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Nothing To U. | Lil Peep by -welldamn
Nothing To U. | Lil Peepby <\3
"Worry bout yourself baby I'll be good, I just wanna die in peace tonight." Rest easy hellboy.
Exodus by Panterajean
Exodusby 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑡𝑡𝑦𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑓ꨄ︎
Growing up with the boys was all fun and games but, falling for both someone's bound to get hurt you can only have one or none. . . . . . I pre-write a lot so I'll updat...
Lil Peep//IMAGINES by StxlenLxve
Lil Peep//IMAGINESby StxlenLxve
Series of Lil Peep imagines. Rest easy Peep❤️🐣 No more updates/// im cringing reading this myself i'm so sorry *** #1 gus 9/18 #1 overdose 8/11
life is beautiful • gustav åhr by sslaterr
life is beautiful • gustav åhrby 𝐒 𝐋 𝐀 𝐓 𝐄 𝐑
You think she's adorable, she thinks that you're intolerable You think you can do it...
girls | lil peep by latexloser
girls | lil peepby ⤵︎
goddamn, she said i'm the man | rest easy, the love of my life, gustav elijah ahr
Baby, I'm a drug and I don't wanna hurt you
i told the stars about u | lil peep by wavybvby
i told the stars about u | lil peepby almond milk
-"look at the sky tonight"
Deeper than the Ocean by emma rose by tkeksifwidif
Deeper than the Ocean by emma roseby peep
to those who can't get the book 😊
we could meet again somewhere by uptownmayo
we could meet again somewhereby jo :)
He grabbed my wrist, and pulled me close to him. I could smell the stench of cigarettes and beer. 'Is, that what peep told you? Is that what he told you hey?' he spat, s...
APARTMENT 302.    ( g.ahr ) by serenhity
APARTMENT 302. ( g.ahr )by em ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
"be careful. he's hellboy." -in which two unlikely forces collide. i hope you continue to flourish as you journey on a place further than this earth. i miss yo...
through the storm | lil peep by wavybvby
through the storm | lil peepby almond milk
-"i'm the thorn in the roses"
christian dior | lil peep by wavybvby
christian dior | lil peepby almond milk
-"shawty fell in love when she saw me in the club"
Life Is Beautiful » Lil Peep ✔ by followtheleader_T-T
Life Is Beautiful » Lil Peep ✔by ♡
RIP Lil Peep. You'll never be forgotten. *Mild language and drug references* BOOK 1/2 *THIS WAS MY FIRST STORY PUBLISHED SO EXCUSE ANY MISTAKES* Started: December 16, 20...
∆Cocaine∆ •Lil Peep by xaddylove
∆Cocaine∆ •Lil Peepby Good Hoe
"They take the pain away" He said to me weakily. His body shaking. I threw myself into his arms. I wanted to stay there. "I know"
praying to the sky | lil peep by wavybvby
praying to the sky | lil peepby almond milk
"you're evil" "it's hot"
Ruin my life (Gustav åhr)  by colbaebrock
Ruin my life (Gustav åhr) by karl fricken jacobs
"That's my girl, no matter who she say she fuckin, she's always gonna be my girl." #1 in gustav #1 in gothboiclique
words you hear on a sinking ship | lil peep by wavybvby
words you hear on a sinking ship | almond milk
-"you don't wanna die with a guy like me"
SAD ! | lil peep & more ! by latexloser
SAD ! | lil peep & more !by ⤵︎
i gave her everything, she took my heart and left me
the timeline that god abandoned | lil peep by wavybvby
the timeline that god abandoned | almond milk
-"oh what baby you ain't know i was a player?"
wait right here | lil peep by wavybvby
wait right here | lil peepby almond milk
-"u make my cold heart warm with a touch" tw drug use