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WHEREVER YOU ARE IS MY HOME by julietisaabel
❝ Anne had always loved the stars, how they glistened with such certainty every night, they way they coruscated against the black curtain of the sky, like fireflies or l...
  • anne
  • pei
  • anneofavonlea
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Songbird (Billy Andrews love story) by Jalapeno_122
Songbird (Billy Andrews love story)by Anonymous
"Songbird, you've got tales to tell" Aoife Mcrourke and her brother Domhnaill have been alone in Scotland since their parents died. A month after finding out a...
  • pei
  • billyandrews
  • annewithane
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Tinctures and Troubles by joydragon56
Tinctures and Troublesby Kyndal J. Gainor
When Moeata's family moves, she learns that she's an Alchemist, people who make potions and poulitices from magical plants. But while honing her new skills, she learns a...
  • hawaii
  • magic
  • caverns
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The Unturned by derec519
The Unturnedby DereC
On 7/8/1947, extraterrestrial life was discovered in Roswell. On 5/28/2014, the world fell into chaos On 7/7/2017, those not infected rose up Thanks to Lyhme for suppor...
  • zombieapocalypse
  • scorpion7
  • post-apocalyptic
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Allison of The Trail by maddie_the_nerd
Allison of The Trailby Madeline Larken
After many trials and tribulations, Allison Kelly and her mother Millicent have wound up in Avonlea, living with the Blythes. She had lived just about everywhere, growin...
  • anneofavonlea
  • gilbertxoc
  • anne
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The Things You Need to Know by kirurukiruki
The Things You Need to Knowby K.M.
|COMPLETED| Yumi never denied that she's a fairy. But when it comes to hockey player Allen Huang, she lies, she hides herself away, she denies things. Convinced that All...
  • pei
  • summershowers
  • homestay
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Fireworks | Anne with an E | Shirbert by kaalxpsia
Fireworks | Anne with an E | kaalxpsia
It's starts off when Gilbert comes back to Avonlea and uses some the plot but it's mostly my plot, it's focused mainly on shirbert but doesn't ignore other characters.
  • shirbert
  • soft
  • annewithane
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Rose | Anne with an E | Shirbert by kaalxpsia
Rose | Anne with an E | Shirbertby kaalxpsia
Modern AU Shirbert - Anne moves to Avonlea in the middle of sophomore year and develops a crush on the boy she sits next to in English.
  • princeedwardisland
  • soft
  • amybethmcnulty
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Small town girl (Mitch Marner) by EllieParker7
Small town girl (Mitch Marner)by Ellie Parker
She's just a small town girl who lives in Charlottetown, PEI. He's a Big Time Hockey Star playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. What happens when she goes to Toronto for...
  • torontomapleleafs
  • williamnylander
  • pei
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Orphan by arwenjordaens
Orphanby arwenjordaens
Emilia is a 14 year old girl, her parent died when she was only 3 years old . Now she lives in an orphanage whit her best friends Francis and Charlie. One day they hear...
  • adopting
  • pei
  • novascotia
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PoTaToS by XxAlexTheHillxX
Random one shot about potatoes!
  • romance
  • truelove
  • potato
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of mayflowers and anne shirley by redandgoldhearted
of mayflowers and anne shirleyby Caitlin
Gilbert wants to ask Anne to the Spring Ball, but he doesn't know how. Anne wants to go to the ball with a tall, dark and handsome suitor, but there don't seem to be any...
  • gilbertblythe
  • aogg
  • dianabarry
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Small Planes and Airports by dinnerswithdad
Small Planes and Airportsby Timothy Reilly
Join me and my dad in our journey back from the place of his parents' birth Prince Edward Island, Canada. Returning after 65 years, we visited the place of his mother's...
  • journey
  • newhorizons
  • timreilly
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As Aventuras De Shayera by dieguinho1237
As Aventuras De Shayeraby dieguinho1237
No ano de 2025,Um casal se encontra,desenrola um papo e faz uma filha chamada Shayera,filha de uma humana e um alienígena,a mesma vive aventuras incríveis sobre o gigant...
  • fabio
  • fanucchi
  • pei
UM SONHO NO ESPAÇO by user54070953
John, um mecânico de aeronaves da NASA, foi chamado para uma viagem a marte para solucionar um problema com um dos robôs que coletam informações sobre a atmosfera. Tudo...
  • construtoresdehistorias
  • fabiofanucchi
  • pei
Entre o bem e o mal by user38353838
Entre o bem e o malby
Elliot era uma garota jovem, nascida na Califórnia, que cresceu revoltada com a vida. O intuito dela sempre foi ser feliz, mas, com uma mãe perturbada e usuária de droga...
  • sofrimento
  • revoltas
  • adolescencia
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As Estrelas by vickchunghee
As Estrelasby Victor uzumakihessen
"Minha PEQUENA, vós que da inocência e da pureza herdais o todo; deste triste e vil mundo deveis ser libertada. Estás salva! Estás salva! Estelar conforto enfim te...
  • construtoresdehistorias
  • ficção
  • pei
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Nesta história você conhecerá Gabriel, Marcelo, Lucas, Nicolle, Kate e mais pessoas que só lendo vocês saberão. " Passaram cinco anos desde tudo aquilo, hoje em di...
  • pei
  • construtores
  • portugues
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As Aventura De Shayera by dieguinho135
As Aventura De Shayeraby dieguinho135
No a ano de 2025,uma linda moça está em seu primeiro de sua faculdade de arquitetura,quando encontra o homem de sua vida,após a faculdade formam uma família com uma bela...
  • construtores
  • fanucchi
  • pei
Winicius Silva de: Diário do Futuro by WinyWinicius
Winicius Silva de: Diário do Futuroby Winy Winicius
Bem... Oque eu vou contar para vocês vai mudar a sua vida e o jeito que vocês olham para ela, enfim LEIA ESSE DIÁRIO
  • fabiofanucchi
  • winy
  • ciência
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