH)by 𝔸𝕣𝕠𝕙𝕒
*Currently undergoing some editing* A soulmate is someone that just gets you. It's a connection of minds, a mutual respect, an unconditional love and a total understandi...
Unforgettable-Percabeth Thief AU by beamingbooks
Unforgettable-Percabeth Thief AUby Madeline :)
Annabeth Chase is the princess, soon to be Queen, of her kingdom. Her father is more focused on the ancient laws of Annabeth marrying a prince instead of the poverty of...
Of New Life by Percabeth_Jackson07
Of New Lifeby Percabeth_Jackson07
Percy and Annabeth Jackson live together at Camp, enjoying the peace from after the wars. After getting married at 19, Annabeth is pregnant at 21. Between work, college...
Percabeth Versus Everyone Else! by lovednotrusted
Percabeth Versus Everyone Else!by Carys
"The seaweed-brain-kid started walking up the beach and sat down in front of her, pulling her closer and circling his arms around her waist. "But you're my wi...
Percabeth In High School *On Partial Hiatus* by KawaiiMango11
Percabeth In High School *On KawaiiMango11
This is that cliche story when Annabeth goes to Percy's school. Only, Percy goes to Annabeth's school. The cover art is NOT mine. Uncle Rick owns Annabeth Chase and Pe...
My One &Only (Percabeth AU) √ by NeverBackDown001
My One &Only (Percabeth AU) √by The Witchy Writer
For the past year, Perseus Jackson has been a worldwide phenomenon, a singer who has taken the world by storm. And has a crush on humble, aspiring, judo flipping archite...
The New Kid: A Percabeth AU by donutbookie
The New Kid: A Percabeth AUby Pidge
Annabeth Chase is living a normal life until she finds out that her boyfriend Luke has cheated on her. On the same day she meets Percy Jackson, a new kid who has just mo...