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A Collection of Sonnets by potpourrii
A Collection of Sonnetsby lizzie
An assortment of Shakespearean sonnets written about anything and everything.
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Sonnets by UnstableDiamond
Sonnetsby UnstableDiamond
A collection of Sonnets, probably going to continue for quite some time before it's complete.
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Becoming Pretty- Poetry by daisybuttermellow
Becoming Pretty- Poetryby Daisy
Sometimes my mind feels like a liquid, and it takes all of my strength so keep it from slipping down the drain. Sometimes it throbs like a a broken bone. Often, my poor...
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Cut by Arkeanax
Cutby Arkeanax
A Shakespearean Sonnet I made whilst a senior in high school. Shakespearean Sonnets consist of 14 lines; 3 quatrains, and a couplet and have a rhyme scheme of A,B,A,B C...
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Lover Of Light by EmilyePearce
Lover Of Lightby EmilyePearce
This is a poem in iambic pentameter about the moon being sent to the earth and the sun taking away her pain every day.
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LIMELIGHT, Lose My Mind! (Limerick) by Mimirazrazzz
LIMELIGHT, Lose My Mind! (Limerick)by Miraz Iris
To love is to be afraid. You are frightened, deathly terrified, that something will happen to those you love. Think of the possibilities. Does your heart clench with eac...
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Love by AngelKatherineHart
Loveby Angel Hart
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Lies Give One No leisure... by DrivenByWill
Lies Give One No DrivenByWill
Bad actions have bad consequences
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Timeless Alloy by Kalil2112
Timeless Alloyby Kalil2112
Even though I am entirely in favor of everyone understanding and interpreting a poem in their own way, I thought I should add a description to this poem specifically, se...
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Precipitate, Infatuate by zanThux
Precipitate, Infatuateby zanThux
Read in Iambic Pentameter
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I am God by Gentlemax
I am Godby Maximilian
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Sonnets of Sadness by HealyHoran
Sonnets of Sadnessby HealyHoran
Even Shakespeare had the blues.
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A Wandering Writer by Fantasiewriter
A Wandering Writerby C'est Moi
There's no time for a description when you're on the run.
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Tales of Despharia- As told by Fewett, King of Bards by King_of_Bards
Tales of Despharia- As told by Grant Brewer
A series of short poems, stories and legends from the fantasy land Despharia. Written by the eccentric Dark elf Fewett, world renown King of Bards, he retells the great...
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Dear Old Shiz by gravityglue
Dear Old Shizby ace from space
Enclosed: English assignments.
word salad by speakgirl
word saladby Jessica Axley
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Broken (My Shakespearean English Sonnet) by JennyFromTehBlock
Broken (My Shakespearean English Jen Block
Wikipedia : A sonnet is a poetic form which originated in Italy. The term sonnet derives from the Italian word sonetto, meaning "little song". A poem of four...
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The Colour Spectrum by kawaiifordays
The Colour Spectrumby Zoë
Every colour has a story, I guess. (really more like my weekly musings, but eh)
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