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Beautiful Cries by Lyssagirl7686
Beautiful Criesby Alyssa Anne
*Book One in the Broken In Times Series* The tale of Persephone is well known throughout Greek Mythology, however, the real tale hidden beneath the myth of a Goddess sto...
  • beauty
  • retelling
  • tbeawards
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The Siren and the Singer by wisteriaflower
The Siren and the Singerby Kay Wisteria
Deep in the ocean, the kingdom of Oceania lies in mourning over their recently deceased queen. For some that means a reprieve, but for Crown Princess Alyna, it means bei...
  • retelling
  • underthesea2016
  • argonauts
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Ocean Born by REPaige
Ocean Bornby Rachel E. Paige
"Many have withered away by desiring that which they cannot have; do not let that become your fate," was the sea witch's warning. Young, impulsive, and des...
  • writing
  • contest
  • mer
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The Eighth Hole : A Retelling Of Peter Pan  by Myself_Miss_Amazing
The Eighth Hole : A Retelling Of Sona Mishra
The second star to the right and straight on 'til morning led to the island that never was and never will be, with many untold stories. Such was the story of the eighth...
  • neverland
  • fcras2016
  • romance
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The Dragon King by _HannahArlene_
The Dragon Kingby Hannah Arlene
In the depths of the ocean, into the deep where the Dragon King has abandoned his ruling over, Evienne lives as a servant to the race known as the Blue Men. Though their...
  • retelling
  • castle
  • fantasy
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Submerged by Phoebe1877
Submergedby Phoebe1877
As children, the citizens of Echodown had told stories of the ghosts that rested deep under the waters of the Echo Bay. No one actually believed in these tales, of cours...
  • fcras2016
  • peopleofthesea
Below the Surface  by Gnome84
Below the Surface by Maylene
A story about a sister city to Atlantis, Balor the demonic God of Death (Celtic mythology), a banshee and many, many more. Hope you all like it.
  • fcras2016
  • peopleofthesea
The Stupid Knight by EmpressofPandas
The Stupid Knightby Fiore Grey
Amidst an unconventional royal family of one of the most powerful nations in Veena, Princess Demetria, the fourth princess of Glamaia, is the only relatively normal one...
  • prince
  • adatsfantasy
  • starwritingawardsentry
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