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dorian Gray- Penny dreadful by paganisms
dorian Gray- Penny dreadfulby Ari 🖤
1900's what a magical time for Halsey.
Eva Green Picture Book by LoulouteDiNozzo
Eva Green Picture Bookby Lilou ⚡
a book destined to this queen 👑
Blood and Poison by SupernaturalAngel67
Blood and Poisonby Samantha McMillan
The world was not as innocent as Charity had thought after her entire family was massacred by a mysterious creature. A few days later on a cold winter night, she is fou...
Harry Treadaway Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Harry Treadaway Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This book is for Harry Treadaway and his characters' imagines. Enjoy!
A New Tone of Blood (A story by Julie Argoud and Laura Bavant) by EPI_41
A New Tone of Blood (A story by LLCE
Newton Manor, 1849, murders are committed all over de country, but a family manor lost in the middle of nowhere is safe, isn't it? A story by Julie Argou and Laura Bavan...
The Verboten by LittleMusicalKitten
The Verbotenby Miss Imperfect
She was born into a shroud of darkness. There was no shining light, no bright path upon which the moon could have shown itself. The dirt paths of Andover lay bare, as t...
1001 by Vamp6000
1001by Vamp6000
How many times do I have to say 'I love you'
I Watched Her Burn by KittyKatesama
I Watched Her Burnby KittyKatesama
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Penny Dreadful, not me
Experiment by Prism418
Experimentby Prism
Doktor Victor Frankenstein je samotář a i přes jeho velmi malou hrstku přátel, mu byl jeden blíž než ostatní. Znali se od dětství a spolu taky poprvé zatoužili po práci...
A Study in Crimson by AxelWidell
A Study in Crimsonby Sherlock Dreadful
Story Outline: The story that we have chosen will be a mix between ACD's A Study in Scarlet and Showtime's TV-series Penny Dreadful. Dr. Watson has recently been woun...
Doctor X: Psychologist by LizzieViolet
Doctor X: Psychologistby Lizzie Violet
Doctor X isn't your ordinary Psychologist, well... he isn't actually a licensed one any longer. We will get to that. No license, that sure isn't going to stop him, plus...
when you find death you can find love? by jenny-deathy
when you find death you can find jenny-deathy
Victor Frankenstein x (soul eater) reader
Penny Dreadful, The Mysteries of the New World by DastardlyDeeds2020
Penny Dreadful, The Mysteries of James Mosley
Follow Tilly as she steps into the mystical worlds, weaved by the great wordsmith Valentino, through the medium of Penny Dreadful. Imagine a world where the only place...
The Disaffected by bluehedonism
The Disaffectedby bluehedonism
Freya finds herself amongst a mysterious group of liberal arts college students. When Freya's roommate is found dead, the group's well-hid secrets start coming to light.
Shifting Poems by TheLovingEmpath
Shifting Poemsby Veronica-Alma Bausier
the nature of infinity ✄ ||  victor frankenstein x reader by beaumorte
the nature of infinity ✄ || holmes 🦇
"Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world." - - - ✄ - - - Following a bi...
Entering Dead End by ArthurMonahan
Entering Dead Endby Arthur Monahan
A spec ops agent investigates a murder scene in a forest
Take Heart by inkwellheart
Take Heartby Karin Winter
Emelie wanders the streets at night, searching for victims. Her hands smell of blood and her conscience weighs heavy. And yet, night after night, she continues her murde...