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Carry On Crack by Liz_Cavs11
Carry On Crackby Liz Cavs
If you love our gay vampire boy and our disaster dragon boy from Rainbow Rowell's "Carry On" then you will love this shit storm. Enjoy! (Memes and highly profe...
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Wayward Son Crack (Carry On Crack Pt. 2) by Liz_Cavs11
Wayward Son Crack (Carry On Liz Cavs
The second part to Carry On Crack! If you love our gay vampire boy and our disaster dragon boy from Rainbow Rowell's "Carry On" then you will love this shit st...
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One Week by cass_the_nerd
One Weekby cass
Baz tells Snow that he has never been in love(which is obviously a lie). Snow takes this as a challenge to get Baz to fall in love with him(even though Baz is already in...
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Carry On headcanons by VeronicaSchyler
Carry On headcanonsby ❤️Spiderpan❤️
The title speaks for its self. This book contains Snowbaz, maybe Wayward Son predictions, fangirling wierdness and mostly overall gayness. Please respect my headcanons...
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snowbaz one-shots by aestheticphan
snowbaz one-shotsby a charmed life
ALL OF THESE ARE MY OWN you can also find them on my tumblr: happy days :)
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let me help you (snowbaz) by ratth3w
let me help you (snowbaz)by eve
slow burn of snowbaz. this is probably going to be quite a few chapters so yeah. i hope u enjoy (also sometimes i drag on and on so if it's boring just skip over it) all...
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i see the light ; snowbaz!tangled by endinflames
i see the light ; snowbaz!tangledby ˗ˏˋ 𝚐𝚠𝚎𝚗 ˎˊ˗
All Simon has ever known is his life in the tower. He's told it's for his own good, but he feels like he's slowly going crazy. Until one day, he meets a boy. The first p...
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Confused Simon Snow by SillySimonSnow
Confused Simon Snowby Call Me C
Previously titled "Smol Snowbaz Kissing" Cover art by "EmergencyPizzaParty" on Tumblr.
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Breakdown and weep by tabbathagreen
Breakdown and weepby tabbathagreen
An elven Oracle arrives at Watford to gain a better understanding of the modern mages traveling the world, Simon Snow is given the task to guide her through the new era...
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Carry On Countdown 2017 by black-tea-blue-pens
Carry On Countdown 2017by Sora
One fic a day until December 24!
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You have nature-stuff in your hair by 1928jj
You have nature-stuff in your hairby 1928jj
Simon is late for lunch bc he and Baz have been making out in the wavering wood. Penny is suspicious, and then snowbaz makes out in a broom closet.
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Simon Snow and The Mages Heir by Freakingnumpties
Simon Snow and The Mages Heirby Freakingnumpties
Remake of the first book in the Simon Snow series from Fangirl. Simon, an orphan, finds out he is the chosen one at only age eleven. He is sent to Watford, a school of m...
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Halloween Bash  by Gampires
Halloween Bash by Gampires
It's Simons first Halloween he has ever celebrated and Watford is having a special party. Simon makes plans to ask out Agatha but it doesn't go as planned. A Halloween S...
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Pay Attention To Me by amazingmsme
Pay Attention To Meby amazingmsme
Penny, Simon, and Baz are all hanging out in the shared room, taking a short break in looking for Baz's mom's murderer. Penny and Baz start talking politics, quickly lea...
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Called It by informally_yours
Called Itby Zoe J.
Life after Watford is peaceful. Just Baz, Simon, Penny, Micah, and their adventures in adulthood.
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Party Games by arituzz
Party Gamesby Ari
the Snowbaz fanfic nobody asked for (pre-chapter 61)
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Hey There Neighbor by SillySimonSnow
Hey There Neighborby Call Me C
Baz somehow lives next to the most brilliantly gold boy he's ever seen. When this golden boy begins prying his way beyond every emotional barrier baz has built, what wil...
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Simon Snow and the Perfect Match by aleistercrowleysnow
Simon Snow and the Perfect Matchby aleistercrowleysnow
570 words. Snowbaz oneshot! Very fluffy, i.e, not much substance. So many people have responded a sequel to this, but I sort of wrote it to fit into the books. I don't t...
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A Snowbaz Halloween by gingerbreaddrarry
A Snowbaz Halloweenby gingerbreaddrarry
One-shot idea I got for a fluffy little Halloween. I hope you like it, enjoy!
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