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Tony and Peter, Father and Son by vulcan2230
Tony and Peter, Father and Sonby vulcan2230
No one knew that peter is related to one of the biggest names in the science community, well not until a huge and very important meeting that Peter may or may not have a...
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Spider-Man joins the avengers  by Lily304304
Spider-Man joins the avengers by Lily304304
After the untimely death of Aunt May, Tony takes Peter into the avengers initiative and enlists the help of various others to help solve the murder.
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A Kind Of Magic by Lornedowney
A Kind Of Magicby Tessa Lorne
When Loki's magic backfires, what can Thor and the Avengers do to get the God of Mischief back? De-aged!Loki because he's a cutie :)
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You Are My Son. by dippitylovelygirl
You Are My Dippity~Chan
biological Irondad <3 -"I'm sorry for not telling you! Please don't be mad." "It's alright, Peter." "Why Dad? I broke our promise, don't you...
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Spiderman/ Superfamily One Shots by Sold_My_Soul_AgAiN
Spiderman/ Superfamily One Shotsby And I amtrash*snaps*
A bunch of Spiderman one shots based on the MCU Spiderman I don't own any of the pictures and/or art that I submit Beware: this is my first ever fanfiction so it may su...
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Avengers Oneshots by teamstxrk
Avengers Oneshotsby teamstxrk
This oneshot book includes - Peter Parker - Tony Stark - Steve Rogers - Bucky Barnes - Clint Barton - Thor - Loki I'll probably add more characters as the book gets bigg...
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The Nerd He Never Forgot (Avengers / IronMan Fanfic) (PAUSED) by Silver_Sweets
The Nerd He Never Forgot ( Incronic_Is_Meep
"Pssst! Do you have a pencil? I threw mine at Alex." Tony whispered to the girl sitting next to him, who also quite hates him. She wore her hair in pigtails a...
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Leonora, goddaughter of Natasha Romanoff (Avengers x Harry Potter) by Bertbeer1009
Leonora, goddaughter of Natasha Frederique
BANG BANG 'WHAT DID YOU DO?' 'I- I thought it was a gun.' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leonora's parents died during...
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Marvel Oneshots! by Clint__Barton
Marvel Oneshots!by Clint
Just trying something new, oneshots, fluff only! Meaning INNOCENT PEOPLE ONESHOTS ONLYYY!!!! I do not own Marvel, or any of it's characters. I also do not own any of the...
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Avengers: The Greatest Showman by IamLili123
Avengers: The Greatest Showmanby Lili :)
Tells the story of Tony Stark, a visionary who rose from nothing to create a mesmerizing spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. A story that shows you, that only...
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A Weird Web We Weave | Natasha Romanoff x Peter Parker |  by Zesty_Egg
A Weird Web We Weave | Natasha tHiS sHiT cRonChY
Technically underage but in this story Nat's 22 when Peter is 15, so really de aged Natasha. Peter is Tony's biological kid, Dont like? DONT READ.
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Avengers one shots by mr_clean23
Avengers one shotsby The One And Only Absolute Leg...
It's basically what the title says. Most of it revolves around Irondad and Stucky, but I'm absolutely taking requests for other people or one shots (plz send me some). O...
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AVENGERS CHAT by CamelotCitizen
What's going on in the Avengers' Tower when they're not on a mission? Click to find out ;)
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Daughter of Mischeif: A After Avengers Story by MariaLokisonn
Daughter of Mischeif: A After Maria Lokisonn
Put yourself in Mira's shoes. You lived with parents who aren't really your parents, you have a freaky and uncanny ability to kill people, S.H.I.E.L.D. has asked you to...
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Baby Peter oneshots by ZeLitRavenpuff
Baby Peter oneshotsby Ze lit Ravenpuff
A bunch of oneshots about baby peter with no stony!
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Tony Starks daughter by melanie9969
Tony Starks daughterby melanie9969
Imagines and one shots .Open for requests.
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Breathing | P.P by Spideyswebz
Breathing | P.Pby Spidey’s Girl
HYDRA gives no mercy. Alice Steel was living proof of that. Operant word : was The superhero lost her life on the battle of Titan as she helped defend literally half th...
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Solo Mío {Stony} {AU;OoC} by blxck-sky
Solo Mío {Stony} {AU;OoC}by ღBlxck-Skyღ
一¡Ya Pepper!, Tu dijiste que podía practicar sexo anal. 一¡Pero no con Steven! ↠Drabble. ↠Romance y un poco de comedia. ↠Stony: Steven x Tony 一 Leve mención del Pepperon...
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Tony's journey. (Almost like one shots) by Spiders_here
Tony's journey. (Almost like one Spiders_here
Little snippets of Tony's life, as he gets past his drug addiction, and onto a new happier chapter of his life.
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Avengers FanFictions by starryeyed6
Avengers FanFictionsby starryeyed6
A bunch of Avengers one shots I decided to write. Please rate, comment and vote + constructive criticism is welcome and so are any ideas or requests.
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