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when you find death you can find love? by jenny-deathy
when you find death you can find jenny-deathy
Victor Frankenstein x (soul eater) reader
Take Heart by inkwellheart
Take Heartby Karin Winter
Emelie wanders the streets at night, searching for victims. Her hands smell of blood and her conscience weighs heavy. And yet, night after night, she continues her murde...
Tales of Steampunkery by inkwellheart
Tales of Steampunkeryby Karin Winter
A collection of gadgets, gears, and steam. From mad scientists to proper young ladies with a taste for adventure, come read tidbit tales of the steampunk persuasion.
Panic Room ||Penny Dreadful|| by allycat440
Panic Room ||Penny Dreadful||by Resident Cuban
Elizabeth and Harry Jekyl, a very odd pair of newlyweds in the eyes of their peers. Seemingly nice enough, each a bit isolated from the rest of the local residents. Bu...
1001 by Vamp6000
1001by Vamp6000
How many times do I have to say 'I love you'
The last letter  by Vamp6000
The last letter by Vamp6000
The Last letter vanessa wrote for ethan
dorian Gray- Penny dreadful by paganisms
dorian Gray- Penny dreadfulby Ari 🖤
1900's what a magical time for Halsey.
Eva Green Picture Book by LoulouteDiNozzo
Eva Green Picture Bookby Lilou ⚡
a book destined to this queen 👑
The Princess of darkness by noukki0905
The Princess of darknessby
A new girl arrives in London, After spending 4 years in an assylum. Could this be the start of something new.
A Study in Crimson by AxelWidell
A Study in Crimsonby Sherlock Dreadful
Story Outline: The story that we have chosen will be a mix between ACD's A Study in Scarlet and Showtime's TV-series Penny Dreadful. Dr. Watson has recently been woun...
Penny Dreadful by Desalengn
Penny Dreadfulby Desalengn
A business trip brought about the closure he was searching for which led to a serious fight between the kid and his adopted mom. During the fight, the boy uncovers the d...
Experiment by Prism418
Experimentby Prism
Doktor Victor Frankenstein je samotář a i přes jeho velmi malou hrstku přátel, mu byl jeden blíž než ostatní. Znali se od dětství a spolu taky poprvé zatoužili po práci...
Night Encounter by ArthurMonahan
Night Encounterby Arthur Monahan
An android and her charge cross paths with a civilian
Lasting Damage by StephenLandry
Lasting Damageby AstraStrikes
In a world that has gone to hell there is no reason to be alone. 'I have a very clear memory from the time I was eleven years old. There I am running through my parents'...
Demons  [BTS] by yumedisum
Demons [BTS]by Yumedisum 🌟
Une jeune femme hantée par ses démons enfouis Un beau garçon poursuivi par ses désirs insatisfaits Un vieil homme à la recherche du pardon Et bien d'autres... La maison...
Everlast by Tahieuba
Everlastby Tahieuba
After murdering the Putneys' and departing from Vanessa Ives, the Creature John Clare has sworn off mankind. Seeking solitude he saves Monica Everlast, heir to Obsidians...
Rory Kinnear Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Rory Kinnear Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This book is for Rory Kinnear and his characters' imagines. Enjoy!